What turns you off playing Boundless?


Yes, there is nearly no “learning curve” or something really new to discover. The only real thing you can do at the moment is building. This game seriously lacks any real combat mechanic or team mechanic. Also, real enemies (Titans) are missing.

Yes, because of a reported beacon bug I lost everything I build and I won’t start again unless the worlds are reset and the game is finally released.

Yes, always the same … digging holes in the mountains. Grinding down the quests for no real reason.

Yes, Things missing what you state the game will have:

There is no real system for this in place. Okay, I can add collaborators to my beacon but this is not a guild system.

These three (Conquer, Protectors, and Titans) are completely missing. The current enemies are just “random” mobs running around with no loot worth figthing for.

Still, can’t see how a lot this will work because you can’t buy services or sell them. Currently, this is a lot about trust.

Completly missing. There is not the slightest sign for lore.

When do we get the art book? How do you solve 100% more beacon claim? When can I reserve my guild name? When do we get the character options? When will get the signed artwork?

currently by far too easy and too boring. a lot of really important team aspects, RPG content and longtime motivation is missing.

Could you explain what your “target” game is? You always tell us there will be features added but what are your planned features and how do try to realize them (I would love to see some concepts). I already asked multiple times about the “final feature set”. I don’t want to be rude … but do you have any concepts for the final game?

When do you think this game will be finished? 2016 passed away because of the c++ rebuild and as far as I see the state of development I can’t imagine of a launcher in 2017 with that many features missing.

You should start to respond/react to our suggestions (i hope this is a [new] beginning) and not just denigrate them with “the game is still in development” or ignore them.

Unfortunately, i can’t recommend this game to anyone currently. Whenever I get asked from friends if this game is worth the price, I need to say “no, expect you like grinding and building only”.

Just my opinion …

Is something broke with this game/development?

Dude, the game is in beta… It isn’t finished. These things are coming. Be patient

But it is still in development. It’s not finished. Also, suggestions are being considered. They took our suggestions on how hard creatures were to fight, and I’m sure many others before that.


And this is the problem why so many people stop playing … If they ask for honest opinions I’ll give them my honest opinion. I’ve been here from the beginning when boundless was oort online and after that long delays and completely missing (or at least not communicated) concepts, i can’t see the way this will go.

If you always protect anything they do, you will never get a final game. STOP being a cringer.


No, but the point is you can’t complain about something that is coming soon not being in the game yet. You signed up for early access, some features aren’t yet implemented.


You don’t get it … early access is a lot of communication and feedback (maybe you like to read this - yes I already stated some problems in early 2016). If they don’t tell or show their concepts they can’t get feedback. If they don’t implement things, I can’t test it and I can’t give feedback. If they don’t tell us about their concepts, I don’t think they will find a way into the game. I only believe what has been explained (at least a concept) or is implemented. Otherwise, I will think there are no plans for this feature at all!

I will stop this discussion now because there have been enough flame wars about this particular topic in the past. I gave an honest opinion … take it or leave it.


Good idea - wasn’t meant to become a flame war.



Sometimes I just play it too much
Sometimes i get bored and take a longer break before another 2 months session
Atm I’m having a break because of my personal reasons - job


One way to add meaning to a given Role - Hunter, Miner, Crafter - would be to create Role-specific item drops. For example, Items that we all need to craft the higher tier machines but only drop for someone who has levelled their craft. I’m thinking 1) a player who had unlocked all their skill tree in a given role or 2) completed all the feats in a given track. Demand for those specialist items would be very high and would re-invigorate market stalls.
I suppose players could make Alts to get at these drops, but there you go, more hours of RL sunk into Boundless :).


I like to add some of the old topics I created with some game mechanics I’d like to see in-game.

Automation and Airships
Legal System
About Crafting
Water and fluid system

I also like to mention a little improvement in moving in water, already made a topic a long time ago.

And last but not least there was a great community driven concept about beacon persistence here.


