Crime in Boundless [burglary, pickpocketing]

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I know this will be a very controversial issue …

What do you think of the possibility of burglary and pickpocketing. If you ever player “The Elder Scrolls” (especially Morrowind) then you know the “Thieves Guild” for sure. In the missions of the Thieves Guild, you had to steal items (eg. from the Mages Guild), “visit” one or the other defaulting clients and you had to sneak into buldings and observate.

Although I am against theft among players i realy liked the Quests and challenges from the Thieves Guild’s Missions in the TES and i would love to see this in Boundless.
If there was the possibility for burglary amoung players, Locks, Chests and Safes would become an interesting Gameplay-Mechanism… Don’t let your house for too long unvisited or hide your stuff at a realy secure space (Vaults) :wink:

That said, there should be the possiblity to keep things absolutely secure (like in the inventory or “special”[expensive, small] chests).

This would also require a legal system (Link) or the possibility of PvP (You may like to protect yourself and your stuff) …

I do not say i necessarily like this in Boundless but I want to encourage the conversation about this topic (especially I do not know whether this would be possible at all ? @ben, @james ).

Community, Your opinions ?

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If this should be possible it should onyl be so on pvp worlds by my opinion. And it should only happen if we actually come to an agreement about beacon sieging in pvp worlds.


Maybe i’ve missed something but do we have a confirmation for PvP worlds ?

The advantage of burglary for a game is, in my optinion, that you need to be “active” and you need to protect what you created. In this scenario you can’t place a chest in the middle of your house and leave it there forever (espacially with an unlocked house door). Would you do this with your own things in real life ? I don’t think so …

Maybe we should not alow it in any situation.
If a player visits his beacon every weak it’s totally protected (nobody can steal anything) but if he is not visiting it for a long time you can enter and steal from him. This would fit into “world regeneration” (if the beacon is lost and the building decays the chests become lootable for everyone [in this case it’s not stealing but Treasure Hunt]). As far as i remember i’ve read (somewhere in this topic …) an idea the beacons should be removed also if a player is inaktive for a long time (i like this idea).

I quite like the idea of pick pocketing etc. but I don´t see a way how this could benefit the gameplay.

  1. The devs already said that there will be no quests.

  2. If they´d add a minigame alá TES to unlock doors,chests etc it would probably just lead to players building houses with 15 doors right behind each other.

  3. [quote=“Heurazio, post:3, topic:3363”]
    if he is not visiting it for a long time you can enter and steal from him.

Beacons will loose their protective properties anyway if the owner wasnt online for a while:

So I don´t see a need for an explicit stealing mechanic.

Nope, the MAJORITY of the community would LIKE for that to happen, you made the same mistake that kuma did the other day which you pointed out.

personally though… No, i dont think burglary and pickpockting would be a good idea, i would love lock picking random chests that spawns in the world in ESO style if that was a thing, but i dont think you should be allowed to steal from players.


Thats good to know.
But the Question about Chest affiliation stays. Are chests player bound ? if they are, and a beacon expires and the world starts to regenerate, what will happen with the chest ? mybe it should loose it’s affiliation too, to become a treasure. it would be a shame if it [the chest] simply ceases to exist :frowning:

are chests affiliated with a beacon or lootable for everytone … the thing is how to protect the items in it ?
beacon affiliation (guild beacon as example):
how can i limit who takes what ? i maybe want to share items but not with everybody who has beacon access (only with friends i know and not the complete guild)

lootable for everyone:
why should i place a chest at all if i can’t protect it’s content ?


yep, totally agree with that.

you could hide your stuff (chest behind walls) in stead of building a ton of doors.

maybe not a benefit … but you need to be active to prevent burglary, you need somebody to watch out (police man - profession) and you have the Thrill if you try to break in some house (profession - fun). if there are no quests, whats to end-content ? i know, bruglary is not a end-content … it’s trolling but if we have a legal system, this could work out to be an interesting society :slight_smile: It could also be something like "Don’t go in the woods Little Red Riding Hood there are burglars … ". You need active communication if you want to warn others …

For Lockpicking: Cool, when only on chest and doors in the world that belong NOT to a player or group

For Pickpocketing: Doesn’t fit into B< in my eyes, even not in PvP worlds (my opinion)

If we were to give theft a purpose, then most builders would prioritize security over creativity.

