What turns you off playing Boundless?



Where smelting anything uses 180 spark worth of energy.


Compact Peat is the least effective spark source.
The last column weights spark yield versus furnace cycle yield.
Compact Peat’s ratio for spark is as bad as Wood’s.
But you can gather it fast in large quantities for furnace cycles and save coal for spark.


I could be mistaken. Its been months since I played. But, I do vaguely remember someone did a test and they came up with compact peat being almost 2x more efficient then coal either on the furnance or spark, but can’t remember exactly which is which for sure. Bearing in mind, this was the information I got in April '17 from test data done waaaay before that date even. My memory is fuzzy on which is which and I am too lazy to dig up the old post. And, I am in no way saying that you are wrong either. Compact peat is real easy to get too, one of those things you can acquire via crafting, OR NOT. Yes, you can actually dig up Compact peat consistently, if you know where to look; and you can actually walk away with several hundred blocks in about 1-2 hrs of casual digging, if you are digging in the right places. I know that has not changed, coz the planets has not changed, since they made it easier to find those tech pieces thingy.


come join garden district im trying out a miniguild with jobs and stuff allready ingame we need someone for our minigames :smile: oh and its quit succesfull
it might be a good example for devs to study guilds
@james i dont know who the guild dev is :smile:


What planet abd region can i find it on?


on solum try find my hub moebius plaza in therka market it leads to there as does many portals
@MrGamer117 one off the leaders there is curently playing i think he could help ya if he sees this :smile:
also its connected by portal in aquatopia shoppingcenter

oh also by following portals in omnishop leads you there
called the oficial shopnetwork


ok, there is efficiency and efficiency :wink:

I mean:

  1. Pure spark per block of fuel efficiency.
  2. Spark per block of fuel per minute of time needed to acquire fuel efficiency.

There was time when compact peat was most efficient for me as I needed 15 minutes to mine ready compact peat from 4 altars on Munteen and get some 20k spark after.

Now I opt for medium coal as I need an hour to get 360 medium coal on Munteen (thanks to Luck affecting drops). It takes a couple of hours to compact it. Thats way more time before I can put it in my spark core than when I bring compact peat from altars. However it also gives me 150k spark after, so its worth it (plus I get some other resources when mining coal, including silver, gold, titanium etc and my miner alt gets loads of xp).

Still, if I didnt have extra compact coal in store and needed to get spark quickly, I would still go for compact peat from altars on Munteen as it would give me needed spark within half an hour (journey + mining + turning to spark time).

So, maybe we could talk about third type of efficiency:
3. Spark per block of fuel per time spent vs. context.
Context = players’ intent (how quickly one needs spark; is it short or long term project that creates the need for spark; what matters more in a given situation: pure fuel to spark efficiency or time efficiency?)


A coal miner's guide - Spark and furnace values included I think


It only states that 1 compacted peat roughly equals 2 uncompacted soft coal.
That doesn’t make it 2x more efficient, obviously.


I’d like to steer away from the coal discussion for just a moment and rant about the crafting requirements for signs if I may.


Thank you for your time. Feel free to continue on about coal and spark ratios while I use what little I have left to make more glue…:expressionless:



lol, that was my bed time, I was only able to hop on for a little bit before having ti hop off, lol


About this fuel efficiency, one more point to take into account is how much effort do you need to mine resource blocks, e.g. you can mine 3 peaty soil blocks with one hit on starter planets, no (overly) hostile mobs, plenty to mine in swamps, pretty time efficient. With one diamond shovel and maxed out tool durability you get about 12k peaty soil blocks per shovel iirc. So, there are many points that need to be considered, tool price/wear, time consumed to gather resource (coal can be pretty scattered and better veins are on very hostile planets).

I’ve started experimenting and putting some data in a sheet but never finished it :slight_smile: (I’m not sure even I understand now what I was recording but take a peek if you want :smiley: )


Eh, I think we have gotten way out of topic here on ranting about what we don’t like about boundless. Bring this fuel efficiency discussion into another topic please. Lets leave this thread back to be about our gripes for Boundless.


