What turns you off playing Boundless?


I am a game developer my self so I understand the development and all the bugs/balancing that will need to be done to get to 1.0. I fully believe that boundless can dethrone mine craft for me and I’m pretty sure it almost has.
A few things need to happen first.

Better balancing of inventory space.

I know you can get more but starting off is really brutal with the current inventory space. On top of that making inventory space is kinda strange as well. I can build a crafting table easily with rocks and trees, but if I want to build a storage block I need to get in a fight and get bones and melt them into glue. That is waaaay harder but a storage block only stores 4 slots, while a crafting table is at least 8.

Faster meus

hot keys for quick drop also item deletion is needed.
Things like the skill tree need to be closer to the top level of the menus.
We don’t need to see the character all the time. Please use the left side of the screen when we are using a crafting station. Character one side inventory on one side Crafting machine inventory on the other side was the best thing ARK Survival did with its menu.

Crafting Time

This is a friendly game we aren’t running around killing each other like people in ARK do. Crafting time is a hardcore mechanic and when I say hardcore I mean the game is a full time job. 2 minutes is waaaay waaay to long to cook a stake. It shouldn’t take as long to cook a stake in this game as it does in ark to tame a dodo. The average video attention span used to be 2 minutes now it is 30 seconds. No single object should take more than 30 seconds ever. cut the stone tool crafting time down to 15 seconds.

So if i had to use one of the things you mentioned would turn me off I would say.

“Maybe the grind ground you down.”

The xp gain is fine. Really my only problem is the crafting time. I’m typing this right now with the game open because if I can get you to change the crafting time I will save myself a bunch of time waiting around while im playing your game. So that makes my time typing worth it. Please give me the time I spent typing this back by getting rid most of the crafting time.

Also small side note on graphics. The foliage on the ground is way to tall. I should be able to see a goat 10 feet away from me.

Thanks for reading!
And thanks for spending so much time making this wonderful game!


I think the wear on spark core needs to be adjusted. I dumped a stack of 10 compact soft coal, it uses 1 block up and my spark core is worn out completely. Really ???


Agreed. It’s in dire need of the devs loving touch of tweaking.


I don’t think the community here is bad at all. Maybe some people got off on the wrong foot with you. I feel you though, because as a destiny player since the first game’s alpha the fanboys there have generally always told me to kms, sell the game, or quit playing whenever I voiced an opinion. I just hope you can find your place here again, and that we can all be more respective of each other’s ideas/ opinions.


I thought spark core wear was reported as a bug?
Indeed its in dire need of correcting.

A single core breaks down after 4 compact medium coal which is 12k spark in 3 minutes of work. It’s a disaster if you need a few hundred thousand for gem processing and tool making.
I had to spend half an hour around my four spark cores doing whatever little jobs I could come up with and every three minutes I needed to fix my set of cores so it can process another bulk of coal. I got over 200k spark finally after that half an hour watch and constant spanner whacking. If I just stood there to fix cores every third minute I could have gotten twice that much spark, but I wandered away or lost track of time a few times when doing other jobs so I wasn’t too efficient.
Long story short, the current spark core situation is a bottle neck time-wise and almost made me cry when I tried to get all the spark I needed over last two days.


What puts you off playing Boundless?

Well to be 100% honest? Everything! (lol i had to - joking joking)

Ok what is honestly putting me off? - and i would imagine people who want to buy, the lack of community (in game) which is actually getting a LOT better - the major thing about this fact is the price (which has been discussed at length on Steam); however i do have to agree on the price, as much as i personally love the game and feel that it IS worth the price, not many want to pay £30 for an in-dev game…

Also - maybe this is to promote tactics/community building but the fact that anyone can essentially block your build, that’s a big personal factor for me… yes i get it, we can build up/down and no one can build under/above your plots, but i see so many cities in game… and i know the planets are not infinite in size

Lastly… the way we level… ok so someone might want to go full on building… or full on attack… etc that also promotes team-work… i guess… but having to essentially specialize when I want to do it all…

Otherwise its fine

Addition - let me explaine more about blocking - so… i get all the amazing comunity builds and they are awesome… but say a solo person… or a pair of freinds want to build 1k x 1k or something… and they are a third done… they log off for the night… wake up… log back on… they find out that they have been blocked from building anymore (unless they build up/down) but they don’t want to… this leads to arguments and give me all yor coin to get the area back which does not happen often