I came to boundless for the promise of their vision. I stayed for the community. Theft may be fun for some, but it would cause a greater divide and distrust for all.

Crime is bound to happen even without this idea. It just won’t happen as much.


If I had to guess I´d say that chests will either be bound to the beacon owner(s) or have their own ‘friendship token’ slots.

I also think that that´s whats probably going to happen.

I don´t want to defend this idea but I think if theft was a thing in B< people would build 1 secure structure to store their stuff and get creative on their other builds.

Dunno, sneaking up to a creature and getting some of their potential loot without a fight (kinda like that useless rouge ability in WoW) sound like a neat way of PvE pickpocketing.

I don’t know that a single secure room in a build would overly detract from the overall creativity of the building, any more than it does in RL architecture. Less so, actually since we have beacon protection.

I was imagining the worse where new players in villages would get their chests picked. Assuming that they don’t have the resources yet to create “vaults”.

If there were more details about how much storage a vault can hold compared to 10 chests then I might think otherwise about this idea.

as for what I said earlier about the security over creativity. I guess I did go a bit overboard ^^’. I just didn’t like the idea of how my beaconed area could still be unsafe from thieves.

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I don’t even think this should be implemented in game

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Naturally, I think anything outside the protection of beacons will be subjected to the chance of theft before world regeneration can remove it. I’d even go so far as to call it “fair game” so long as an effective beacon system is in place.

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totally agree with this. you can also have more than one beacon so you can build one save vault in the mountain and store your stuff and your creativity finds place somewhere else where you don’t need to build a single door :smiley:

maybe we could make a compromis. let’s say the “inventory” is totally save. nothing can be pickpocked from it. but the bigger “backpack” (not introduced :smiley: ) can be pickpocked (but it can carry huge stacks of a lot of things).

let’s say you place a unlocked chest in a park-side you build and place items in it … what do you expect to happen ? imagine this in reality … if you place a level 4 chest in the park it is “mostly” safe. maybe somebody will try to lockpick it if the beacon lose it’s protection but as long as you are visiting the beacon it is safe (you have “and eye on it”).
on the other hand if you build a safe room (hidden in a mountan or under the ground)[vault] that nobody knows where it is, how can they lockpick things ?

maybe this gives the possibility of new professions. some players will focus on “banking” or “security”. building high secure storage rooms for your stuff or coffer huge amounts of materials for the town inhabitants (like 10k of stone for building a curch).

agree as long as we have the possibility to “lock” aways things. an un-beaconed chest lvl 5 can be lock-picked but it’s hard and time consuming. but if you like to place it in the wild (to store some food eg.) and don’t want to waste beacons your are free to do it (with the rist of theft).

There will be quests, just no quests from NPC’s. If I need, for example, 10 essensce, I can hire someone to hunt it for me.

EDIT: a.k.a quests

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Ya we definitely need a story line with a few real quests given from NPCs or through a back story intro otherwise this is not an RPG.

As long as everybody has a certain role and acts accordingly it is a role playing game. And since just as many people want to be crafters, builders, adventurers, technicians, farmers/tamers etc. I’d say it does indeed qualify as an RPG.

On a side note. Just because WoW defined the MMORPG as a themepark type doesn’t mean it always has to be that way.

You’re assuming that everyone can or will act accordingly and when the game is fully released you are going to see an increase in younger children playing the game there will be no “role playing” it WILL NOT work.

Hm I’d say it’ll work out just fine. Sure there will be more children but the older people will build their cities nonetheless. There will be many guilds and some of them will control a whole city. I assume we have enough older players who want to play at least a bit according to their role so the older ones will have them instead of NPCs to take quests from.

But we won’t know for sure until it actually happens. (or one of us gets a computer powerful and smart enough to predict the/our future^^)

This would be a really interesting question for the devs.
They stated a while ago that there wont be any NPC quests or “real quests”.
But this concept might have changed as much as their concept of titans so an update/clarification on this would definetly be interesting.
Personally I don´t think that we should get a story line in B< because it´s intended to be a Sandbox (voxel) RPG and sandbox games usually tend to only have a LORE and not a story line.

I think @KuroKuma was not talking about actual roleplaying but having a role in the game, tank,heal,dps etc., which seems to work fine in most popular MMOs. But you are right, I also think that you´ll encounter real roleplaying very rarely and the chat will most likely look like the average WoW tradechannel.