What turns you off playing Boundless?


It’s far from the perfect compromise, but it is one route. I feel alts open alternative avenues of play, but it’s not a total solution.


This just seems like more stuff to craft and place .If you were to add more props outside of whats in the works, I wouldn’t mind seeing something larger that a group can work towards. Maybe something that takes an absurd amount of resources? 10,000 this and 10,000 that and then you got something that no other group has. Could make it a large statue or something like that.
Think that more things that need tending to daily or weekly would help keep a persons interest as well.


After a few hours of calm and self-time, I remembered some more reasons I stop playing this game and why I started to be pessimistic about this game.

In the beginning, when this was “oort online”, I liked the concept of a community-driven development where every backer had the possibility to impress their opinion with their vote in the surveys. At the moment I have the feeling that we are helpless and give up to the ideas of the devs. If they decide something, we can’t do or we are not even asked about that. I lost my voting right when “oort online” become “boundless”. I never liked this event and I would really like to get my vote right back.

In the past, when this event takes place we got told that we get all features that where promised long time ago because “sony” invested (in some, unknown manner) in oort but also for a long time I don’t get an answer what’s “sony’s” role in this is and when or what features we will really get. It would be nice if get a list of “planned features” back and if we get the right to vote over them back as well. You as early access devs should be able to explain your concepts and let the community vote for their favourites.

Just my late night opinions …


I’m just waiting for the 1.0 release to start playing again :stuck_out_tongue:


Before your settlement, with raising prestige, get a new title (town, city etc,), your settlement would have to craft a prop and place it in one of the settlements plot. A prop that will cost a lot in materials.

It could be something nice for a park or plaza.


The grind was pretty good but it eventually got to me, but the thing that killed me was a specific player interaction. My build was insulted and all of a sudden fun was gone and I just felt competitive and the need to be better. The prestige didn’t help with that. As the leader of redwood I wanted to be higher than New Berlyn and it kinda took fun out of it slowly.

The grind got to me, the others iced the top and stuck a cherry on it.


One major issue I’ve been having is the connection issue. It seems to fix and reoccur, but I can never tell when its going to be a huge issue (latency gauge would be a nice way to assist with determining this. I’ve not found one in the ui yet). I’d much rather whatever the issue is be fixed since this is one of the very few games I’ve ever had this sort of issue with consistently. Weird thing is, I didn’t have any issues at all when I first started playing. Its only in the past week that I’ve had any real issues. Its the fact that these connection issues always get me killed. If I screw up, fine, but to die from a bad connection is… super frustrating. I still really want to play. Its a great game, but connection issues can make this game unplayable for lengthy times for me.

I’m still having trouble finding any gems outside of combat. I’m unsure if I’m just not looking in the correct places or doing it wrong somehow, but I’ve basically hit a progression wall that keeps me from being able to make the top tier equipment despite having invested skill points. I know that gems are suposed to be rare but… I still find it really frustrating that I’m simply unable to gather a single gem after 13 in game hours of searching even armed with help from the forums. I’ve about given up on gems outside of combat.

A minor thing, the crafting progression feels wonky. Much of it makes sense it just sometimes feels weird when I can buy recipe skills for things I can’t make and then have to go back and buy these other one or two recipes sets to do that. No biggie. Nothing that good skill planning (now that I know the system better) can’t easily work around.

.Again, don’t get me wrong. I love this game. It has great character, fun gameplay, a cool community, and appealing lore (what little I’ve gathered). These are just things that frustrate me as a player.


I’m there with you on the door thing. I have doors to keep the animals out. I can’t keep digging pits in front of all the entrances. It’s unseemly.


I’ve got another thing:
Waiting long in portal hubs because other portals that i don’t care are loaded before the one I am actually looking at. (Presumably.)
I dont have problems with solo portals. So my guess its a problem with lack of priority in hubs.


Hello!, I once purchased boundless in early access (mostly due to the sudden stop of skysaga’s development) and was looking to find a new community in boundless, however after playing for a short time I found the beginning of the game rather bland, now don’t get the wrong idea I find the overall concept of boundless rather innovative and dare I say it cool! going from planet to planet to gather resources, build civilizations, trade with other players, etc.

but their was one thing I wanted most out of boundless, exploration and (no im not talking about user made content, thats a whole other boat of stuff) Im talking about exploring randomly generated structures, abandoned buildings, ancient ruins, forgotten temples the works!

