What turns you off playing Boundless?


You don’t need all at once. It’s just more practical.

And replayability? Please. It’s a sandbox in a persistent universe, there is no end. Replayability is for games that have an end.


I’ll agree to disgree with your definition replayability then, since I would argue that boundless is only partly a sandbox game among things, and that a large number of people thoroughly enjoy the experience of a fresh start with new and different characters. That may not be something you personally enjoy, and your aren’t wrong for that opinion, so I won’t suggest otherwise. But, I will continue to disagree with you on the need for an unlimited skill set. This game is largely a community (mmo) game, too and having every player be entirely self sufficient is counter to that design goal. What would be the point of trading, building cities, or going to a market if you can gain access to all of these things your self on one character? These are easily some of the biggest draws of the game, and some of this communities greatest achievements. The massive cities like Therka Market, Munteen Paradise, and Blacklight would not exist without the need for players to cooperate and work together, and an uncapped skill system like you suggest would undo all of that.

Obviously, this thread is the place to make your opinions and complaints known. But, that one particular suggestion is never going to happen, and I just want to let you know why.


After the recent patch and going forward any time you put a beacon tower down and fuels it, it becomes the master beacon control. You can move the tower to another plot in the group and set it to master. At that point you can remove all plots that you attached to it but can’t remove the one that has that tower in it set to master. To remove that plot you remove the tower.

All the old plots have towers that aren’t set to master. So basically you just remove all plots and it releases everything and the tower goes dark. You can even just remove the tower but the plots stay until their timer expires or you unplot them.


I totally agree with this. I’m hoping that finding a reliable market will be more easier and more obvious option when starting out. If not, then we are forced to be a miner and crafters at early levels which can be frustrating for some (and grindy due to slow progression when they can buy it cheaply in market). Hopefully this can be addressed before 1.0.

I’m glad the issue is being addressed but I’m a little half-hearted on this one. At least there should be greater opportunities for mob drops on aggressive world? Or else, we might just all stick to passive world for safer hunting.


I assume these worlds will still be linked so that we can transition to a harder world or will it be separate universes?


I know this is massively nit-picky, but most of what you said in regards to the consequences of having an unlimited skill allowance is incorrect.

The point of trading would be to get the things you can’t do yet (especially if the time taken to get additional skill points is such that it isn’t common for people to have everything anyway), or to get the things you can’t be bothered to do. People who don’t want to trade will make alts and be just as far removed from trading with the existing system.

The point of building big cities is for fun, enjoyment, satisfaction. Actual leisure-time pursuits.

The point of a market is still to trade things. As has even been expressed in this very thread, knowing where to find a market to buy starter goods can massively help early gameplay.

Massive cities would still exist in this game, as people would still want to band together to build things beyond their plot allowance, or just because they don’t want their creation to feel dead and empty. Not because they need to, but because they want to be part of a community. And we do have a great community in Boundless.

The only reason I’ve ever seen on the forums that I can’t refute for having a limited skill set it for the purposes of combat balancing, or balancing the ability to go foraging for resources on hostile planets alone (although you could probably make a combat-gatherer alt if you put your mind to it).

Ultimately, your conclusion is correct and it’s all a moot point though. Enough people have rallied against the idea, and the developers have decided that an unlimited skill-set is not a part of the game they want to make (Making a decision and sticking to it is very much an admirable trait for a game developer, so I can respect that), so it appears that it will indeed never happen. Just not for those reasons.

Oh, and to keep this post on topic: The limited skill set and requirement to make alts to get what I want to out of the game are a turn off for me (although certainly not enough stop me from following the game and impatiently waiting for release).


Seeings how this thread is more active then others, I’ll just leave this feed back here instead of necro’ing an even older one?

There is a decent amount of posts here already, and some of what I want to touch on has already been covered but I hope that I can approach the topics from a different angle. Consider this more of a “I think we could do this better” instead of “This aspect of the game sucks, I hate it, get rid of it” post. Also, I understand that Boundless is still considered an “Early Access” title, and as such there are many aspects of the game that have already, and will continue to change in the months and years to come. This is just my contribution towards it development, and a display of my fond affection for it. Please take it as such. Thanks.

I really enjoy the crafting system as it is. The different machines and process needed to craft things becomes more in depth as you progress through the tiers of metals/gems. This is spot on.

I am aware that there will be an additional “crafting update” in the months to come that will address many of the concerns people have brought up. That said though, I think these few items are worth requesting:

-Round up/down for component requirements and finished product amounts. (MY OCD BEGS YOU)
-Round times to the nearest minute/quarter hour/hour. Reduce some Mass Craft times.
-I’d really enjoy stacking all of one type of machine next to the same machine type in a row.
-We can has moar pretty block designs pls?

