Welcome To Deen's Kitchen. The Food and Brew Shop

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When I started this game, I had a difficult time finding a shop that sold brew and food under the same roof. Most people were just trying to profit off of the teaching pie craze.

So with this said, I decided to open Deen’s Kitchen. I’ve done a soft launch over the last few weeks and this is now my grand opening! It’s more than just a shop that sells food and brew. Instead, my goal is to educate you on how certain recipes can really add a new dynamic to your playstyle regardless if you’re a miner, hunter, lumberjack, or gatherer. I enjoy games where I can theorycraft a “build”. Food and brews allows me to do that so I hope you enjoy my “experiments”

What Do I Sell?

Kitchen food Menu

  • Invigorating food (HP buff)
  • Energizing food (stamina buff)
  • Well fed food
  • Teaching food (XP buff)
  • Persisting food (durability buff)
  • Critical food (critical buff)

Brews include:

  • Fast brews
  • Innocuous brews
  • Rage brew
  • Focus brew
  • Strength brew
  • Healing brew
  • Recovery brew
  • Cleaning brew

How To Find My Shop:

Located on the top floor of the PS Bitula Hub. The shop portal is found just before entering Castle Black.

How To Contact Me:
I prefer Discord as it’s faster for me. My ID is Deen Wispa#4079 . But you can do direct message here as well…I’m just not as fast.

List of Articles:

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Super Strength and Fast Brews And You

Today in the kitchen, I’m cooking up super strength and super fast brews to help you become more efficient in mining, wood cutting and shoveling.

I want to focus my first theorycrafting build for the low to mid level players. There’s alot of misinformation about how you need forged items to get anywhere in this game and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need it. Well, at least for low level stuff. Gem mining is another different ballgame. It’s awesome if you can get it but this post will focus on low-end affordable solutions to efficient mining as well as woodcutting and shoveling.

Who is this theorycraft for?

Miners with near max mining skills who don’t want or can’t pay for forged tools This can be applied to diggers and woodcutters as well with some modifications.

My build is at the bottom of this article:

My Setup:

Mining on a T1 World. Using both Iron and Copper hammer. My tests are focused on mining rocks rather than seams. Numbers are tallied once I deplete my stamina. Super strength and fast brews have a 40% modifier to strength and 80% modifier to action speed, respectively.

Final Recommendation:

Using Super Strength brew as an all-around solution for mining rocks and seams and a copper hammer. The speed bonus to the hammer is balanced out by the strength modifier of the brew.

Use Super Fast for expediency but only with an Iron hammer AND if you can already one shot a rock. The fast action buff balances out the power of the iron hammer and your ability to one shot a rock thus yielding more rocks.

The Tests:

Super Strength Brew Results Test:

  • I two shot seams before drinking the brew w/ an Iron hammer. I one shot seams after drinking the brew
  • I’m two shotting seams with my copper hammer with and without the brew. So it’s best to go with Iron
  • Copper hammer + Super Strength wins in this experiment

Super Fast Brew Results Test:

Using a copper or silver hammer with a Super Fast brew is actually inefficient because you’re hitting rocks so fast that it doesn’t allow you to read, react and reposition your hammer. So if you intend to use Fast brews, go with Iron tools especially if you can one shot a block.

Final thoughts:

I only tested with Iron and copper hammer since there aren’t alot of great use cases for Silver and Gold. Patch 200 will give a buff to damage on Gold tools so it may be worth revisiting all of this with a new round of tests.

Because a brew lasts for 10 minutes, you’re easily collecting somewhere between 1000 to 1400 rocks (excluding ore and other materials) within this same time period. For most casual players and builders, this is more than enough to go on. The cost to pay for a handful of brews more than pays for itself once you’ve factored in the amount of ore you’ve gathered in addition to the fact that you can sell the rocks if you don’t need them. Many shops will pay 2 coins per blocks. And there are buyers looking for specific rocks who will gladly pay more.

I have done some preliminary testing on shoveling and axe-cutting but I’ll have a post for that some other time. But the basic gist of this entire post is that you are already one shotting a block with your preferred tool, then a fast brew will help. If you can’t one shot a block, then look into the appropriate strength brew to help you get to one shotting. One shotting isn’t just about efficiency. But it also helps increase the durability of the tool. Because each player has their own build and preferred setup, it is up to you to test and refine your methods.