I wanted that sense of reward for going out of my way to explore the planet im on, not just to gather resources and build a small hut or town, I wanted to discover what used to be of the Oort (the now extinct race of the boundless universe) and find out what was their undoing.

It may just be that I havent gone that far in the game, but thats the thing I want to start exploring from the getgo, and in the footage and lets plays’ of boundless I haven’t seen any randomly generated structures, just user made content.

And I know deep down that this game is still in development ( and its developing rather nicely if I say so myself!) but I still want to explore In this supposedly Boundless universe, and discover randomly generated structures, and I wouldn’t even mined if they were repeated structures! so long as they have something new to discover inside, like a special item or a bit of lore I would be set! Again these are just my opinions in that I find exploration a very important factor for a sandbox game.

Thanks for reading!


I thought they had been changed already to render the ones closest to you and which you were looking at. I guess others can load in quicker if you have visited them recently and the cached data is fairly fresh?


I guess the only thing that turns me off when playing Boundless is the lack of player activity, but that’s something natural at this stage of the game so nothing can be done short-term. You guys keep doing what you’re doing and turn me on (that doesn’t sound right).


Oh no, that sounds exactly right, darling!


I have the same issue, I can sometimes be right in front of a portal and have to wait up to two minutes for it to render.


Off-topic. When I approach a new portal (if there’s a lot I’ve passed to get there, or one next to it), I face down at the floor, then look back up to the portal I’m entering. It tends to make it load in faster. Not always, but pretty consistently.


What turns me off while playing Boundless is the “squarishness” of the blocks.
The boxiness makes me lose my appetite/nausea.

The reason why I choose boundless out of other sandbox building game because I find that it consist more organic form/shapes like slopes and curves in the surrounding and the character itself.

Whenever I play boundless, I have to change to the third person view (because the characters are not blocky at all).

Am I the only one? LOL


Rendering yes, when everything is downloaded, but downloading follows no priority right now, i think.
And yes @ cache, made the same experience.

Like this?


I like it that the door is open, lets me know someone came by. Put up a pedestal of goods.


Might have something to do with you’re playing a voxel game? I love the fact that we can shape it as we please, and it look nothing blocky at all. I built a head.


The biggest thing for me is not being able to rebind the “interact” function. I’m a lefty, I use the arrow keys so I have to look down at the keyboard every time I interact (which is a lot when crafting) :joy: Please let me change it <3 If it helps, I’m using a logitech keyboard on a mac.

Another minor thing that I know wouldn’t be as much of a problem once more worlds are deployed but I’ve noticed a lot of the worlds currently have the same colour for a lot of things, like tan sedimentary and white metamorphic and green leaves…
I’ve also seen many of the exact same tree on a lot of the planets i’ve been to. okay, some have a different colour here and there but it would be really cool to see things like trees and creatures that only exist on one planet.
The creature thing might be a bit tougher since I know it takes a lot to develop and design an entirely new species but user-submitted content from the world builder I think might take care of the landscape variety aspect.

this is kind of good news and bad news for me… I will admit I do that all the time. The main reason being that using warps from a planet is more expensive… you have to still craft the warps. I don’t like to carry around blocks that I may or may not use, so I usually don’t. Thankfully the cost of making warp conduits is very cheap, you can just find a tree, break some blocks and you can craft the conduits. great. well, what if i’m exploring/gathering/hunting and my inventory is full… it’s a mess to deal with… SOOOOO much easier to just wait 10 seconds and set your location and you’re off.
I think I would be ok with doing the whole full-inventory-crafting-dance if the warp costs from a planet were to be 50c or free and the warp cost from sanctum stayed at 100c.
Walking through a portal directly from where you are to where you want to go is way cooler anyway :wink:

Yes! more beginner quests to help you learn things would help a lot… I had a hard time figuring stuff out sometimes…
Also maybe something like hover tips, if you hover or select something like bulk or mass crafting when you don’t have the skill it’ll say that a skill is required (and where to find/activate it, also if it requires more than one skill)

me too. I’ve even set a waypoint atop a snowy mountain on vulpto and dug down on the other side of a massive snowy mountain range and explored the deep caves all the way to the waypoint (over 10 hours of exploring in the prime area) and found less than a dozen rubies.

If gems are supposed to be limited to specific biomes now ( I hear they used to be everywhere) they should be the dominant block found there. less copper less iron more of the local gem. the current regen rules could still apply but the numbers need to be way higher.