What turns you off playing Boundless?


They are looking at settlements again and trying to work on ways to protect this stuff from happening as easily. We had some other discussions on this. Unless they are super active maybe a bit more building in your plots will get you on top again.

For Eden, I didn’t worry about being mayor and instead just built a relationship with the person that ended up as the one.


Hey Braindrop, the ancient tech ‘fragment’ (used for iron and copper tools) are not too hard to find if you know where to look! I’ll give you some for free in game if you’d like :slight_smile:. I believe there was a post about tech fragment and component distribution. I’ve found luck looking in caves around y axis coordinates of 90-120.


Just a few hours ago I saw a meteorite fall on Therka and had a quick look despite knowing there’ll be creatures. That flying creature saw me and his friend did as well, so they chased me - cross the whole desert plain until I finally found a building to hide away in… I almost died because there was nothing to shelter behind and they rarely missed and of course because they kept chasing me for over a few hundred meters. I tried shooting them but my stone slingbow proved very uneffective at that.

Is there a limit to how far they chase you?


Meteorite mobs follow you much longer then ordinary mobs…


Those on foot shouldn’t go that far. Those that are flying will always follow you till they are killed.

Usually when I needed to run I would go a while, then take a few shots, then run. Worse case, run for a far distance, find small hiding place, and go into the sanctum. Then when you come back they will be gone. At least from what I have seen…


I know it stinks but just quick tip, dig down 3 blocks and fill the hole with a block then warp. Iv had to do it from time to time lol.


Oh ok, that makes sense, I guess.

Yeah, I did that. Found this ape like mouth building and quickly went in to warp ^^

I was too paranoid about risking my grapples lol :3


Yup they would all be in the same universe.


Bit late to the party, but I’ve been hunting for ancient tech for about 2 maybe 3… maybe 4 hours now lol, and I can’t find any. It’s getting a bit annoying to be honest, but on the whole I’m loving the vast majority of it so far. It’s well worth the pricetag in my opinion. Probably going to end up buying another two copies for each of my daughters.


Try go down in caves for techs, often embedded in the walls down there so you don´t have to dig to find them.
The caves under desert are full of techs fragments and fossils, plus other good stuff.

Else you can buy in city stores.


Thank you. I ended up going to the city stores and bought a piece. I think ancient tech is probably one of those things you have to stumble across rather than go out looking for it, sort of like a watched pot… sort of lol.


Right now there are a few key items that are best farmed in particular biomes (e.g. ancient tech, fossil, compacted peat, any gems). However, there is no way for new players to know this. You did the best thing you could do, and buy what you needed from a player’s shop, but this is also not always obvious.

I think some consideration needs to be given to this portion of the new player experience. Either really hammer them with ‘you should buy item X (probably fossil or ancient tech) from a shop’ as an objective, or maybe make these a bit easier for new players to find.

Personally, I think the fossil/tech resource balance is fine as-is, but this story of ‘Fossil/ancient tech bottleneck is making my early play experience unpleasant’ is pretty common – I believe I only side-stepped it by being lucky enough to set up in a desert near caves which seems to be the best possible place for a new player to mine.


Machine wear for spark cores are pissing me off. So far @ 3 minutes is 6240 wear. SERIOUSLY? @9 minutes is 16,320 wear.

How can the machine wear out faster than the coal going in it?

The other thing is that the wear is backwards than any other game. Should be a health bar that depletes not grows.


Ah, I gotchu, so as I play and learn I’ll begin to notice that I find these things in certain locales. Perfect, thank you! I agree that a tad bit of direction at this early stage would make such a big difference to the playing experience. I absolutely adore this game so far, but the ancient tech threw me for six lol. Thank you.


I’m hoping the wear on spark cores is an accident and not intended behavior for the long term.


the best advice I can offer is to stack multiple cores together to process large amounts of coal.


The things that seem to bother me the most:
How you can destroy your character if you spend your skill points wrong.
The amount of time needed to harvest fuel for crafting in the later game.
How you can only throw stuff out of your inventory, rather than destroying, or selling it.
That if your out of coins you can’t warp.(not bad, but no 100% method of earning coins) leveling to get coins…
Knowing that if someone owns land and has a hole 5 deep and if I don’t have a grapple I’m stuck, unless I go to the sanctum.
How long it takes to figure out how to craft blocks like glass for the first time. I ended up finding it in knowledge…
That the difference between stone, iron, titanium furnaces doesn’t change efficiency of fuels.
That there is no crafter skill for fuel effectiveness, upgrade that could do something similar.
When creating a base, there is no easy way to make specific storeage and equipment usable to public, currently have to add second beacon and friend the people who can use it.
How if someone quits and no one currently playing has rights to the beacon, a city or portal may disappear. Aquatopian sky ship portal…


Mass craft to compact fuels offers a pretty good boost to your fuel efficiency, since you can turn 360 coal in to 50 compact coal, which is a bit better than 500 coal.

Similarly, compact peat from peat soil gain an efficiency, but I find hunting for ruins on Andooweem to be a much more efficient means of getting furnace fuel.


I fully agree with many of your points. Harvesting fuel has been very troublesome and I’ve spent hours and hours hunting for it and although I find a good amount, I still have less fuel than I do things that require fuel to smelt them (iron, copper for example) and then of course I need that fuel for other things.

Using coins to warp seems odd to me because, as you said, other than leveling, there isn’t really a viable way of earning them. Sure, I could set up a shop but even if I did this at one of the more populated/visited areas, it would still take a long time to accrue coin. I feel this system definitely needs changing.

Crafting an item from a better metal should definitely alter efficency - I’m thinking that this most certainly has to be a feature the devs are already working on as it 100% makes sense (although I shouldn’t assume - bad me.)

Throwing out inventory is such a pain - so much so that I end up chucking it off a mountain just so I don’t end up picking it up again lol.

Great points, and all of the ones I have knowledge of I most defnitely agree with.


You can make large chunks of cash by selling resources to shops (coal, gems, ores)

We definitely need some coin sinks in the economy, I think, otherwise players won’t feel much/any need to trade