A variety of Shops is a great idea! I especially love the “Weapon Repair Station” giving a fine reason to run/warp into town. Perhaps the owner of the magical-repairing-device gets a return of coin and a chance of Oort stones for every 10% of repair completed - I’m including the Stones here as they’re the most valuable commodity ingame and help shop owners run their stalls rather than spend time running around graveyards (fighting mobs). Perhaps only Builders who have completed the ‘Engineer’ Feat can build the magical-repair-device?

Tavern or Bakery - don’t smelt that raw meat! Come into town and use the Marvellous-Microwave-device (see how I used some modern tech?!) to cook food for extra buffs; or disable cooking food in furnaces altogether forcing players to eat raw starberries unless they come to town and cook their stock. Perhaps they can bring their own fuel to use and shop owners recieve a tithe of it … plus a chance of Oort stones!

I see both these ideas as passive Shops - owners can log on and open their marvellous devices like we do our Selling Plinths/ Donation Baskets now.

Just some ideas added very late at night here, thanks for letting a new player weigh in :slight_smile:


I’m still visiting the forum but I haven’t played for a long time. I think all my buildings are gone now.

What turned me off? Well, there are a few reasons.

  1. After a while of playing I got bored. All my friends (from PS4) don’t want to try it out on PC, so I’m bored without them. But they will buy it on PS4 and then I won’t be bored! xD
  2. The thing that everything will get wiped. I want to start great buildings when 1.0 comes out.
  3. I prefer to play on the PS4 and I’m still waiting for the release. I really hope you publish it in Q1 of 2018. You’ve said we’ll know it 6 months before you release Boundless, so it won’t happen in 2017, sadly.
  4. Last time I played I had a lot of lags.

Sorry if this sounds bad or sth like that. It’s not. I love this game. But I’m waiting for the PS4 release to play with my friends. :wink:


I think players of the game need to stop defending the game in this thread and arguing with people that are giving their honest opinion. Please stop getting in the way of a great idea by @james and the developers to get FEEDBACK!

Whether you agree with their comments or not let them share without repercussions. Please. If there is something you don’t agree with keep it to yourself and allow @james or his team decide how to respond.

I gave a previous response on my issues with the game but wanted to add one or two more:

a) Make sure there are more things to offer to the community and the game beyond just a shop and hub. We have so many people competing for hub access and “traffic” and 1 primary shop that people cannot really compete with in the game. Whether we have more people or not at 1.0 this limited amount of options will cause problems. I am not sure what else could be developed but can come up with ideas if the developers want them. Primarily I think shops should have a cost of doing business. Overall I think that these should be options people can do and not the primarily “game flow” we are pushed into via the tutorial, etc.

b) The prestige system is maybe not the best way to track city rank or most importantly Mayor. It can be abused and certainly since there will always be a “plot entitlement” imbalance from founders and average players it allows some people to be able to rank higher. In regards to Mayor, it should be set somehow and not be based on prestige. You shouldn’t lose mayor if you created the town and do most of the work and then ask someone to join that creates an awesome build that out prestiges you.

c) I think the ring world, home world, moon layout needs to be changed or discussed again. While it makes some sense in regards to the decisions, having to go to a very dangerous world to get to other planet zones just seems so restrictive for new players that are trying to get around. If it was done to limit “portal” ability, etc. then just put a bigger limitation on portals or something regarding taxing a hub… All I know is if you are trying to get people to use warp conduits then build a better flow, cost, and reason around it. An average person can’t afford a multi distance jump (especially with only a few ways to make cash) or even accomplish it unless they use valuable skill points for it.

d) While I love all the worlds as they are created it kind of sucks that some are ring worlds and look more pretty than other zoned ring worlds (e.g. Munteen vs Nasharil). It almost seems unfair that us West Coast people are forced to play on an ugly ring world because we don’t want to deal with the ping/lag associated to EU connections. I get some people hate us for stupid decisions our government make but not all of us are jerks! Please make the worlds look have the same design and atmosphere at some level. Or create zones that aren’t associated to the 3 key worlds… I’m all for variability but I hope you get my point…


