What turns you off playing Boundless?


It’s 100 blocks range for chatting. Without the shout skill that is.


It’s taken me a while to gather all these, some I have come to live with so I didn’t think of them when I wrote my original post. On that note, I’d like to say Thank You!! for adding the Interact rebind capability. That function has single handedly improved my gaming enjoyment 100 fold. :smiley:

Anyways a few things have been bothering me…
The unstable connection.
Most of the time I don’t even notice any lag spikes or any indication of a poor connection, not sure what’s triggering that… I would much rather just play through a little hiccup and give it a second to load properly or download the packet (or whatever caused it) rather than clicking yes go to sanctum and nothing happens for another 5-10 seconds then the window disappears then I can play again, then very rarely I get to keep playing but usually I can play for another ~20 seconds then all of a sudden I’m in sanctum.
So basically I think there should be 2 buttons. one button will let you get back to the game no matter how laggy it is (it’s usually playable and short lasting) and another button that takes you directly to sanctum immediately (or after 5 seconds if we must, but please show a timer or the meditation animation).

The fog and weather cycles have really been bothering me since we’re unable to turn them off now. The cycles are too varied and abrupt…(although I don’t mind the short showers…)
I think there should be seasons, where there is a period of time where it rains with the current frequency of precipitation, but more random in duration, and a Summer season where it is only sunny for (in-game) weeks on end and with longer days. Although each planet should have its own season cycle, I like being able to travel to another planet when the weather is poopy. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and of course there should be areas that are not affected by seasons, like deserts where it would be always sunny all the time (except for nighttime) and mountaintops which would only snow when there is precipitation in the area.
[EDIT] Oh also I think it should get cloudy before it starts to rain or snow. Although if it’s snowing it would already be winter and possibly dark or cloudy already… But it’s nice to have a bit of warning… just now I noticed the light change, and I thought there was something wrong with the sunset but then 2 seconds later it started raining. That’s what I meant by abrupt… it reminds me of Back to the Future 2 :joy:

Every time I open up a machine or crafting table I want to see contents first and recipes last. I think it makes way more sense to have it that way, I want to unload all my materials into my machines after a mining trip and I do not want to have the leftover items in my inventory, I want them to be in the crafting table or workbench. To do this I have to access the contents first, then I can go to recipes and craft my items.
The next time I open it up I do not want to see recipes, for I am there to pick up the items I just crafted. Thus Contents first makes more sense in each scenario.

I wouldn’t usually mention the same thing twice but I had an idea about the world colours… I just heard that it is possible to change the colours of certain blocks in the universe, namely the ones that are from different worlds but are the same colour, which also do not stack. I think you could really hit 2 (or more) birds with one stone by changing some of those colours. Some people (a lot of people I think) have been asking for new worlds… this might be a way to compromise without making the universe too big too soon like some people have been afraid of…
Now I know the argument that what if someone built their entire base out of [x] rock and now its a different colour!
well, one solution would be to change the colour only slightly, or just change all the duplicate colours to ones that look good together…
My favourite solution to all this would be to release one new world per region, each with unique colours for every block. I know you guys have been itching to deploy some new worlds :wink:


Do you know about the option in settings that turns off the returning to Sanctum when it gets laggy? That way you play through all bad connection moments and you decide when it becomes unplayable and quit.


i just discovered that today actually, but my point was that the current window/button does not work as (probably) intended and would be nice to have both options there


Leaving the game once it becomes up to grind. Or when I realize that I’ve already spent more than five hours XD


And yes, rumours say, if you remove all “maybe” from the list, you’ll get a lyrics to Radiohead’s song)


Agree about the crafting menu, it would be nice to get to the inventory screen right away. Also, it would be great if the filter settings for machines would be stored. I prefer the ‘craftable’ setting so I change it every time on each machine, but once I restart the game it’s back to default.


Skills that don’t give you any new ability or noticeable improvement to an existing ability.
What do the first two chisel skills give you?


Pretty sure they increase things like swing speed on chisels… Not sure though


But what do I need swing speed on chisels for? :grin:
It’s a precision work. Not like holding down mouse button and chisel away.
(At least for me :sweat_smile:)


Can be useful… Anyway, as I said, not sure about that :joy:


Being attacked every 30 seconds by a spitter, seemingly coming out of nowhere, when I just want to build my stuff in peace D:


my number one WORST thing about boundless? spitters. they are too fast and renlentless and it just isn’t fun to be spawncamped by one when im caught at low health. pleas nerf!


Thanks @sharkish for posting this. I tried to post this many times when the patch came in that there was an issue especially for new people. A lot of people didn’t believe it was an issue because they have lost touch of what being a new user is really like. With the developers seeing your comment it might help them understand that the herd/spawning is off in that area especially in starter worlds.


Definitely an issue! Are moon planets especially bad, or is that just me?


Honestly you bring up a point that I haven’t tested. It might make sense to put a timer test to it.

From what I can tell the spawn rate on starter worlds seems more than on moon. Definitely the spitter herd attacks do not seem to happen as much on the ring planets. The herds seem larger on the starter world versus the moon and then ring. I have never been attacked by a herd of 5-6 spitters on a moon or ring world, but I have had that happen in the starter world. Consistently I see gangs of 2-3 attack me.

The biggest annoyance is they see through walls and then will come through doors to attack. Beyond resetting a character I don’t even know what it must be like at level 1-10 to deal with that. Adding in the death penalty, I would not be happy as a beginner.

Of course I wouldn’t want a switch in the dynamics either. It is already hard enough sometimes on a ring world to deal with 2 cuttles and a spitter in the area while being alone. And you can’t out run cuttles in most situations. Even if you do, then usually you have another group show quickly afterward.


There should be a certain grace period regarding early player level where spitters will not seek you out and attack you.

I’ve just tested with a new character and walked right up next to a spitter and it is indeed the case that it did not attack me. I’ll test a bit more to see what level that reaches to, but I would assume that it would be at least until level 5-10. I’ll update when I have found out how far that grace period goes.

Edit: Just got to level 5 and the spitters are still completely indifferent to me. Worst attack I’ve had so far was a level 1 wildstock trying to push me into a hole while I was typing this lol

Edit 2: 5 levels is the max grace period you get, so aggressive creatures will start to attack you on level 6 onward.

At least for very early game, you have a window of safe learning to get to grips with the basic game mechanics.

I think it may be worth including a note on the level 6 notification to say that “you should probably learn to defend yourself by creating a weapon… gained by learning X skill or by buying a weapon from another player”

Spitter nerf please

That has been around for a while, no? But yes, a notification would be nice!


Mobs are not hostile to players until level 6 which is nice for new players but I think it should be bumped up to level 10 since the changes to the leveling curve player get to level 6 very quickly sometimes before you even get to craft your slingbow or know to craft your slingbow.


It has yes, but I couldn’t remember to what extent you were considered completely “safe” from hostile creatures, so I tested it as a new player. It was in response to Xaldafax wondering what it would be like for new players between level 1-10 with 2-3 spitters attacking them.

I only ever had one spitter at a time spawn on Therka, but I’m guessing that it must be different on other starter worlds (which is probably to gauge what an acceptable number of spitter spawns at any one time is).

Yup, same - at level 6 I had only just started on some of the basic gathering objectives and hadn’t even progressed to stone tools yet. An idea of how to defend yourself from hostile creatures at that point would definitely be of benefit.