What turns you off playing Boundless?


The problem isn’t the activation of the Atlas, the problem is the calculation of the heatmap. To do that ‘on demand’ would only increase server load.


Oh, I see, I take back my suggestion then lol.


It could always keep track of how many were earnt and spent when on a character, then give you like 3 warnings that they would be removed on deletion. Going in to negative if required?


So if the main character then spent all the cubits on plots and wearables would those get deleted as well and how would the distinction be made between cubits earn’t by the main and those of the deleted alts if they all go into the same character account?


Most of what bothers me has been addressed above, things like the ridiculous bottlenecks caused by the insane scarcity of critical resources - spending 3-4 hours running entirely around a world and finding only one or two shimmering orbs or the same time cave diving and coming out with maybe the same number of saltpetre is extremely disheartening to say the least but the two most irritating (recently) complaints I have are

  1. rubber banding. Getting hit by mobs, missing mobs, falling into pits, losing loot…all are effects of poor server management. What’s going on? This isn’t fixed. Constant irritant on weekends.
  2. glare. I just can’t say enough about how irritating this is. Twice a day, for several minutes, on any world, I’m pretty much restricted to running North/South. Can’t go East/West because, well, I can’t see. Seems very odd to me that a game that is delivered as a visual experience should go so out of it’s way to make it impossible to see where you’re going or what you might be running into.


Extremely annoying, yes. Addressed in this thread: Connection / Lag Issues - UPDATED

Couldn’t agree more. I have bloom disabled, so this shouldn’t happen at all, but yet there it is, one overbright screen. This really needs an option to be turned off.

I’d like to add a number 3: Griefing players… As far as I’m concerned they need to be perma banned…


I was just coming to say pretty much this. After weeks of play, multiple characters, one nearly 40, I still can’t get enough ingredients. With a combination of scarcity, atmospheres, exotic mob insanity it’s frustrating. My gaming session tonight ended like this:

  • Try to surface gather Besevrona on a Protection specced tank/hunter
  • Find nothing
  • Get aggroed by exotic Mighty Cuttle
  • Lag out whilst trying to find cover
  • Lose most HP
  • Lag out when in tractor beam
  • Dead
  • Lose XP buff
  • Death penalty
  • Ragequit

Add all this to the long stretch between levels, harder rocks, etc. and the game feels grindier than ever. I’m peed off and you shouldn’t be going to a leisure pursuit to get peed off. Lots of tweaks needed before this is a pleasant game to play again.

“I’ll buy a building game!”
700 hours later
“I just need three more of those to make that to get the coils to do that to build that to get XP to survive there to get those to make that to get that to oh sod this”



Was just asking, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s because it’s too easily exploitable if it was account based rather than character based so not likely to ever change.


One other thing that makes me want to scream at the screen: Swimming…

WHY do we swim one block under the surface? If we’re supposed to sink, then make us sink already so we can walk on the bottom! If we’re not, then we should not be under water by default. It makes no sense and it’s aggravating to have to keep down the spacebar to not drown.

Related: Trying to get on land from the water. This is some mystical process apparently where your chance of climbing out of the water onto a completely flat block is about 33.3% repeating of course, with a built in sinking to the bottom on failure bonus with an added debuff for only being able to swim really really really REALLY slowly back to the surface. What the…


If it helps I find you can reliably get out first time by releasing space just before you get there, then depressing it again. Seems to find the “Oh I need to jump” spot.

But you’re right, swimming could do with work.


I probably have the same complaint as most new users. Ore Location and quantity feels totally random. It’s what holds me back from putting in 100’s of hours into any Survival game. Also, i don’t think anyone would be upset with 2x the precious ores that there are now. “People would become to powerful.” You can’t become too powerful in a PvE non-combat game, but you could build more, travel more and explore more.

I don’t need silver or platinum falling out of the sky, but, indicator levels of block. . . Igneous Rock around Veins, Metamorphic around Igneous, and Sedimentary Rocks everywhere else. Or, layers in the planet, so you know you’re in the 10 levels within the core, because you’re mining through nothing but metamorphic rock from level 1-10, etc.


You just gave me an idea for a thread…


“Why Noobs shouldn’t complain about the grind in a MMO Grindy Game?” Lol


With all the lag issues that’s a crapshoot as well. I thought I had it, and then I didn’t. And then it worked again, and then I sank like a stone… :stuck_out_tongue:


the game tried to drown me twice tonight by rubberbanding me into water. I think better swimming skills would be nice.


I’ve only been playing for a few days. I love most things, but I find two things unnapealing:

  1. Inability to destroy anything. I wouldn’t even mind a trash can object I place in my beacon which I can use to toss things away.

  2. Inability to effectively communicate. This could simply be a knowledge barrier, but I haven’t figured out if there’s a world chat. How to send a private message to someone like a /tell in EQ. Or a neighborhood chat would be really nice.


If you want to throw something away just drag it from your inventory to the left side of the screen and let go …just be careful not to get too close to it again or you could accidentally pick it back up.
If you’re on Pc just press “t” on the keyboard to open chat


Destroying something is a little different than putting it down. But thank you for the tips kind sir!