So total cost between the tools and brew for an 30-60 minutes of use is between 2k to 4k in coins based on market prices. And of course, it’s cheaper with brews of lesser strenthg or speed. Personally, I can only mine, axe or shovel for 20 minutes before boredom sets in. So what usually takes an hour will take 20 minutes.

Brews are a great way to get started without having to pay 5,000 to 15,000 in coins for forged tools. Would love to hear about any tests you have so don’t hesitate to comment.

My build:

  • 8/8 Power
  • Damage Epic
  • Hammer Epic
  • 5/5 Hammer Mastery
  • 0 attributes
  • 600 energy

Good job deen love the shop! Btw you can only have 1 brew buff up at a time

Yep. They don’t stack. I was using one at a time.

Article posted.

I bought my first brews from you as I couldn’t find a store that had any and had to search the forums and saw your post.

So thanks for having a good selection.

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Hi all-

Weekend special on brews and food. Take what’s left before someone else does:

  • Teaching Pie:, Loaf: 2699, 1499
  • Strength Brews from: 129 to 325
  • Fast Brews from : 200 to 299
  • Persisting Loaf and Pie: 1600 to 2800

And tons of other brews and food that’s too long to list. Including HP food, energy food, recovery drinks,etc…

I also have a store next to the kitchen selling Iron, Silver, and Gold tools/weapons.

Enjoy your weekend.

Great shop. Very fair.
You are out of 40% damage buff brews.
Also low on 50%'s and out of shielding loafs. Because I just bought you out.

If you need any more 40% before he restocks, feel free to check out Universal Consumables :wink:

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Thank you I am good for now as I bought 50s but I will keep that in mind.

Thanks @Karrade! Always nice to know who my customers are. I’ll be sure to restock before the weekend.

If I’m ever on when you stop by next time, mention the code “nom nom” and and I"ll be sure to give you a gift next time :wink:

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Love your shop! as a total noob when visiting today I was admiring the veiw and then i got blasted by a cuttletrunk and died! lol

LMAO. So sorry!

It’s the running joke for my shop. The cuttletrunks funnel more business to me because it forces you to buy my healing brews!

If I’m on next time, just say hi and I’ll give you a free gift for the death


Thanks very kind of you! - I should probably keep better track of the level of planet i’m going on to!
Sometimes I just jump from port to port like a mad man and then have to wonder how to get home!

Don’t know if it helps you for me to post here when I have. Bought you out of super instant heals and mega strength, almost bought you out of shielding loafs think there is 20 left of those.

You shop seems to attract mobs, i fought 3 last time i was there. Will be going back regularly though, great shop great prices. Well worth the struggle!

Thanks! Regarding the creatures, I guess it’s storytime:

I live in a rural area of Biitula . Because no one lives around me, cuttletrunks spawn all the time. Generally 2-3 at a time.

I originally intended to build a roof to help keep the cuttletrunks away so my customers can shop in peace. I’ve since gotten distracted with other stuff outside of building.

On one occasion, I saw a customer scamper back through the portal because he didn’t have a slingbow to fight off one cuttletrunk. I LOLed. It was something about the cute run animation and how my laziness lost me a customer that made me chuckle.

It has since been a running joke b/w friends and customers about how they have to fight off a few cuttles just so they can shop in peace. I, myself, have had to kill a few cuttles in order to save a customer who went afk.

Eventually, I will get to building the roof as it’s part of the settlement design. But anyway, that’s the backstory with the cuttletrunks.

Bump for the weekend!


the shop was built above an ancient cuttletrunk graveyard. i fight off a couple every visit!
best shop ever XD

Yea i was one of them lol i didnt have my weapon on my bar and was trying to equip it while dodging cuttletrunk beams :joy:

Deen’s shop is where I learned that while Cuttletrunk bombs will blow me to pieces, they won’t damage the (beaconed) environment. I was afraid that I had caused major damage to the shop fighting that one Cuttle, until with much relief I saw that the bomb didn’t hurt the shop stands.