What turns you off playing Boundless?


Sounds good


I had this issue on Therka but only when taking down a tree or mining for a time in an area. After some time 3-4 spitters gather to wait on you. But you can still outrun them. I think this will be resolved with creatures not being able to see you through objects.


Perfect. Thanks for the test!

Now assuming you have put skill points into what an average non-experienced player would put them into – at that level what health do you have and what sling bows are you able to use?

Find a gang of 3-4 and see how hard you are hurt versus the time it takes to kill them with a bow you are likely to have at that level.

I think that will really help show if the ratio and balance is off.


I just wanna make a chair and watch the sky pass bye :slight_smile: but no chairs in game yet :slight_smile:


It’s interesting that the critters can’t see me from 20 horizontal blocks away, but they’ll drive themselves crazy circling when I’m 60 blocks directly below standing next to a lava pool. At that depth, blocked by layers and layers of material, I can hear the weather, birds chirping, and the angry snorts and foot pats of the critters. It kind of destroys what immersion there is.


I absolutely hate the chat system as is. I do 100% believe that all changes eventually being pre-alpha etc. So I have hopes there. I feel a lot of the things we have mentioned are mostly normal things most mmo’s have and things that are just needed. Whispers, mail, larger options for chat. But we will have to see all the things they have planned.

One thing though I do note is the needles/indicators of which tool your using are a gray color that seems to be near impossible to see sometimes.

Personally I like the grindy bits, and having 3 characters to specialize in certain areas. I have my Hunter and Crafter, and Miner. Once they are all higher levels, it’s mainly for use of each others plots I’m guessing.


I am one of those people who when they approach an online player, like to say hi. I think it’s even ruder when they ignore you.


I don’t mind the chat system. It’s annoying that it has a limit, but that is to our advantage, as it reduces the chance that people will join the game only to spam, like they do in most MMOGs.


Thought i would quote a few points that stuck with me from reading:

Also want to add that i am now at lvl 46, and i feel like i am quite low on plots, i have used all i have, and now have to wait nearly 200000 xp before i get another 10… Perhaps a skill doubling the amount of plots received each level after 50, I do have an Alt, but started work on a big build i would prefer to keep as one char (though would i get double footfall amount splitting the build? (will leave this question here for now, but will look in the forum after writing this). I think more plots should be available at level 50 anyway (i know i have 4 lvls left).

A chisel that spins the orientation of blocks (both texture and shape) spinning the block on the side it was hit (in a set direction) would allow for more experimentation when chiselling, as well as make it easier to try different texture alignments or correct mistakes.

It is taking me a fair amount of time to mine enough diamonds to mass craft a load for processing (it feels like a waste making something and not mass crafting), though that being said i did find somewhere i managed to mine 110 in one area, perhaps i just need to find the right spots…

All in all the positives defiantly out-way the bad at this point, MORE COLOURS AND TEXTURE VARIATION :smiley:


Wow, I hit level 50 3 times so far, Just started playing about 3 months ago.
& I ran out of skill points & theres still so many skills that I need. I feel a higher level cap is severely needed. As far as you being able to find any gems anywhere other then inside of Cuttletrunks consider yourself lucky, I just got back from mining 64,152 blocks over the course of a week. I didn’t turn up a single gem. Now I am 1500 Cuttletrunk kills in to get the mass craft for each gem.

I would also say I find it a bit off putting how difficult it is to find gems mining, I don’t think it should be easy by any means but its even hard to find Titanium, & Silver. It Seems like Silver is harder to find then Gold in my opinion maybe that’s intentional I’m not sure.
I also have a problem with loot from lv5 Cuttletrunks as well, I’m max luck & maxed out ability bonus as well, & much too often I will kill a Lv5 Cuttle & I will not receive a gem, This is infuriating. It seems almost as if lv4 Cuttles regularly give better drops then then lv5s do but that’s just me.

Also I would really love to see a planet, Maybe Vulpto!? Since it seems like the odd planet out from Munteen, Alturnik & Nasharil. That dosnt have any mobs below lv4, Mainly because they are all annoying once you make it past a certain point you just constantly have to ignore them everywhere you go & its irritating, I would love to see a High lv hunting World only lv 4-6 & I say 6 because I would love to see lv6s on said planet as well.


Wow, I hit level 50 3 times so far, Just started playing about 3 months ago.
& I ran out of skill points & theres still so many skills that I need. I feel a higher level cap is severely needed.

Having every skill in the game, and generally making one capable of doing everything will possibly negate most incetive to trade with others no ?
Sure you can make alts to do different things, but I’d rather see people specialize into different areas, and trade with others through what is either impossible or more difficult to do when you havent specialised into it, though this might honostly need some looking into.


