What turns you off playing Boundless?


When you said toss things away I thought you meant to throw something out of your inventory to make space etc.


For how long I don’t know but using a keyboard shortcut (/controller button?) to drop the item in the Sanctum destroys it.


The default chat key is defined in your controls section. Then if you’re in chat mode, you can use your mouse (on PC anyway) to click on the chat icon and get options. Emotes, shout, say.

For tell, use @Character, or click on their line of text in the chat, and select an option from there.


How uselessly complex basic items are to craft.

This game is based off Minecraft, yet Minecraft crafting tools is simple. 2 sticks, and 3 of the same materials. And stone and Wooden tools in this game follows that, kinda. Needing Sticks, Leaves, and Stone or wood. Leaves are kinda strange, but ok.

But then you get to Copper and Iron, which are the BASIC, SIMPLE common materials, and you’re puting out needing Sackcloth which requires a rare plant, not found on most worlds, and very hard to spot as it looks like every other plant. It’s just some random plant. And worse yet, you need to break the plant for it’s drop, then bring it to another machine, the extractor, to get the sackcloth, to make a basic workbench item.

Then you also need glue, which requires bones, which requires you killing things, a LOT of things. And something else, I can’t remember. Then you bring those two items to the furnace. Which requires a source of heat. So Coal, which is very rare on 99% of worlds, or wood, which is always a pain in the ass to chop down, since you can’t fly. And you need a LOT of wood.

Then there is Decoration Wood and Stone items. Making those kinda items is NOT worth it. It takes so much resources to just make 50 Decoration Wood/Stone item, that I’ve been farming for days, and still can’t even make one, cause I can’t find enough coal to make Spark, just for 1 set of 50 of them.

The game is very very grind heavy. To the extreme. Very rare is a game THIS grind heavy, for even very basic tools.


It is grind heavy, but some of it is knowing where to look which will only improve as we find out and communicate over time. Some of it is just grind though, you’re right. On sackcloth/fibrous leaves:

Some of the newer worlds are still plentiful and the regeneration fix is in the pipeline which will improve things more. In some respects, the game needed more time before 1.0 but I’m a dev too and understand with this kind of project that can also mean just delaying forever. Some of it will get better.


On fuel:

Peaty soil - dig this up and then go see this kind player near the PS Lamblis hub & get it compacted. It’s very good fuel 'til you’re high enough to get to coal in greater supply (L5 worlds). Or get a Compactor yourself if you like.

Coal - as above. Also if you have a character specced for damage and hammer mastery/epic hammer you can tear through L1 worlds rock once you’re about L16-20 and find soft coal easier.

Finding coal - get an atlas, load some coal into it. You can buy atlases pretty cheap if you don’t have the resources yet.

Getting coin to buy stuff - find request baskets in shops & earn for common items.

Bones: if you don’t want to kill the mobs (it’s easier if you use terrain so they can’t get at you) you can buy or make a request basket, get one bone to activate it and then stick some coin in there and buy bone at 5c a piece. If you have a beacon near a busy settlement this wil work better. Otherwise use terrain and kill low level wildstock from on high.

But yeah some things don’t have knowledge to help you speed it up, they’re just not great.


A, I’m a new player, not even 3 days old. How would I know what? How would I know different worlds has different resources, or WHAT those resources even are? ‘Coal World’ gives a hint, but Metal? Lush? Harsh? Lvl 1, 3, 6? Any lvl 4+ world I go to starts killing me instantly. Mobs in lvl 3 world are everywhere and kill me pretty quickly. There is nothing in game with that information, or even encourging world travel. In fact, if you go through the wrong portal, you can very quickly get lost across multiple cities on multiple worlds, and have no idea where the heck you or anything else is. Especially when most of the Hubs and Worlds are dead and inactive.