What turned me off boundless? Tis a simple question but with such a complex response. It was not just one thing but multiples things put together, but the main reason is that i feel like the game needs something more than just the basic acts of mining,hunting and building. I’d include crafting but i feel as if its too small, not enough to do. Also, theirs no real tangible end game, meaning yes I build my house but the only real progression is the use of more expansive blocks that dont share and different qualities of the simple ones. Maybe their should be more things to do, more crafting, more something


Stealth? Is that the “Shadow … something” skill set?


I would say what turns off a friend and I from streaming Boundless is the lack of voice chat. That may be a down the road kind of feature, but I would think it would help in other areas of communication with other players. It would give a decent reason for the shout skill, or a subskill. Text chat is a bit of a pain, but is always needed. Yet voice would allow better coordination for hunting parties, building projects, and what not.

When my friend streams, he plays a character and with out that character being able to use his unique voice, he isn’t able to illicit the type of interaction that he normally gets with text chat. Resulting in not wanting to stream this game.


the three things that turn me off these are also three things i know have yet to be implemented so really for me it’s just a matter of time. i know it will all be sorted soon enough.

  1. titans. i am very exsited about titans but before we can have that we need a complete combat system lances, bombs, slingbow with special ammo, and most of all a fordge. all of which is in the works.
  2. guilds. can’t wait for guilds for so many reasons!
  3. empty and useless spaces. this will also be fixed with all the new props coming and when we get new devices for cooking and the like. guilds will also help with this with improved markets and new public spaces.

now here are some things that would turn me off big time if they were to be implemented.
1 the cake walk. the ability to do everything from the get go. i want to work for everything and don’t want an easy ride. i don’t mind taking the time to skill up and even at the cost of not learning other skills. i put my early skills into hunting or resource gathering. that means I may take a hit as a crafter. i like that. i simply sell my collected rescorces and buy what I need. skills are by no means perfect but we will get there rest assured. it will just take a little time.
2. my one guy can do it all. you will just end up with a boring economy where only the newest people will buy stuff. before skills this is how I played and I found it somewhat unsatisfying. i could literally craft everything in the game in bulk. i had no need for other player and while I can see the appeal of this in a single player game I think this would make boundless much less boundless.
speshalized characters will have a place in the world and add to the feeling of community.
plus if I could do it all think of what that would do for the useless spaces problems. who needs a bakery, a weapon shop, and a building supply store. i just go home bake my bread mass produced 10 ruby grapples and hammers and a multitude of bricks and decrotve stone all by myself… alone in a boundless universe. so sad…
thanks for listening and sorry for the long winded post but thats my 13 cents.
much love to all of you even if we disagree on some things. :smiley_cat:


I think I understand what you mean. If you want to force a need for community and interaction then if your character can do it all it is not necessary. But I do have a question. The developers and others have advised us to use alts to acquire missing skills and to fulfill different roles. If I can have all the skills using three characters does not that not still eliminate the need to interact to buy, sell, and whatever else the developers have in mind?


It sure does, which is why I won’t be using alts. That’s my personal decision, however. I feel alts are a good compromise for players who want to experience different aspects of the game without also making characters homogeneous in their abilities to do everything at once.


thanks @james ill have to do all of the above and figure out what might be the issue here. id say its more then likely the fact that im using wifi, now that i have ready the entire thing and been on the discord.


it’s true. that’s the beauty in it though. it pleases both sides of the conflict. the perfect compromise if you will.
people who want it all can have it all with time and effort. but it will be challenging enough that there will be a large player base that has to rely on others and the economy.
truth is end game for me is two characters. one a crafter and one a hunter, gatherer, builder. even at that though with work, family, and life i will need to rely on others.