What turns you off playing Boundless?


That’s not what the pinned notes say.


Instead of people adjusting it would be better if the devs just undid this mess. They could give us a couple nice new blocks made of ash and mud that could then be refined with the yams. People would be happy and out farming instead of feeling like like they were messed over.


I guess I misread them, looks like the incorrect amount can be transferred even if nothing new is generated.


I will agree I think they should have added new blocks with recipes that used these items instead of changing the old recipes. If prices are too high for items then lower the amount of ingredients required.


Awesome I hope it’s soon thank for the input :slight_smile:


If your trying to be a miner forget the armor my miner character is only a level 22 and his skills are 8 on power bonus 7 dexterity 8 on luck 5 hammer 5 hammer epic 5 on energy regen epic 5 on damage epic and 3 on 3 on the protection and with an iron hammer it’s 2 hits on rock and like 5 on resources. Just my input take it how you want it


The number 1 issue on ps4 for Australians atm is lag/connectivity issues in major cities.

I find that i am forever at unplayable or 200/300ms.
Yet games like wow on pc I have no issue with my connectivity with massive groups of people.

I will soon start calling this game connectionless instead of boundless if this is not addressed.

It makes a pleasant shopping run a huge dread!


Simple, they want you to mine only one very boring way that will take forever to progress…the fun way to mine was nerfed to the point it is utterly USELESS to even do anymore so bordem sets in and will go play more fun games that are not a 100% mindless stupid grind!


The energy recharge delay is annoying as all heck. 3-5 seconds after last action before energy starts recharging. The huge amount of spark required for some items. 10,000 spark to make 50 decorative blocks. Holy hell thats a lot. That no food or brews give you energy / health over time longer then 2 mins regardless of level.


what is the point in nerfing bomb mining to make it completely useless? this game is getting more grindy and less fun to play every update. Now you have to mine with your hammers for days to get your 50 diamonds to make a power coil to craft basic items that took no time to obtain months ago


Currently turned off by footfall and the end-game resource loop.

The early launch to get players online in order to get portals up and the economy going was a solid idea. However, those players made the first towns and hubs and so now the footfall they generate is on a scale that allows them to make 1000s of c a day just by existing. Newer players or smaller groups of friends have no way to compete or catch up with these entities. And without a gold sink in the game, the coin stashes held by the ultra rich will only get larger. In terms of the loop I mentioned, they use these resources to purchase the best things (advanced coils, gem tools, top tier food) to handle the end of the game to acquire more resources to get the best things again on repeat. Whereas I’ve spent nearly 100 hours since launch and only have the coils to make portal conduits thanks to bomb mining, which was pretty much nerfed right AFTER old players had 100s of everything and right BEFORE new players got in and up to a point where they could bomb mine.

Yes, I choose not to spend entire evenings wasting stacks of iron hammers in the hope of finding 20 or so gems. Yes, I choose not to spend my entire stock on forge ingredients to get a perfect hammer that will only have the durability to last me an hour of use. Those are choices I could change that might help me catch up. But at this point, I’d rather go back to ESO or WoW or something instead of spending my time on these activities. :sweat_smile:


Indeed. Why spend days grinding and not having fun. When we can just leave to another game, where we’re having fun and progressing and the ‘grind’ is hidden behind it.


While I agree that existing areas give some continued benefits, from my experience there are many ways to combat this. Obviously people that played in EA will have a small advantage over others outside of the early release start. Overall, it wouldn’t be too hard to topple the PS monopoly, any super shop, or capital / popular city.

The one key thing with this game is that people go where there is perceived value and hints of riches. I have seen plenty of examples in EA of people coming in and decently challenging existing established players. We have had popular cities fall and new ones arise. It all comes down to tenacity and willing to take some specific steps. Whether it is a single player or group, it is just a matter of understanding the situation and finding a good strategy.


