What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires


This x 9000

I mean atleast let me finish my town!! it will be done by 2023! I hope lol…


I, like most players here, never thought there would be a circumstance where I wouldn’t log in for an extended period of time. I was wrong.


SamF’s reply in the forum only explains why the regen system is in place and does absolutely zero to address the need as to why a players entire inventory is deleted. No one is threatening the developers beyond stating why they will no longer play or return to the game. This is exactly why I was hesitant even posting on this site. I no longer am interested in playing because there is a looming threat, from the game’s mechanic, that if something happens in life that keeps me away, everything I’ve poured into the game is lost. SamF took that out of context in his reply and now it’s being twisted around here.


I haven’t read all the posts, sorry!

But it seems everyone is looking at it from the point of saving the build or beacon.

I’m gonna play devil’s advocate, and suggest looking at it from the opposite way.

What if, when a beacon ran out, there was a planet wide alert sending everyone on the planet the coordinates of the expired beacon? Could send one on the half hour for 4 hours?

Edited my original time span, as forgot the site would be regened.


Well of course you like it. It’s a classic Xaldafax post. It restates a factual circumstance or developer opinion as if doing so somehow answers the problems presented in the post to which it is a response, despite the fact that problems being presented are problems WITH the circumstance or opinion.

I will agree that the focus of any changes should aim to fix a root problem and not its symptoms, one of which you have suggested is that the game feels empty (and something I agree with also). However, I disagree that the focus of that discussion should fixate on why people are leaving. It’s important to make sure that if people do choose to leave for any reason, they also have a reason to come back.

Having nothing to come back to except at best what they could have pre-planned for and fit into their inventory is still too heavy a loss for many people to come back to the game. People not returning contributes plenty to the fact that the game feels empty.


How would that help? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My thoughts exactly (except I always thought it’d be too harsh to point it out myself ^^’).

It’s like the guy who left a negative review mentioning how the game has a 40$ price tag AND micro-transactions (and you can add the Gleam Club system which is totally a subscription system), and a dev answered him by saying :

I mean… am I the only one seeing something wrong with this?
The dev basically wrote a wall of text to answer the disgruntled player, to tell him how the current model is good and all… except it’s not because many players leave negative reviews about that very situation, and many other games do very well with a simple F2P model (like Creativerse). And you can bet your sweet pee-pee Boundless could do the same thing if the initial price-tag was lowered or dropped and more stuff was regularly added to the in-game store.
You’d still have people complaining about the existence of an in-game store (because people still don’t like the model, of course), but they wouldn’t be legitimized, whereas the dev saying they need money would become far more legit.


The data file that contains the information on what a character “owns.” All the blocks, resources, weapons, items, etc, as well as how and where they are stored. In a build it would include the current appearance due to chiselling. Every piece and its color is there. On a beacon’s going dormant, that list could be reduced to just the items themselves and stored. If a player returns, then those items could also be returned.
I am not saying if it should or should not, only that the concern for the cost of storage is not an actual concern.


Help what?

The title is ‘what should happen when a beacon expires’

It would add a bit of fun, and excitement, and reward to those that are actually playing the game, rather than worrying about what happens with people who are not playing.

Shifting the focus of the devs attention to those who are playing will only help keep them playing.


Help prevent people from leaving the game because they fail to refuel their beacon and lose their stuff.
Because sometimes, it’s accidental.


How about helping to stop people leaving the game because it’s becoming so lacking in any risk or challenge, that’s it’s becoming boring?


I would disagree that the game lacks challenge or risk as it is (with meteorites and creatures who can oneshot most players). It lacks content, though. That’s another reason why people leave, but that’s off-topic.
And I don’t see how you can be working on a build and find any fun in the challenge/risk of losing it all. To me, you clearly haven’t yet experienced the feeling of loosing a big build. To be fair, I haven’t either, but several friends of mine have, and they left the game for it. So yeah. Fun. Challenging.


A beacon expiring is the only way you actually lose anything in this game.

You lose nothing from ‘dying’, it only slows your rate in gaining xp for a short time, one mining session clears the penalty.

Remove that small amount of risk, and you might as well turn the whole game into a ‘creative mode’.