And B, that’s still a LOT of work, for BASIC items. You’ve got to go find a Coal World, and farm it for Coal. Got to find a Lush World for that plant. Got to go find a Metal World for Iron and copper, then got to go make an alt with Defence skills to fight monsters in the Rough World for bones.

That’s a LOT of work, across 4 different worlds, just to make a basic tool, that will break in about an hour of use. That is HORRIBLE, expecially when compared to ANY other game. Items requiring this much would is susposed to be close to end game gear and tools that last many days of use before requiring you to go out grinding again.


It’s not my game. :slight_smile:

Yep they need to better explain what can be found where and plan to - I’ve read a dev post about description and amount of resources in World information coming soon.

Yep some of it is a lot of work. If you don’t want to do it I guess play another game a while and see if they rebalance it. It used to be easier :confused:

Really, you can get enough you need to make good enough tools on a L1 world. My first three chars were raised on different worlds and each was self sufficient with copper weapons and tools before I built my first base together for proper resource sharing and crafting. A lot of it is learning the game and how it/the worlds work which I guess you either like or you don’t. What you describe as horrid I found thrilling and joyful so I guess it’s good for some and not for others.

But yeah some of the game needs work, some needs better explanation and some needs rebalancing.


I think one of the things that throws people off is getting these new objectives that are realistically a minimum of 2 weeks of playing out of reach for them. It gives a sense of not being able to keep up.

I try now to just ignore those, and do things at my own pace, and it’s made things much more enjoyable. We’re close to our first set of power coils for the workbench now, and that’s actually exciting :slight_smile:


you made my day


Not being able to use emotes because I don’t pay for Gleam Club


Emotes have nothing to do with gleam club.
There should be a menu in the chat where you can find them all.


I seem to recall that being listed as one of the perks of gleam club sure i can : ) in chat but for it to populate the :slight_smile: i think you have to be in gleam club.


Emoji and emotes are different things. Somehow people confuse them :wink:


Just be clear:
Emotes are character animations.
Emoji are the 2D smiley faces in chat.


Oh riiiight I’m an idiot, don’t mind me, I’ll see myself out. :grin::joy:


Got the game last week and really enjoying it! Going to kind of stream of consciousness here:

I have no idea how but skills I think need to be re balanced. I’m guessing the intent for locking crafting, food, and machines, etc behind skill walls is to encourage people to specialize and trade. The fact that everyone suggests getting an alt for crafting seems like this isn’t happening and that players shouldn’t necessarily work around the intended effect. I wish I didn’t have to switch between my main and alt!

I want more stuff to put in my big house I’m building. Once you put in a little time you can get all the plots you need by leveling up but what can I put in them? I would like to make beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes, desks, etc. I want to be more of an interior designer!!!

I know you guys are working on it but yeah the lag can be terrible during high traffic times. Also I’m sure its server architecture and above my head but worlds need a higher capacity. If you can bump up worlds to like 75 people instead of the 40-50ish before portals are giving world full that would be awesome.

I feel like the difficulty spike between a tier 3 and tier 4 world is PRETTY high. I am living on a t3 right now pretty easily and die a LOT going to t4.

I’m sure there are more but keep on doing what you’re doing and the game is a lot of fun!


Those are emojis, you covering your eyes and trying to escape is an emote.



Like many many have said before the one thing I dislike about this game is that skill system that simply encourages people to have a ton of alts to do different things.

My suggestion is to slow down skill points after level 50 and allow you to train skills that you previously had to choose between. So instead of 2 skill points you get 1 skill points per level.

I think this is the best solution because making an alt would still make for an easy fast solution to doing something but also reward those who want to stick in for the long haul with a single character.

Everything else about the game is perfect though and I want to commend you for the great work.


I am finding the Cubit price for the Outfits to be a bit high. I’d buy one for 500 but not 800. On the PS4 in Canada that makes one item of Outfit $13.98. Now I love dressing up my characters but I can’t afford it at that rate. Maybe giving us a coin option to buy the outfits? Otherwise I am totally in love with Boundless.