What are your favourite character or creature designs and why?

We were talking about these, and I was curious about what everyone’s thoughts were? Not specifically for anything in game, just general preferences.

Ghibli is all gold, but I’ve always really loved Totoro and No Face


Hmmm? Sneaks in and changes the category to off-topic

Totoro all the way :slight_smile:

Also RGB from The property of hate

@ben does that include character backstorys?

Sure! But also picutres are cool

I’m a fan of Appa from The Last Airbender


I always loved the Mi’qote race, cause catgirls

For anime i really loved ‘‘Panther Lily’’ from fairytail who had so much strength he could go into a fighting form

and the last i can remember on the top of my head is the idea of ‘‘Dark angels’’, a sort of demon that has feather wings instead of bat wings


In Anime my fav character would have to be Sinon from SAO/GGO for multiple reasons-

  1. Girl characters just seem to be bad-ass compared to males in anime.
  2. She uses an anti-material rifle (Sniper) which is one of my fav roles/style of fighting in any game

but in real life her name is Shino Asada

she contains the quiet type personality, and basically gets bullied due to the fact when she was 10 she shot a man dead in order to protect her mother and that has led her to have a trauma with guns, so in order to try and fight her fear she plays GGO in the hope she will be able to fight her Trauma

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Yeah… a spoiler would be good, some might not have seen it.

im a fan of Happy maself

that wasn’t much of a spoiler though, that was jsut background i could bring in a big spoiler, but literally you see her get bullied on the first episode that she is in

I love Sinon aswell :smiley:

you’ll be happy about the next season then, Sinon plays a big role while Asuna does not

Sure… lets get all the spoilers rolling while we are at it, why not ruin it for everybody else?

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That wasnt a spoiler at all.

Can’t wait for the next season, it’s in summer 2016 isn’t it?

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Yup also Tokyo ghoul is meant to be next year aswell :smiley:

Any information like that… yeah it is. but that is just because i prefer not to hear about who does what or who will be where in the animes i watch. not to mention again those who havent watched it at all. i wouldnt mind an anime discussion, but we have a topic for it

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Never watched that but it’s on my list for things to watch ^^

The other fav character i have would probably be ‘M’aiq the Liar’ from the elder scrolls series


I’m personaly a fan of the Drow, the original concept of dark elves in D&D (and I think the first “dark elves” at all ^^). In each Campain-World of D&D they have a different background, so I choose that of the Forgotten Realm, the most popular World of D&D. The Drow were once surface dwellers like the other elves, but there was a schism when Arauschnee, the godess of the dark elves and lover of Corellon Larecian (the main god of elves) betrayed the good pantheon. Afterwards, when defeated, she was exiled to the Abyss (the chaotic Hell) and became Lolth, the Spider Queen.

The Drow live in underground cities since then, are great fans of slavery and violence and have a deep chaotic nature, which is shown in every aspect of their live. As elves, they are decadent and see themself as an superior race, which they somehow are, cuz their harsh lifes and habbits lead to natural selection.

They live under matriarchic theorcratic rulership and organized in houses, but this houses are in compettiton to each other in the strugle to rule (in each city). So there are many intrugues and murders. Clerics of Lolth are to be women, so men are most times on the arcane way, are warriors or serve one of the lesser gods of the drow (which all serve Lolth of cause). In Families each 3rd son is to be sacrificed to Lolth when he reaches a set age, but he is allowed to end the life of one of his older brothers to become the second son. Those sons become driders (something like “spider centaures”). This fate is also used for other weak drow. On this way they keep the strong and get rid of the trash in their rows.

Some drow exile from the cruel society and go in believe of Elistraee, the godess of good drow (yes, somehow dumb ^^) and fight the evils of this world, most known Drizzt Do’Urden. But I don’t like those childish cowards ^^

Drow have coal grey or black skin, have normaly red eyes (which can be burple or bluish) and have white or pale golden/yellow hair. They have a high priority for style and art, which is also shown in their cloth and accessoires. Spiders are often weared as simbols of faith to Lolth. Of cause they cannot grow beards, but males are sometimes binding their hair infront of their ears to queues.