The only instances where I’ve seen that happen is where beacons expire, folks lose interest in the testing servers, or where a new, larger group forms and purposefully collects materials with the desire to take the spot of the capital. I appreciate your feedback to me, but this thread is more about what is currently turning players off of boundless and I don’t see any of the three things I mentioned happening any time for me, especially without a gold sink in place. The “some continued benefits” you mentioned is on a scale hundreds of times higher for capitals than for newer folks and is multiplied per beacon owned by the members of those capitals, especially if they pool together. With this in mind it becomes exponentially easier for a guild or group that is already established to continue to dominate markets and worlds with little to no downfall as the purchasing power they may spend on any given shopping trip is almost certainly made up for in footfall in the short time they were gone.

Edit: I’m not saying footfall is a terrible thing. I’m saying it’s wildly out of control, especially without a gold sink. My first instinct is to suggest beacons require gold to keep active in addition to fuel but that kind of counteracts footfall entirely.


The only real coin sink in the game is the tax. I do understand your statement about footfall income. Not everyone can get plots that will generate 10k a day or more in footfall income. Location is key and the best locations seem to be pretty well plotted. There is definitely an advantage to getting effort free coin (after the initial build and plotting) in an amount large enough to buy even some of the most expensive items versus someone that does not have the same income stream and has to gather and sell in order to generate coin.

Not really sure how the developers feel about this.


He 100% got the rest of the money youre missing. You can store money you dont want to lose in a request basket


If you get an aoe axe and use bombs to clear leaves you can much easier cut down a tree if you have 2 grapples of any kind, as the bombs will weaken the wood and clear all leaves, at least on t3 worlds this worked incredibly well for me, although not an easy thing to get to that point


He contacted me a day after the patch and gave me back 68k
He said that the trade bug that I mentioned him before was right.
First time I see this act of compassion in a MMO, kek.
Faith in Humanity: restored.


There is nothing stopping others building hubs and then shops around them, and nothing preventing them from pimping said hubs on here. I use PS and Aqua and would also use a third major network if it existed. I’m sure many others feel the same. As I’ve said to someone else before - there’s niche opportunities, like PS/Aqua went for speed and so are in certain planet areas. There are valuable resources on planets that those hubs either don’t touch or are too popular and the surrounding area gets farmed to death.

I really think someone could easily build a competing network today. They’re literally just a few weeks behind. For example a Gleam and Gem Walkways type approach that does planet hopping to rich resource spots, or planetary gateways with local portals off to them. With guided signs and so on.

Like others have said, we’ve seen big things before that seem insurmountable but it changes.


And as I was telling Xaldafax I can definitely appreciate if a larger group of players banded together to try to make a competitive third group. Right now it’s just me and five IRL friends and we all have jobs so we’re not on as frequently as some individuals who might work from home or are home schooled. The “few weeks” away from catching up wouldn’t work for us as it’s going to take us a few weeks at this point to even acquire enough rubies to get compactor coils going, let alone anything else.

The thread specifically says “what turns you off playing boundless” and so I was mentioning my personal thoughts knowing full well what works and doesn’t work for the group of folks I’m playing with and the thoughts we’ve had. The game is in a “join-or-die” state which I know is partially intended by design as the devs have stated many times that it’s a social game. Having six people playing together has been enough to overcome the “class specialization” issue but when the economy is balanced around 60+ person guilds and their purchasing power vs. what we can do? That’s when things get un-fun. And yes, it’s an economy, things will take time to be balanced as people figure out what they are and are not willing to pay for things. My point is just that those who makes thousands a day for merely existing while putting in the same effort as those who aren’t part of a massive group have a leg up. And yes, they should, that’s why people should join guilds. But it just seems unbalanced to me without a larger gold sink in place to make things a little harder for those at the top b/c right now it’s a little easier for them and things will continue to spiral out of control within the economy if they just keep swelling with cash and spend it on themselves over and over.

It’s kind hard to explicitly translate my feelings and frustration right now, especially while needing to visit a WC pretty desperately but I’m happy to expand on anything that folks think needs expanding.