I strongly disagree, the name of this game is “Boundless” therefore limiting how many skills a character can obtain would contradict the very title of the game itself.
If one works & earns the experience one should earn the skill points as well.
Another thing is that your argument holds no water because trading will always be a vital part of this game for some & for others not so much.
I run a Super Store & I source everything on my own, no trading needed.
I set up request baskets & people bring me the item I’m requesting, no trading required.
Just because you like trading & feel that’s something you have to do, doesn’t mean everyone else
should feel just as subjected to trading or dependent on trading with others within the game.
Because quite simply it isn’t something anyone has to do in order to be a successful player.

My point being is I need more control points, Ive hit lv50 4 times now.
I can not cleanse anything because I need everything I have.
I had to cleanse important skills just to get other important skills & this is a problem.
More progression is needed.


That kinda IS trading :stuck_out_tongue: Items for coins.


ill just do cons you guys now i love the game :smile:

first one is the way mayor is chosen me losing my title after
creating a nice village cause i joined hands with my friend @PharaohNai
to work together and he happend to use more expensive materials
is like making rich people boss (me no like)not meaning pharaonah just in general :smile:(stating again he is my friend lolz)

2 i need a train mecanic
i used to play artound with slides that use portals to slide around the world from station to station but after a update we no longer slide
on flat surface so this is all gone and it was AWESOME
SLIDE BLOCKS should have flat sliding to restore this future

or givez us rails to not copy other games i want MONORAIL SYSTEM

3 beacons can be refueled no problem there but theres a game tactic that exist ive seen it :frowning: that is taking spots just to tag along on peoples builds there should be an activity meter on it looking if it is decently used to activated footfall

4 beacons that are placed fuel for 10weeks but never used
once need a system to flagg them this gameplay should be discuraged it makes our worlds ugly :smile:

5 i need better gui if im playing on tv its stupid that i have to scroll down menu on a huge tv just because i need big fonts to read tekts
make fonts size a option apart from gui scaling please :smile:

6 if you want gems to be hard to find ok
butt scatter them more around mining isnt fun enough to wait untill you find one cluster (i understand there veins but;;;;:wink: or

make gem fragments closeby the gems to track them down thats more exciting stick in an unbreakable wall around it to balance it out lolz

7 MORE TEXTURES (standard build blocks)

8 i would like a less static world by this i mean more animated objects and maybe some buildable animation example spinning cogs
pump animation water weel

maybe we could install blocks that have gif functions
this would be AMAZING

9 FIX CHAT PLEASE but its good sport walking up to my screen all the time hahaha

10 STICK STUFF IN SAND AND MUD as a reward its a bore for moment digging them(had a reply that this is on agenda)

but there will be more cons later :smile:

Warp Conduit Price

Something like this? :wink:


Yes this definitely needs to be done, maybe we could find Gold in sand and fossils in mud.

Both of these are things that we need more unique block textures and the ability to create moving block parts.

Maybe the Moving parts can be created by a special augment for the totem that can be used to select blocks and then once selected you can edit those blocks and how they move.

OMG this would be awesome to have, we would be able to create proper train stations, we could maybe even make trains to put on them using normal blocks.


No, That’s called selling. Completely different & its still besides the point. I was saying that as an example. As I said I resource all my own goods. I don’t need to trade with anyone. Putting items up for sell is not trading as in the basic sense of “Trading” that would be selling & that’s different. A trade would be Items for items not items for coin. That’s called a purchase. That’s like saying your trading when you go to Walmart and by groceries. You cannot “Trade” items for coin, that’s impossible.


In my opinion, the game lacks a more developed and healthy economic system. Now the money earned is simply nowhere to spend, there is no mechanic in the game that takes coins out of circulation (payment for the warp does not cope with the task). As a result, prices are constantly growing and selling something is always less profitable than buying, and running the large store is simply pointless. I would suggest adding the opportunity to buy additional skill points for game coins, and the price should increase after each purchase, for example, 200 for the first, 400 for the second, 800 for the third, and so on. This will allow you to withdraw money from the game and make them more in demand, in addition, those who have reached the level cap will continue to develop their characters, thereby clearing the game from surplus coins.
The second point is too much accessibility of all types of resources and recipes. There is no way to get or create something unique that the rest can not do. Gems, unfortunately, do not cope with the task and they are too high-level, it would be good to have at least several kinds of resources unique for each planet that are not found anywhere else (I’m talking about real differences, not just the same resource of a different color :wink: )


this is coming, not sure when, also for soils


Talking gold sinks here, much like many MMO’s in general.
You are right though, I’d hate to see numbers on peoples purses :stuck_out_tongue: