What turns you off playing Boundless?


Am I the only one that isn’t super stoked on the last release?
I think I’m gonna put this game down for a bit. I’ve got a few new other games I can play for a while…
the crafting update sounds nice. I might check that out. I hope that things will be addressed like the amount of items required to craft stuff… I’ve been collecting gems for ages and haven’t been able to use a single one yet. and now with the rarity of that and oortstone… so many things I will no longer be able to do.
I am a builder. not a fighter.
My main is only a hunter out of necessity. I would rather build in this beautiful game, not get pissed off because I keep dying (even with the death penalty) for whatever reason and i’m just trying to get a block… then building up alts just so you can get more plots… but they gotta be hunters too, at least while you’re leveling them…
I wanna build! but no I gotta hunt. =\


I totally agree I wish there was some more love for builders so that we can have a larger variety of things to build, furniture to make, and make it easier for us builders to get what we need, with out being a hunter.


It’s as if Gamers like us need a sort of Guild system in place, so others can Oort-fight and we can get on with building/ crafting…hmm… :thinking: :crazy_face:


This game its very hard to play for beginners. Should be easier and friendly for those who are starting.
I started playing last week and fell into the middle of nowhere, completely alone and handed over to beasts. When a firecamp is made, it should be able to repel spitters.
It was very difficult to defend myself because it is very difficult to get the first bow … very difficult to get a chest to keep your things …
A few days after I was playing, I realized that I could have gotten help if I had joined a team and if I had moved to a city to buy things.
I noticed that there are many abandoned houses and beacons maybe from beginners like me who have given up on this game.


We are looking at ways to make this easier for new players but still allow those who want a challenge to pursue it.

Creatures will only attack you if you attack them until you reach level 6. If you played through the tutorial you should be in a position to make a weapon by the time you reach level 6. Did you not follow the tutorial or did you attack creatures before you had a weapon?


Yes I follow the tutorial… but creatures attack even if you don’t attack them. I finally got to do a house but there were always 7 or 6 spitters around to kill my character.
With the bow of wood should be easy to shoot just once or twice to kill a spitter. A spitter has too much life for a beginner who still does not know how to dodge the shots.


So, I just happened to go back in game real quick to have a look around today; and it does feel kinda like a new game now. It felt like I was a total noob all over again. And, this was when I noticed some glaring things about the current point rpg system.

  1. I should not have to spend points into having basic skills, basically the first block/section of skills at the very top of humongous and overly complicated skills table/trees; which leads me to the second point.

  2. Yes, I realize its an rpg, but that table was just really overwhelming when I first opened it to relearn my skills again. I feel that it needs to be simplified somewhat. Right now, it feels like the game was trying to compete with Path of Exiles, and Skyforge (when it was first launched) for the most complicated and detailed skill trees ever to overwhelm a new player.

  3. Trying to kill a single spitter with a gold slingbow (that has a spread shot) is not very efficient.u Missing too often. With that horizontal spread, you’d think it was a guaranteed hit if he was within the fan area but Nooooo.

  4. I was running around trying to refuel my numerous beacons and started wondering if there was a way to merge all the reserved plots back into just a few or a single beacon again, seeing as they are all already connected anyways. Not sure if its going to be the same problem at launch though. Of course, I can see this being a double edged sword. Would it be possible to have a system where the game checks if a beacon (yours) is linked to another beacon which is yours and gives you the option to merge them with a prompt, and or at the beacon interface?

Thats all I have noticed for now.


I only started playing recently, so I appreciated the tutorial introducing me to the skill tree, how to open it, how to use it, and that I will need to use it to add additional abilities to expand/enhance what I do.

It is not always clear what is or is not functional right now though (e.g. Luck does not seem to have any effect), which is a bit annoying.


Luck affects drops on mobs and resource nodes. Only reason I know that is because of outside game resources. It would be nice to be told in game.


I had max luck before the most recent spec reset, and now I have no luck. I have not seen a difference in recorded drops over a large number of (primarily soft coal) blocks. With max luck I never got more than 1 gem or 1 titanium from those blocks. I get 1 or 2 silver and gold at the same frequency with and without luck (actually slightly more gold without luck, but the sample size was small).