I agree with the blocking. When I landed on Solum, I immediately tried to build myself a base. I checked the surrounding area and there was nothing too close. Me being me, lost my home - I forgot where I had built and was so new that rather than trying to find it I just built elsewhere. Fastforward to last night, wandering through Aquatopia getting tree trunk I needed and I get approached - apparently I own a plot in Aquatopia, it was my landing site! Apparently me leaving it there caused some issues for the current build project. I removed it with no problem but under the surface I was a little pee’d off. When I landed there I made sure I chose the top of a mountain/large hill and that no one was around, so basically it seemed that the settlement had crept up on me. So there are 2 sides to this - my side, where I don’t want a huge community creeping up on me, and their side where they’re trying to create something really cool and community centric and my lost plot was in their way. There might be a way around this kind of thing happening, but if there is I don’t know it yet.


The community over all is great, I never had an issue in game. The only time or only thing I found discouraging was the forums here. They were poorly monitored and people said whatever they wanted, posts got off topic in a second, people disagreeing with eachother turned into overly sensitive individuals defending their opinions on posts that didn’t belong to them. The worse part was the lack of admins cracking down on that behavior. I had to take a break from the forums and it almost made me quit the game.
The only reason I return was because other players, and forum admins were policing up their friends and getting posts back on topic. Negative feedback to Boundless was met with open minds instead of aggression. Currently I am very active on the forums again because they have a friendly and informative vibe to them and I hope it stays that way. And if not, that people encourage a positive exchange to ideas and are not afraid of flagging a comment when is not appropriate or off topic.


I’m in full agreement - the moment the forums turn sour, I’ll be on my way. I think so far (in most cases) debates have been well projected and grown-up. This forum is like an extension of the experience of playing Boundless (for me at least) and so far it’s been really positive.


I found if you dive far enough you can drown them(without killing yourself…)


Yeah, not knowing how to chat was super embarrassing when I first tried to talk to someone. I didn’t even know you could chat… I tried a bunch of keys and hit the other person a few times before I discovered you have to hit t to talk… which makes sense…but a useful tidbit of info that could be in the tutorial for us socially awkward types.


i understand this issue… if you have not played other mmo’s… i just press enter due to old habbits :stuck_out_tongue:
Good point though


I can give you some free fragments - you can find me in the Grump Store in Therka Market most of the time :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m making my own diamond stuff now :slight_smile: As others have pointed out, it goes from incredibly rare on Solum to ‘don’t bother mining mostly’ once you start in Vulpto and Munteen.


Having to harvest trees block by block is the single most tedious thing for me in Boundless. I dread needing to harvest wood for materials or for building, so much so that I use stone as much as possible. A tool to fell trees in sections or all at once would be a nice addition.


maybe we should make a suggestion about a verticle axe… or once bombs come in, maybe they will fix the issue? :wink: but i am with you on that, although… i am a gatherer on one of my many… so just let me know what wood… which plaenet… how much, im sure we can come to an agreement :stuck_out_tongue: @Bakkoda24


Regarding trees, I’d like it if they didn’t regenerate once the trunk that connects them to the ground is removed. I’m going to have to waste at least a half dozen plots for nothing but to get rid of the orphaned canopy that keeps respawning above my build, even though I’ve obliterated their trunk.


Okay. So i know this has ben mentioned here somwhere. But frankly nothing tends to turn me away now-a-days… The only really ■■■■ off would be the lag i get. Its unplayable some days and most days its perfectly fine. But that could be my ISP. So i cant blame it on anything. Love this game and would highly highly recommend it to anyone.


I’m only a couple of hours in, but so far my biggest annoyand has been getting rid of foliage when cutting down trees. In minecraft you can focus on getting the wood and the leaves would disappear, or you could speed up the proces by setting a fire, but in Boundless I’ve literally spent over an hour just clearing foliage from my beacon site.


What planet do you mainly hang out in and what’s your region? I played on Solum for the longest time and had some pretty annoying spikes that would make the game unplayable at times, and as soon as I moved back to my starter Planet everything was fine and dandy again :slight_smile: