If you could pick just one thing

The C and S shaped plots is coming in an update


Not sure if this has been mentioned but I would love to see a history tab that shows how many blocks you’ve broken, how many of each type of gems you’ve broken, how many creatures killed, how many times you’ve died and by what means…the list goes on and on. I would imagine something like that would be fairly easy to implement, however there are many other things that are clearly more important than that. Just a thought.


I’ll second this

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That’s a great idea! Sometimes the little ones get forgotten in games. Love it!

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Something like a drill or a capacitor that can be set only on a bedrock. With a mechanics like in furnace. You put a special container in it and press the start button. For a long period of time this machine fill the container. For exemple, one percent in hour. It may be some substance for crafting or fueling of some other machienes.


I’m probably late to the party, but the single most important >thing< I’m longing for in this game is:

The abilitiy to add and build moving parts to your creations.
I’m talking about rotating windmill stails, drawbridges, elevators, orbiting floating crystals, etc, … creativity is the limit.

A short video to get you hooked on what could be done with simple rotation and translation:
(If you dont want to watch more than 5 mins, just watch this one!)

This video is more in depth and shows how the system works:

StarMade also has a system for this going. It’s more elegant and thought out but also more complex:

Edit: Just for clarification: Both systems come with A LOT of additional functionality.
But thats not what I’m asking for. I’m after the visual aspect of it.
Just a rotation and translation system would be enough to build awesome things.


I’ve been thinking about spark quite a bit. How can we manipulate it more? I know some spark using machinery ideas are already in the works, and I’ve mentioned using spark to increase speed or production amounts per spark unit used, but here’s some more.

Spark power plants. Imagine some communal project for a city, people put in compressed coals and the power plant intensifies its power output. Spark engineer becomes a new skill line. Oooh, use ice to cool the power plant - gives ice a use!

Portable spark - use it to power weapons, tools, movement boosts, defensive items, trinkets that give buffs with skills that increase the lifespan of the portable unit you use, how many items it powers, the quality of the items it powers, or use it for spark-based magic.

Spark engineer would be so much fun!


I would like to once again put forward this suggestion:

What if, not only could we name our creations i.e. “Saphire Spitter Skewerer” aka “Saphire Slingbow”, we could create an item/sticker that had our 3x3 “Personal” or 5x5 “Guild” Glyph that can then be slapped onto our own creations?


I elaborate further in an older post of mine:


Jetpacks or some way to fly around

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hoping for a larger friends list soon. i am at the point where I am deleting older friends that have not been on in a while to make room for nesisary contacts. :disappointed_relieved:
I know nothing about programming but wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be to hard to pull off.
as always love the game and keep up the good work :smile_cat:

Programming is just like a friends on a friends list. Sometimes you decide to have a friend but then you are stuck with them. You try to make things work between you but it gets ugly or toxic. You try to remove them but they come back to haunt you. Finally you do the work needed and they are gone but you had to move mountains to get it done… And the sad truth is that sometimes the new friends you made through that work have the problems down the line and you have to start the process over.

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I don’t know where that came from but I all of a sudden feel very sad. :pensive:

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Just to be able to use items in both hands at the same time…

This alone would make the game %100 better… even if it was a skill to unlock at lvl 30 or 40… it would make everything fun, digging, fighting, grapple chain jumping…

atm its kind of more a gimmick than a real use… yeah you can hold bow and a grapple and a light and a hammer… but that’s all you do with the system, it could be so much more. and 10x the fun.

OH and yeah Pistons/moving blocks to go with all that red stone being added.


A cool thing i can think of is like an alien railroad system for easy travel to undiscovered cities and maybe the carts can store stuff for like traviling salesmen . . .


I would like to make dungeons for people to try and get though, and I can store some treasures at the end.

To do that I would like the ability to make mob spawners, and TRAPS!.
I believe this would also go along with the above mentioned “redstone” extending the pipes and spark that we have now.

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I explain books in this post.


I would love to be able to mix a stone block with a soil block to create a broken stone path block. That is the one and only thing that i’ve ever wanted. Would be nice if you could plant grass on them too.


I think there needs buckets in the game.


You can plant grass… First seed does the base colour, each seed on-top adds height. You can also use a different grass seed on-top and keep the height…

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For me it would be great to get more of an ability to create interactive environments, weather this engines of sort, or through CPU block or some other means. This would also add means for players to be able to add to the law of the game itself, allowing people to make their own dungeons or just interesting places to explore…

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