Mob loot tables have changed with the update, so I cannot comment on those.

I had thought luck was very good, but I improved luck at the same time as I was experimenting with mining on moons and ring worlds, so those changes biased my initial impressions.

Maybe luck is doing something, but if it is, it’s doing something for blocks I don’t really care a lot about.


luck has little to no effect on starter worlds but gets much better on moons and is maximised on ring worlds. i do all my coal mining on vulpto these days while looking for rubys.


You can do this, but you have to do it manually. Unplot and replot everything.
Since one of the latest patches you can color the beacon plots you see when holding a plotter tool.
Just throw raw gleam into the beacon you want to color.
That helps a lot to distinguish between beacons, when shifting plots between them.


you just remove beacons until you are left with one - it will automatically govern all the connected plots; I was re-organizing my settlement recently and it works just fine


Since I have not been in game for a while, I will not be able to test it out. Neither am I am I in the mood to try it out, nor to get in game to do it either. As far as I can remember from previously, removing a beacon with plots attached just removes the “beacon” item, plots remained and have to be removed manually. What that tells me is if you have 2 plots under different beacons, removing a beacon just removes that “beacon”, other plots remained attached to the removed “beacon” until you replot it. I am not sure if it is still the same way. In any case, this would be something I would have to take into consideration when planning the new settlement at launch.


Our current plan for this is to give players a choice. They can either start on an aggressive or passive world. So if all you want to do is build you can choose to start on a passive world where creatures never attack you (unless provoked!). However, if you choose aggressive you will spawn on a home world similar to the ones we have now.


I kinda stopped because I had a hard time ordering my inventory. I tried creating boxes but trying to get the ingredients to make glue by hunting beasts took foooooorever. In Minecraft it’s pretty easy and quick to put down a few large chest and dump your items in there and then go off do other things. yes, I can put down benches, but you can’t place them right next to eachother so they took up a lot of space quite awkwardly. So the game was hunting beasts so I coudl maybe create boxes so that I could eventually store things so that I coudl build a house in the near future of a month time?..

A months time because it really demotivated me in playing the game. I wanted to build but couldn’t really store my items comfortably and easy. So I got bored and stopped.


you can now :smiley_cat:


I hit a similar period, and felt stalled for a long time until I had enough glue to make 4 and soon 8 storage boxes to keep my stuff on. I felt that the benches weren’t a great solution, but were at least serviceable until then.

Looking back, I think what I should have done was go find a town or shop to buy bones, since many players will sell them for relatively few coins, and the coin that you get early on is more than enough to buy sufficient bones to make 10+ storage units.

I know there are objectives to set up a shop stand/request basket, which should direct me towards a market, but those require glue, which I was having trouble making even a small amount of to get started in the game…

I think this is a common weak point in the early player experience that has a relatively easy fix, if you know how to find pixelgate/therka market and buy the right materials.


This point is very flawed. As people will make alts and get access to those kill points if they feel like need to. And making alts shouldn’t be rewarded. it’s a form of cheating that is allowed because there is nothing any dev can do about it.

I like the leveling system. But not only it absolutely need to be unlimited. But the xp needed to level up need to stay constant at some point, so that you are not discouraged for playing the same character for no good reason.

Since I heard that lvl 50 was the max, I know that I won’t be playing boundless for long. Since I don’t like playing with alts, and I won’t be able to enjoy all that boundless has to offer, simply because of an arbitrary point limit restriction


A limited skill set is a widely utilized factor of nearly all mmorpg. Whether it is freely allocated points like boundless, or tighter classes with a few options for specialization like WoW, you are always made to make meaningful choices for your self, and rely on other players for your shortcomings. Creating alts is in no way considered “cheating”, it’s replayability and is an integral part of any mmorpg. Sure, you may have access to all abilities via alts, but never all at once. If this facet of mmorpg’s is something that would prevent you from enjoying an mmorpg like boundless then, respectfully, maybe single player games might be more your style?