Either this topic is about what mechanic should be employed when a beacon runs out, as the title says, in which case I suggest that when a beacon runs out, an alert is given to those who are actively keeping up with fueling their beacons (or who have paid money for the continuation of the game by purchasing gleam club) so they can grab some of the loot before it regens away (or save it if you are so inclined).

Or its about getting players to return, in which case surely the focus should be more on stopping them leaving in the first place?

If there is something in your life that stops you logging on for 30 mins or so to refuel some beacons, then it’s likely that your rl situation is far more important and what happens in a video game is irrelevant.

If someone has just been innatentaive, then there should be a downside for them.


So, you haven’t confirmed : have you actually lost a big build you made, yet?
Because I still don’t think you understand the feeling.

A lot of games force you to retrieve your corpse after death. I’d be fine with that in BL.
A game like Diablo 3 has an Hardcore mode where those like you (who supposedly find it great to risk loosing everything you did in the game, which kinda negates the time invested) can level a character to max level, get epic gear, and then die, losing his entire character and everything tied to it.
But that’s the thing : it’s a game mode.

Maybe Boundless SHOULD have a game mode where you can play in “creative mode” (you’d still have to farm for ressources and stuff, like now - but less penalty for failing to refuel beacons and stuff), but maybe there should also be an Hardcore mode if that floats your boat, with greated XP gains, loots, and all that jazz, but you lose everything when you die, etc.

I’d be fine with that. I’d feel no shame in playing in softcore mode, since I personnally couldn’t care less for the risk/challenge/PvE of Boundless as it is, and am only playing BL for the building part.


I think that could be the best solution, maybe when the private planets come along they will create a sort of creative mode area.

No, I purchased gleam club quite early on, when realised that I enjoyed the game. But to be perfectly honest, if I did, that would be on me, I wouldn’t expect the game to compensate for me being innatentaive.

I have built 4 bases from scratch since launch though, and demolished (or let some others demolish) the old bases. Not quite the same, I know, but I’d see it as a challenge, I enjoy the progression stages.

Or maybe it it should be a bit of a compromise, less of a grind fest for every single item with a little bit of risk to losing them, so if you do its not so much of a ball ache to get it back (or its more fun to do so).

This is where I think a lot of the confrontation on the forums comes from, people come to the game for different reasons and with different expectations. You want a building game, that’s great, I was attracted by the survival/crafting elements.

So most people are making suggestions (and in some cases demands) solely on the focus of their own gaming preference, but the more BL leans towards any one of these elements, the louder complaints come from those that feeling it’s moving away from what they want in BL.

I don’t know what the solution is, if there is one.

Perhaps it would just to go full blown in one direction, Wonderstruck cut their losses with those that will leave and start to build a player base that is more inclined towards whatever direction they focus in.

As it is, this type of ‘discussion’ will continue for as long as the game does.

Apologies, I’ve gotten off topic with a long winded post.

I think I’ll leave it at that now.


I fully agree on that.
But if Wonderstruck has to go full blown in one direction, then I think they’d have more success with the less “risk/challenging” direction. Just a shot in the dark, though.
And maybe the solution is to have several game modes, like the hardcore mode. That could be an interesting topic to make, trying to find ways to balance such modes.


I play to loot careless peoples stuff what about my playstyle? lmao


The thought of losing my beloved build scares me so much that I am going to spend about 50$ per year for the next several years to keep it, oh and to support the devs. Good model if you ask me.


I agree with this 100% and this really doesn’t affect me as I haven’t let my gleam club run out since I started.

If the fuels were doubled it would help retain players imo especially with upcoming releases this year.

I’m sure more than a few people are going to at least end up dividing play time with other games soon.

Also I don’t personally feel doubling the fuels would devalue gleam club in the slightest.

Even doubled you still have to fuel them.


Thats all fine and Dandy if they dont live next to you and are impeding or trolling your build. I accidentally missed 1 plot in my large plotted settlement and sure enough next morning i had a beacon and a workbench there the next day. Sat there for 4 months vacant. Yes it was my fault but I cant imagine having had to wait a lot longer.


I hear ya.

I have had to deal with trolls and absentee players as well.

However that is the game at the moment.
Alot of these types of cases like what you experienced and I’m sure most of us have in the past or even present could be avoided if they ever implemented protection zones like was discussed/suggested.

I still feel that the fuel should be a touch longer however but that is just my personal opinion and may not be a popular one but I’m good with that.