What turns you off playing Boundless?


Oh yeah sorry I was saying it’s possible, not possible for you personally - you know what time you have available. As a solo player I’ve managed to get coils for all machines, some with plenty of advanced coils so it is possible (but grindy) even with full-time work and a demanding family life. But yes some people are time-rich and will always have an advantage in that sense. Like I say though, speed isn’t everything! I think there’s still opportunities, but you will always be limited by your time available vs. system design.

Didn’t mean to derail your “What turns you off” just I think a lot of folks think the existing networks/towns are insurmountable to compete but that doesn’t tally with what I’ve experienced.

As an aside, if EA is anything to go by you can still earn a bit off footfall just being near an existing hub/city. I had a build on Munteen that was all soloed, didn’t have any reason to get good foot traffic (I was two mountains away from a hub) but still got a half-decent income from passers by and hunt groups. This is back in EA with far fewer players too.

I suppose I’m just trying to say don’t rule it out as something you can use too, I managed it alone and in obscure places in the past. Half the fun is just trying. The game is definitely more grindy coin-wise without it though. I spent a long time in EA in a hut in the middle of nowhere and even a moderate footfall income made a difference once I moved to Munteen.


I started playing some other games over the weekend instead of boundless. I hadn’t really thought boundless was that grind-heavy, but I started building and expanding bases in other creative games, exploring new areas, and it felt like night and day.

Building in boundless is a huge grind to get materials. Sure, the wax for decorative blocks or mud + ash for bricks seems like small changes, but those are more stops to gather materials, more travel between gathering areas, more inventory management, more storage shelves, more machine processing steps, all to get the same blocks.

Bomb mining was great because I was never going to hammer mine to get 100s of gems. Bomb mining was fun and rewarding. I don’t enjoy hammer mining. Maybe I could try AoE hammers, but the centraforge is a huge resource sink that I don’t really know how to use or how to gauge my expectations around.

In other creative games, I can explore much more quickly, build much faster, and grind much less in between.

I love the potential for new and exciting things in boundless. I think the potential upsides are huge for new features, but I feel like the focus right now is backwards to features that have been in the game for a while that shouldn’t need dramatic changes.


Hell yea, i had this happen to me with just 6k lost and the other gave me it back 2 days later, and i gave back like 25k to another guy that accidentally gave me too much first so the community is in the majority a bunch of really nice people :smiley:


Your right the balance has been shifted too far into the realm of dependence, and trade, versus just playing the game. I’m not sure what time you play atm. I’m on from 02:00-05:00 UTC. If the time line up. I would like to play with you.


Sure, I actually just made a post located here as the island we’ve been working on has been attracting a few random players so we’ve decided to open it up to the public to see if anyone with a like-mind would want to build and play with us. Usually on from about 21:00-03:00 or so UTC but several of the folks I work with stay up later so they’d be on.


@Vetteq’s post here really sums up everything I find wrong with footfall if my above posts were hard to follow.


I just wanted to share that I completely get your feelings. I had some of the same ones and shared them when I started EA and people had been a year into the planet set ups.

So I would never want to minimize any of the feelings or views that were of this perspective. Many things in the game push us in various directions or made certain other things happen.

For me, as I have seen people come and go and parts of the game change, it has adjusted my views that there are ways to combat the situation. So when I saw successes there I just try to help others people see the same thing.


I’ve had the game about a week or so and have 115 hours in. The only complaint I have is forced joining of settlements. There should at least be an agreement between the two Wardens before they can join. I understand it is a mechanic of the game to build your base stronger so you can absorb smaller ones, but our little group has had to move 3 times in a week just to get away from people that just build giant gleam monstrosities for prestige and devour everything in their wake. We finally moved to a T3 planet as far away from a portal network as we can with the fewest amount of gleam on it hoping that if people have to planet hop to get their gleam we can live in peace.


the truth is all cities will get absorbed by tons of gleam fortresses sooner or later.


Perhaps find the biggest lake you can and start building in the middle of it, at least that way you can see them coming a mile off and their intentions would then be blatantly obvious. A lot more effort for you unfortunately but at least you might get a bit more peace and quiet for a bit longer. If you had the resources you could build a small portal to the nearest portal hub, put the exit on your side locked behind a door so only you and your group can use it.


Awesome, yeah that sounds a lot easier. I have a lot of work to do to get to that point though haha.


My irritation is an unstable connection. I have put in nearly 85 hours and 200.00 USD into support of this great game. However, I have suffered through frequent connection issues that prevent me from playing at peak hours. On Beckon (US EAST server) with 275+ plots I may only make progression during non-peak hours, usually 12:00 PM - 6:00 AM Central standard time. During peak play hours I have an average of 1 to 5 minute window (sometimes less) of productive play before being kicked to sanctuary or disconnected entirely. This does not improve I do intend to discontinue play.

Sincerely fix the connection issues and/or proved a comprehensive resolution for a variety of computer systems.



Have you done a search on this forum regarding connection issues, there’s a lot of useful information. When I first started playing over a year ago I had problems too, it turned out to be my Internet connection which eventually I upgraded to fiber and apart from the odd glitch it’s been pretty stable. I know packet loss can have a big affect on the performance of this game so it might be a good place to start looking there and I’m sure the Devs would point you in the right direction to help diagnose the problem.