Currently “Hunters” are quite capable at their roles and currently have the best options for farming certain high end/late game items. (Gems,Oort Stone, Blood, ect.) Which is GREAT!!!

However…As a player who equally enjoys digging holes and exploring everything that this awesome game has to offer, I can safely say that there is a noticeable imbalance between Hunting and Mining/Non-Combat Exploration. After much time spent reading forums, checking tips from fellow players against what has been posted, and a bit of data gathering of my own, I can tell you that currently mining for gems is NOT the way to collect them in bulk for anything resembling crafting for a profit let alone personal use. Especially with the current world regen system. At most, my wife can effectively bring back anywhere from 5-20ish gems per 3-4hr dig. Me? 20 TOTAL. And I have 100 more hours invested thus far. Our first (and only) “Great Hunt” netted us around 120-150ish gems total of EACH TYPE. Further “hunting” on our part normally yields around 10-20 gems each an hour thanks to meteors PLUS everything else creatures drop. So in short, 1 hr of “hunting” equates to or exceeds ~150ish hours of mining…more if I add her time invested now too. Don’t even get me started on Titanium.

My idea(s) of a solution to this wouldn’t be an additional skill or item that shows where the gems/rare metals are.

-Increase the amount in each world/each regen cycle by a small percentage. (.1-.5%)
-And/Or increase the height/depth locations by a few meters.
-And/Or increase the minimum node sizes by a block or 3.
-AND/DO/MUST/NEED/PLEASE Increase yield per block by an amount of: Base + Luck Skill + Tool Mastery - Not-met use requirements.

1 Wild Gem Block
Base (1)

  • Luck (0-1 for 1, 0-2 for 5, and 1-2 for 8 skill points invested.)
  • Tool Mastery (0.50-2.0 based on 1-5 skill points invested.)
  • Use Requirements (-1 for every point below requirement needed to use tool @ 100% effectiveness.)
    =Total Gem Yield Per Block

For me, this would be 3 minimum with the chance for up to 5 with my current skills invested.
For a less skilled adventurer attempting to use the same tools I do without the required skills: 1.

-I would enjoy a “Harvesting” Mastery Skill or something that provided bonuses to gathering items in addition to ores/coals. Take meat/bone/wax/plants/ect for example. Either a skill bonus or tool that allowed for additional harvesting of these items. If I kill a herd of poor helpless space goats, I mean “Livestock”, then using lets say an ax/cleaver might yield more meat or bone, or both while harvesting.

Other Ideas:
-Tree Sap Taps.
-Fruit/Flower Planter Boxes (to just grow my own at home!)

The few points I would like to make about this do go hand in hand with a later topic: “Skills”, but I will attempt to keep the two separate.

-Gem weapons should be able to 1 shot any “level 1” creature when a player has “Power Bonus VIII” AND at least 4 points in that weapon’s corresponding skill…

-Most of the other points on this topic were addressed in the last big update/patches since. Bow accuracy feels really good. I’d enjoy more durability for gem bows, but nothing good can last forever I suppose.

-Creature attacks made against players that have a “homing” effect could stand to be ever so slightly less accurate. Spitter attacks should never be able to change direction in mid air…That is just cruel.

-Reduced/Remove wild creature spawn chance/rate while within 20-40 meters of an established settlement or home. (10 + plots?)


Oh boy…Where to start. Boundless doesn’t really feel as boundless as the name might suggest when it comes to this portion of the game. What’s good or bad about it is really a personal opinion and as such, I expect that quite a few people won’t agree with mine. Which is OK!

-There are soooo many choices!
-Invested skill points are noticeable. Sometimes even with just 1 or 2 points invested.
-What is currently offered and implemented adds a great deal of depth to the game.
-Investments are worthwhile and meaningful.
-Class/Profession diversity and community driven game play.
-The “Attributes” skills feel well balanced, well priced, and with not quite terrible price scaling. But only just.

-Current Points Awarded Per Level feels brutal when compared to scaling skill cost. (Especially early game!!!)
-Skill prerequisites for IMPORTANT skills locked behind more skill prerequisites. That are locked.
-Unclear skill descriptions. (Is this additive or total? What does this do? Why is this required?) I’m looking at you Shout Range and anything else % based…
-Item Durability Bonus and Death Penalty Reduction are in the very…last…“functional”…tree. I hate you.
-Exploration, Equipment Crafting, and Survival Skills all fall within the “Stupidly overpriced and WTF!? scaling” category but contain some of the most useful/mandatory skills.
-A vast majority of other useful/important skills fall in the: “Sorta overpriced, semi-scaling, but kinda manageable” category.

