What turns you off playing Boundless?


I am aware I can get more alts. I already have one and will probably start another soon. The problem is that each alt will have cubits to buy plots. However, they are not allowed to add plots onto my main’s plots, only to their own. No way to gift the cubits to the main, so those plots will be pretty much useless. Sad really.


What? Of course they can. You just plop their plots next to yours, form a settlement, and give all your alts full access…


I was referring to plots that don’t connect to the alts existing plots as well as the mains. I wanted to expand on the other side of the settlement from where my alt’s beacon is.

I suppose if I plan good enough, I could plop down my alts beacon next to where I want to expand next.


The reason you cannot do this, is that you could just keep farming the low levels for plots…

Essentially level 1-10 is pretty quick to level, you then give those plots to your main, delete that character and do it all over again. It would be too exploitable.


If you put down an alt’s beacon near your already existing stuff, then plot towards your stuff, it’ll connect.

If you give all alts access to all other alts’ beacons, you can build wherever you want.

The thing that needs some planning is the fact that plots are vertical columns, so you won’t be able to put a plot ‘under’ another alt’s plot, basicailly. Other than that, once all the plots are placed, it behaves no different than if you’d put down the plots on one character.

There’s one drawback, and that’s that your prestige will be spread out over multiple characters, which could mess up who ‘owns’ the settlement. But it’s still better than nothing.


Correct, and it would also nullify the cash shop in this aspect.

I hate the % the death penalty climbs as we level. It’s way the heck to high.


Viewing recipes that contain Fibrous Leaves (pretty much all recipes then require them) and knowing that i’ll run around for 2 hours and on average get 20 ish leaves.

I am all for the grind but effort to reward on these leaves is just wrong.

I would like to see the leaves drop from more plants or recipes have this item removed and swapped for something else.


Where are you looking?


Sorry not sure of planet names but I tend to start on homeworld finata and then portal to a couple of others.

I try to head to sand areas often as the plant name suggests they are desert dwelling despite located everywhere.

I spend an unearthly amount of time in long grass where they seem to spawn but it’s a nightmare to see them.

I am wandering around , ever hopeful of seeing them grow en-mass but it is averaging about 20ish for 2 hours looking currently. As I am mass building, I need 144 of them initially and so far it’s taken 3 days gametime to get about 90ish of them /sigh


Jump onto a new world as soon as it’s released. Look for leaf colours on the world as you pick your warp point. I harvested ~1200 fibrous looking for gleam last night on two new L2 worlds and I left behind probably 6x the plants I took. The new worlds, especially the Temperate Lush worlds, are teeming with those plants.

It’ll be interesting to see if the price drops or the history of scarcity will keep the market weirdly high.

Edit: practical tips - grass/sand areas. Check by trees and bushes - people often miss ones nestling under foliage. I seem to find more on hillsides but that could be observation bias. (For now) dig the block under the plant occasionally to help trigger regen so there are regenerated plants next time you’re back.


Use an atlas, look on Level 1/2 worlds that are newer and less populated.

You should be getting 5x that much.

Next week a resource regen fix is goin’ in the game that should make them more common.

They spawn everywhere, not just deserts.



I do use atlas but they spawn everywhere so the atlas is just a billion dots rather than a focused area like other resources. With the atlas not being super up to date it’s not a fantastic tool for plant locating I do not feel.

The prices for these leaves in stores on many planets suggests a shortage of them and stores are paying quite a lot of money to buy them as well.

I will keep searching though, just a bit soul destroying to spend gametime looking for a plant required for so many recipes and ending the session with a couple of handful of the leaves :frowning:


I don’t wish to take away the joy of finding them yourself but if you want a hundred I’ll be on after ~8pm BST and am happy to spread the wealth. Drop me a PM and I can come find you when I’m on if you’re interested.



I agree on the hillside point and the foilage hidden ones.
I will try other planets though and see what comes up. I am not scared of the grind or exploring for these little insert swear word of choice , game time is limited sometimes.



super kind of you. I would like to find them though myself - satisfaction of doing it etc.

If I start going grey or talking to myself about the upside of adding greenhouses to the game to grow them myself , then i will nudge you for sure :slight_smile:


Best of luck :slight_smile:


When i try use atlas to find rare resource only to realize that someone bomb-mined or strip mined it already and terrain mostly regenerated but resources are not there yet. Unfortunately atlas doesn’t care.


different planet visited and gave a 1 hour timer

A total of 250 leaves collected.

Super happy :slight_smile:


I was just about to say exactly the same thing … On Serpensarindi, managed to dodge as many mobs as possible to avoid getting killed, including cuttletrunks that are immune to my slingbow. Meteorites started coming down so figured no one has been in the area for a while, found a hot spot for diamonds and started the slow dig down through rocks that take 6 times as long to break but give no more xp than on a starter world only to find the area was riddled with bomb mining holes and no resources. I’m not angry about the bomb mining or that someone had beaten me to the diamonds it was that I had just wasted all my time based on information provided by something that is forever out of date. Atlases at the moment are practically useless. :rage:


To lower server load, atlas should be manually activated, like a pulse wave, and you can only use it X-amount of times an hour.

That way it’s current.

edit Apparently I’m told that would still be more resource intensive…