-Mining for several hours only to find somebody else has already emptied every location I have went to and took only the diamonds. In around 8 hours I have found Maybe 4. Go to a town to find thousands being sold for 1 thousand coins each. (its no wonder why i cant find any.)(EDIT: Yes I know how to use an Atlas)

-Re-spawning in front of the same things that killed me. Even after 'SAFE" bumping. OTL

-RNG stuff. Centraforge is basically useless without power. I made it to help with the diamond grind. I kinda want to rage quit because I fail roughly 18 or 19 times in a 20 action forge attempt. A huge waste of time and resources for me. Though i did manage to get 2 aoe hammed (low blow- hits the bottom block too) I would have not even bothered to make a centraforge yet if i knew it was going be like this early on.

The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

Yea its hard to forge real good items without any fate paste or the ingredient that lets you target putting your points into a boon you already have instead of a new one. However even with those its a matter of luck. Without them I made 3 diamond and 3 ruby hammers and tried getting 1x9 aoe on them, but only got that on 1 of them, cross aoe on 3 of them, and one is a glowing magnet with crit effect which i didnt use a glow or effect gum for lol. Then did that with some titanium axes, only got a single 1x9 out of 9 of those and 2 or 3 cross sections. I take compound 3 and 2, 2 gum types, and invigoration 2, stabilization 2, and boon boost 2 pastes and find myself getting stuck having to use a compound 2 or 3 to make another roll after the slider landing on the bottom, making me need 0 more boon points and still having to use a compound to roll the slider, maybe even wasting a turn of boon boost too- which takes a ton of saltpeter.

Very wasteful and frustrating especially when youre like 10 points away from getting that aoe 3 into aoe 4 for that 1x9 with 4 turns left and it gives you stupid magnet or glow boon or just waste your points by landing low or missing right on the very tip of the points. Dont want glow on my hammers what a waste of a slot and a good gem hammer, i only want that on my grapples.

But even still i can make use of those, they last a lot longer than youd think if you variate between them and a much cheaper titanium hammer that you forge damage onto. And I can sell the glow hammer for 12k+ which will pay for more ingredients


One tip, if you’re not already doing it, but DO NOT craft them in bulk or mass. It takes exactly the same amount of materials, but if you fail, you’ll fail all of them.


Thanks for this. This is the kind of thing I wish I’d been clever enough to realise before I ruined a load of grapples and bows.


I honestly don’t know why there are even bulk options on this, seeing the random nature of what you’ll get. I guess you can get lucky and get a stack of the right stuff. Or if you use really expensive materials and have all attributes maxed.

But ultimately it’s extremely counter intuitive. Every other bulk/mass craft will save you materials. This one just wastes your materials.


Bought the game day 1 and 90% of my time dedicated to games has gone to this title. I do enjoy it, but I find myself logging out multiple times over the course of an evening because of burn out. There are a couple of reasons for this. Some of them (probably all) will be rehashes of what others have stated ad infinitum already.

  1. Mine Grind - On anything above a Tier 2 world I am spending hours and burning through stacks of hammers and shovels just to plough through 8x8 columns of soil and stone straight down to mantle. All this so I can attempt to get to minerals that are intensely illuminated on the atlas heatmap only to find…nothing. I I should note that this is not for iron, copper, or soft coal. Those I can find in abundance literally anywhere. Beyond the search for minerals, trying to quarry stones or excavate an area for building on hostile worlds (Tier 3 and up) is an utter chore due to the “shielding” on everything. I get it from a lore standpoint. Things wouldn’t be able to exist on a corrosive/turbulent/etc world to survive the damaging effects of the atmosphere. Still a significant grind nonetheless. “Make better tools” some may say. Would if I could. “Buy better tools?” With what? I have no spoils from my excursions that can be sold for anything resembling the kind of profit needed to fund purchasing even 1 advanced tool, let alone the whole stack that the random guesswork of mineral extraction requires. “Git gud?” Sure, ok.

  2. Heatmap Inaccuracies - On at least two worlds I’ve surveyed locations for gold and silver and spent a considerable number of hours demolishing the landscape in regions that shone brilliantly on the atlas to come out frustrated and empty handed. This is compounded by the previously mentioned “shielding” on stones. I have genuinely had better luck just drilling straight down and finding minerals in a spot the map would later reveal to have very few of those in question. Cool.

  3. Cuttletrunks aka Cliff racers 2.0 - In an effort to find these seemingly perfect, but ultimately mineral poor, spots on any hostile world of Tier 3 and above I am defeated ad nauseum by a variety of fauna mostly consisting of cuttletrunks and their ilk. This is even so extreme as to have exited the sanctuary after being killed by a cuttletrunk only to immediately be killed by a cuttletrunk. This is even after interacting with the sanctuary warp and having the warp changed to a “safe” location. Safe, apparently, has multiple definitions. I’ve even had “safe” be directly over a literal ocean of lava. That was a fun day. These cuttletrunks are so abundant, powerful, tenacious, pervasive, and resilient that the only other mob in a game that comes close to their sheer level of annoyance is the maddening cliff racer of TES Morrowind infamy. I’ve even taken to referring to them as “cliff racers” with my friends who also own the game and their likeness is not lost on them. Were I a hunter I’d understand that I would need to retool my skill distribution, but on my miner char who is a squishy meat-sack capable of wielding a hammer this is somewhat contrary to what I’ve been told in terms of not wasting any skill points.

Now, with those things said, I’d reiterate that I have played this game almost exclusively since it was released and I still find it enjoyable. I am, however, left at a bit of an impasse seeing as I can no longer really progress any further with any character due to lack of required resources. I know certain things will be fixed going forward and I think giving these issues visibility will help the right changes be made as to retain current players as well as help those players give this game a recommendation to others instead of a warning.


I agree and would hope by now that these themes recur often enough on the forums that the devs are taking note and will address (they have a generally good track record of this). So rehashing imo is good.