The crafting system for me is a turn off at the moment only because I have been gone for quite awhile due to surgery so I’m lost as to how you craft stuff since the crafting was still pretty basic last time I played LOL


I’m new but I think that I have a good grasp on the system! If you want I’m in game right now :slight_smile: just PM me if you want.


1.) Items degrading on death. Having an entire stack of brand new tools ALL get hit with the penalty is my primary pet peeve. As others have stated I can understand the tools in hand taking the hit but every tool in inventory, nope. I do not have much luck in finding gems or titanium so losing that hard won gem tool is exceedingly painful. I see the reduction skill line and at my current level it costs 42 points for a 10% reduction, not gonna happen.

2.) Like others I do enjoy building but that multi-plot shell is only a shell. I have seen many players put their chisels to work creating furniture and some of it is quite creative but that gorgeously chiseled chair looks like a throne for giants. Some basic furnishings would go a long way towards filling in those shells.

3.) Ladders please!

4.) This may be a bit out there but how about something along the lines of a fixed emplacement weapon, a ballista or catapult. I don’t know how many times I have been standing atop a structure and wished for something of that nature when that roadrunner is just out of range of my ruby slingbow.

5.) Lava is very hot, I get it, it is molten stone after all. However I frequently encounter two issues with lava; Getting out of it and walling it off. I’m old and have carpal tunnel, my skill with grapples is pathetic and I do my best to avoid getting into a lava situation if at all possible but it happens and the damage tick leaves me just enough time to realize I am boned. If no other armor make it into the game please give me some asbestos booties. Also, ala minecraft, a way to douse the surrounding lava with water so you can at least avoid instant death.

6.) If the cuttles get a homing missile give me one too. Not always having a handy tree to hide behind can be irksome.

7.) I do not know if it is just me but it feels like the reload/cooldown times on slingbow shots are a bit random. I will go four or five shots in a row on a sapphire bow with great reliability then nothing for two or three seconds. Then get one or two shots and another two or three second delay. My neighbors know when it happens and my walls are well insulated.

8.) Ladders Please!

9.) Charging spark is like watching a slow roast bbq. 10 compressed soft coal and the core is worn out. That’s like WW1 airplane engine reliability with a 3 hour time to failure. I don’t mind repairing things but even a Yugo is more reliable.

10.) A way to transport water. I would like some water features like a fountain or a pond near my structures but have no way of creating a water feature without building near water. Piping or buckets or water tanks or troughs.

11.) The wood edging on the glass blocks is nifty and defines the block well but I would like to see a method to smooth out that element to create a wall of glass rather than have a series of edged blocks for windows.

12.) Ladders please!

13.) I seem to spend most of my time staying just ahead of the resource curve in regards to heat (coal), spark (well … spark), and tools (mostly from death penalty). If the death penalty was adjusted to affect just tools in hand I think the balance would be just right.

14.) Not too often but often enough to notice I will take damage if I clip through terrain or after rubber banding. It has not yet killed me as I have maxed health but someone who has not gone that route will definitely notice and possibly die as a result.

15.) I like to think of myself as someone who would help others and have tried to come up with a way to set up an “aid” station near my structures. Short of being able to friend everybody on the server it would be nice to be able to have an option of making a storage bin that anyone could access if they found themselves without tools or healing.

16.) Ladders Please!

17.) Storage containers with greater than 4 slots please.


The fact that I can’t make copper tools without a rare component is for sure turning me off the game. The stone tools make me want to eat a gun.


Logged in last night to find neither me or my wife are the wardens of our build anymore as someone decided to stick a load of plots up against us, Wouldn’t mind if it was someone we actively played with but to see someone random show up as Warden and effectively getting credit for all your effort is very disheartening,

There should be an option on the Control beacon to remove people considered to be “contributors” effectively splitting your builds.

Also it seems since I am no longer considered the Warden I have lost the ability to rename my settlement, not sure if this means the other party now has that ability or is it something taken away after it reaches a certain size?



Only the Warden can change the name, and there is no limit to when it can be changed, so if the new person doesnt like the name of your village then he can change it.


Thats ridiculous, so some randomer can have that much control over something my wife and i built and from what iv gathered from this player they are likely to do it out of spite!