Ideas for a possible solution:

-REMOVE SKILL COST SCALING. As I level, I should be growing stronger. Not flat lining my ability to learn new things or even stalling advancement over the course of several levels. In turn, I could see a reduction in total points allotted by max level. Or those points remaining the same to free up some extras for future new additions to the skills.

-REMOVE skill point prerequisites for every tree. If I have skill points, I should be able to spend them on anything, anywhere, at any time, after the “tutorial”.

-Inventory space needs to be cheap/free. This includes storage. Don’t mess with quality of life things people have gotten used to over the years that other games like this have provided. At no point should this of been considered a “feature”. It’s a mandatory requirement for players. A small community might disagree. Wait till you sell 1 million copies.

-Crafting machines should be cheap/free. Learning to craft things with them? Ok. Skill required.

-Movement skills (Jump height, Double Jump, Cliff Climb, ect.) could be bonuses/rewards for investing points in base attributes IN ADDITION to what is already provided. Or after I’ve hit my space bar 10k times. If I haven’t learned to grab a ledge or jumper higher after that, then it’s time to retire.


While I do dream of finding an entire mountain cave made completely filled with gems and titanium, I also understand that there is game balance to consider. Maybe I don’t have the best ideas after all, but one thing is certain, there are quite a few people who HAVE addressed some of these topics rather consistently. Maybe a small change in some areas would help to alleviate a few issues or even solve some altogether.

Thank you kindly for your time reading, invested in this game, and or dedication to it’s continued success.

-Eld and Wife of Eld :smile: :heart:


I agree with you on this point 100%. This is the exact point I was making earlier in this thread, I think it was this one. Anyway I will never create a alt because like you said it kind defeats the whole purpose. I find the alt character thing to be annoying at least. Ive hit lv 50 about 10 times or more now & I really wish I was still attaining skill points seeing as how theres still so many skills my character needs.


Havok, no it wouldn’t. Big cities would still form just fine. People making a bunch of alts doesn’t make citys grow. Players setting beacons & building in them makes them grow. If that’s your only excuse as to why the skill cap shouldn’t be higher then its a very flimsy one that holds no weight.
I’m doing just fine building up my settlements, no alts required.


For me its the poor connection. if i am lucky i can get a few hours with minimal rubber-banding. but quite often it is almost unplayable.i still put up with it because i like the game. will this be improved in the future?


I think that—at its current state—the game seems (for lack of a better term) aimless… it seems like there is no “true” goal which is indicative of a true sandbox, but i think people want a TRUE objective… like huge boss battles, that give good loot or items that you can only gained by achieving something specific. People like being guided. Even iN open world games.

Also we need things to do that aren’t just crafting and hunting. Here are a few ideas: (not sure if they’re already being worked on)

  1. Fishing
  2. Dungeons (i know about the sky ones but underground too?)
  3. Farming
  4. Mini games like soccer or something involving hoppers as a ball lol
  5. Quests perhaps? Like open world events that aren’t meteorites but maybe an npc would like you to find their pet livestock or something. And maybe the harder the quest, tge better loot. Like pre built armor or something.

In conclusion, i think a world this expansive needs a lot to do, and a true objective. Some sort of god tier or something. Lol maybe a prestige ranking. Just throwing around ideas.


I also feel like fishing and farming would be great ideas. It would also add more to the economy. Seeds, crops, tiller, fish, poles, bait, etc. I’d totally set up a fishing port along a river.


I’ve been thinking of building an underground river in a cave system underground on Vulpto, mostly because I haven’t seen any actual rivers in game so far.


@Bones-1234 I believe this is still planned (quest equivalent) and also the titan boss fights are still in the works, so hopefully those issues should be solved soon :grinning:


Thanks for the info. I just wonder how expansive those onjectives are. Like… can it be something other than “go here, kill this thing, return, and get the reward” or it it’s more interesting stuff like… “find a glyph in an undergeound cave in ABC region or area”


We can only hope there will be variety and a range of complexities :+1:


I hate the VAST amount of coal everyone needs just to function. I like that coal has a lot of different uses, but it would be nice to either see some alternate fuels, or at least to see a decrease in fuel requirements.

Keep up the GREAT work! The most recent update is BOSS!


Compact Peat is a very underestimated fuel.
Not great for spark, but nice for the furnace.


Kirinvar I completely agree with you. I wish it wasn’t to hard to compact as a new player I didn’t know it this my progress was slow. I discovered coal way before I started using peat.


Sometime ago, not sure if its still the case now, but there was a comparison made between several fuel sources and compact peat came out tops for being the most efficient for spark production.