What do you want us to show in the Devlog?

The Devlog is where we’re going to be posting development updates, screenshots and videos. What do you want to see? Which features should we cover first?

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It would be nice to get regular updates on the progress of the game. What specific features you are working on now and what you are planing on doing afterwards. Small teasers and such is nice but knowing that we are going somewhere is better :smiley:

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I would like to see more of the new texures :smiley:


i would like to see more stuff on the crafting, also generally teasers that can be discussed.

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I’d like to see EVERYTHING :wink:
And also I’d love to see some pics from the office. They’re always great.

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I agree with others, pics of the office, more pics of the texture, even if it’s the same texture from another structure or build.

It would also be cool to read more in-depth discussions on the processes of how certain solutions for game design problems were resolved; or how the team is approaching a certain design problem.

I would like to see how crafting is planned to be.

I would love to see character sculpting.
Its a feature I’m pretty curious to see.

me too :smiley: actually I wanna see everything :smiley:

I would really enjoy seeing the UI progress, UI’s really make a game for me.

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I would love to see what’s going on with the combat system! I think combat is going to be the second make or break feature of this game (right behind crafting, and the unique features)

i love art so i wanna see art. lol ik its old but if i see question i can answer i answer them

Progression would be great, it’s a make it or break it feature for the game in the long term i guess.

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we would like regular updates that tell us when are the large updates coming with whats new, and what’s in process, videos like you developers and the artists being recorded while working in that and talk a bit about your work and what are they doing in that moment and what would you change . Team presentation, something like that yeah

Definitely overall game progress, or what you collectively are focussing on as priority (e.g. “we are focusing on textures this month”, etc). It is exciting to be made a part of the creative process!:grinning:

@sikerow, @Lightninglegend, @Coyote1 Make your voice heard in this post or post questions in the wiki post!

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