What Games are you playing right now?

I know a few of us are playing the waiting game with BL and went off to play other games. Curious to know what others are playing?

I’m PC. I picked up AC Origins and trying to get back into 7 Days To Die especially since they launched Alpha 17.

  • AC Origins is massive and I can see they’re trying to implement Witcher 3 combat mechanics. It’s not bad as I was never a fan of the AC series before this. But it doesn’t have the heart of TW3 storyline
  • 7D2D. General consensus is that it feels like a new game especially with perks implemented now and the devs made it harder by improving AI,etc…

Anyone who mentions FO76 will get hazed :slight_smile:


Conan Exiles (sparingly–Had to try their new pet mechanic)
Ark: Survival Evolved (couple days a week–will prob play more now that I have a base)
Let’s Go Eevee! (Like, almost every day. My Eevee and I plan on overthrowing Team Rocket and ruling the world with an adorable iron paw. We even have our mafia outfits.)

Edit: and of course Boundless. For some reason I took this as "other games besides this one. " D’oh!

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I’ve been killing time playing Heroes of the Storm although it’s plagued by the typical elitism and toxicity of literally every Blizzard game I’ve played in the past decade.

Outside of HotS, I’ve been enjoying FO76 despite the bugs and the horrible reviews. It’s a lot of fun to play casually and I’ve always enjoyed games with huge, open worlds where you can explore however you want, wherever you want and always find something interesting.

Ark survival testing on a high rate server the new dlc

Im waiting to get on Red Dead Online, still Black Ops 4 occasionally with friends, and Boundless still with so much that needs doing lol (PS4)

Defense of the Ancients 2

Skylines, OSRS, Trove…eyeballing FO76 & Amazon’s New World. Mostly just playing BL right now, waiting on updates like you mentioned. Friends are playing stuff like Civ, FO4, Warframe…

Playing this, and Star Citizen (which is free to fly right now).

It’s easy to look at this game as the “finished one”, when compared to the state of Star Citizen, lol

Oh, and MTG: Arena when i feel like swearing at the screen =P

Console gamer so pretty different list…

Boundless takes up most of my time at the moment, but also enjoying rdr2, nba 2k19, forza horizon 4 (oh yes, i dance with the x-devil too… dont ban me), and eyeing off battlefield 5, but its not getting great reviews so far so might wait for a few patches/dlc.

Used to spend my time in the world of tanks/warships franchise, then factorio stole my life. My wife plays boundless exclusively so its really taken a huge chunk of my cractorio time…

I pay this price willingly

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I tend to stick to one game at a time so all boundless at the mo.
My steam account is filled with so so many games (just had a look… 412) I’ve never started or finished.
Have probably only played less than 10 games all out properly over last 12 years…

One day I’ll get round to you, skyrim, witcher 3, et all.

I am playing Oxygen Not Included, Frostpunk (with the new Endless Mode), and Medieval Engineers.

Rocket League, Dead Cells, Siralim 3

RimWorld (I missed the release!) and I have to get back to Oxygen Not Included, but you need a lot of time for any of the three games, so, for now is just Boundless

They have added some cool stuff with allowing you to build on the surface and meteors hitting the surface and damaging your installation in Oxygen Not Included.

I have the Division 2 on pre order. Private Beta starts on Thursday for 5 days and then early access just before release.

Division saw me sink hundreds and hundreds of hours in to it so really looking forward to D2


Startrek Online, Neverwinter and Warframe


Stellaris, Metro 2033 and Rage 2

Boundless and popped back into elder scrolls Online.

Every once in a while I’ll get the mood to “try something new”. Then end up playing games I had already started, and not playing a “new” game haha! So I’ll play like, Civ V, Sims 4, battlefield 1, and Skyrim.

Been playing Sims 4 some. . Of course I had to compress my custom content to reduce load items, but that has worked like a charm. Been trying a new game called Foundation over the past few days. There was just a big update to Medieval Engineers so I might need to try that again this weekend.

Playing some Minecraft, some nice updates landed.

Beside that Crypt of the NecroDancer.