What turns you off playing Boundless?


Being killed CONSTANTLY on higher tier planets t3+ when farming things and getting xp punished for it when I’m farming res to help me lvl up. Then respawn ing through a portal with little health and energy usually on the edge of a cliff or on the edge of the top of a tree with the only way of getting down is taking fall dmg and dying most of the time. Gets a tad tedious.
The lack of being able to craft a type of armor is a massive turn off too.


eat to full to heal. and go to dangerous planets with ur defenseless gatherers only with shadow armor epic and depending on the lvl of the planet some additional points in control. With enough stealth every planet is placid for u


Good luck :slight_smile:


Its not just one thing that turns me off playing this, its multiple.

1.Grind- Leveling to gathering materials takes way too much time. For small groups who do not have a large group of members. To go out and farm the materials needed for tools, then food, then potions, then centerforge materials is just way too time consuming. Right now I am ready to uninstall as I just do not have enough time at hand to even be self suffiencient even if I take the time to gather myself. Currently, I am stuck at the centerforge. Being a miner, I cannot farm the plants well enough to get the materials I need to forge my tools. Spending 800 cubits per skill reset is not something I am willing to do on a regular basis or even purchase additional characters (Already at 3). Considering that I spent $250.00 and I can make a totem and golden fist, to me. I am left dissatisfied with my investment.

  1. Solid groups- Just finding a large enough group to setup trading alliances has been difficult to find. Currently recruits or people interested split off and go their own way. There is no community aspect other than group hunts. There should be more incentives in place for like-minded individuals to work together. For me, There is not enough activity to support what I am looking for out of a game of this caliper. Between community to farming its few and far between.
  1. Being a support. Right now crafting healing bombs just to keep people alive to rezzing them is expensive.

I still believe this game can be great. But for the limited time I have to play during the week, this is just not something I can support at the moment. The grind and lack of content gives me no purpose.


well you can sell your excess stone and other materials, then buy what you need.

also you could try checking out @Ovis’s video he released rather recently, on how to make coin easily


I’ve been playing Boundless for over a year, unfortunately I can’t devote as much time to playing it as I’d like due to full time work, family etc … I don’t mind the grind so much or even the complexity of some of the crafting it’s just the RNG nature of the forge that puts me off plus some resources still need balancing along with reliable atlases.


New material requirements for recipes

As a player who doesn’t have a lot of time to devote to the game – due to family and work, I am very frustrated and discouraged by the new materials requirements recently added to the recipes. So much so that I’ve cut my playing time in half out of frustration with dying… errr… gathering.

When I get on, I have a limited time to do all the things before I need to go to work or go to bed.

I understand unequivocally the point was to slow prestige building and leveling; why else would you pile on more gathering time? I get it but it’s severely affecting my enjoyment of this game.

As I write and re-write this, I don’t feel I have adequately conveyed my frustrations enough about the recipe changes. So I am going to add this.

Why didn’t you just…

Couldn’t you have just focused on add new recipes instead of altering the current ones? Maybe a new block, maybe a new decoration, maybe more furniture, maybe clothes, maybe you should have just added wax furniture requirements instead of making it nearly impossible for me to progress without spending days just gathering.

Great job, btw, giving a significant advantage to those who already made upper tier items while at the same time delaying more casual players. :+1:

I’ve tried very hard to keep this post civil and I apologize if the tone is anything otherwise.

As a Pioneer backer this is how I feel after playing Boundless for about 30 mins now…


Lets hope this never happens, It’ll be the end of the public game.


just because of wax?

get a gatherer with shadow armor, max luck and agi and gathering is easy. u need like 10 lvl for this, which is made in 5 minutes of ur time. later u can aim for the jump epics and gatherer epic and increase control to enhance stealth


Have you made all your machines? No?
Do that first. Then a spark generator. Then start compacting peat to fill it.

Everything gets a lot easier from this point.


Also, maybe have a casual look at the skill tree to see that some things are unlocked by specific skills. Like “machine crafting skill” increasing the types of machines you can craft.


The crafting requirements really are excessive. I can’t speak to “before” since I way never a high enough level to experience crafting in the Beforetime. But, in one example, I was just trying to craft some food the other day and I wanted to throw my controller at the screen.

They are too complicated. Far, far too complicated. Not to mention, nothing you cook should require power. Spark, sure (gotta run the blender), but not power.

And I haven’t even started with the centraforge and it’s RNG…which should NEVER be a thing for crafting, RNG is for drops. Crafting should be consistent and 100% repeatable.

Smooth out the recipes, make more available at earlier levels and skill levels.


Also got to love things like this:

In a game about the freedom to play your way, you’re constantly told the way you’re playing is wrong, your stupid, and you have to play it this very specific way to succeed.

Just a failure of game design as a whole, and people just overlook it cause it doesn’t effect them.


“Freedom to play your way” is never really a thing. Anarchy isn’t fun, despite what some seem to think.

But the game was obviously built around specialization. This can be smoothed over with better messaging.

I’ve said before that there need to be a “Create an alt” task that triggers at about lvl ten.

No denying some of the progression is a bit broken.


I still say they should just straight up remove the freedom for a character to be anything/everything, and instead straight up make Gathering, Hunting, and Crafting a straight up class your character has to pick and can’t change.

Would solve like 90% of the issues in the game, and make balancing so much easier, as you wouldn’t get people that are gatherers, complaining about how hard the grind for crafting is, and so on.

I mean the game is already forcing you to make alts for those ‘Classes’ anyways. Just go all the way.


u still can do everything with one character… i just dont advise it at the start of the game. but its still ur choice and u still can play how u want. Do stuff effieciently: u can do it. Dont care about progress or role-play or do ur own thing, u can do whatever u want. and i cant force u to do anything and i never said u play this game wrong. i just showed ways to get what u want quicker and without much hassle


After spending an hour with max luck, agi, and gathering epic, i still found only 20 waxy earthyams on 'merika, and had died 4 times.


that stuff is way more common on higher lvl worlds. guess u need stealth and some atmospheric protection. Also did u try to use the atlas? did u check ur world tab if ur searched ressource is common on ur world? in one hour with max agi u should have explored most of the planet >.< that yields more than 20 yams using the atlas, or ur planet is highly overpopulated


I’ve always envisioned this forum as a “this is what is frustrating to me” and less of “yeah well you’re wrong”, “you’re playing wrong”, or “play my way”; I digress.

Anyways, I’ve said my peace and my point remains valid. It is a frustration and I cannot be the only one.

Thank you.


I think my point may have been ultimately missed by some and, yes, I used wax as an example.

I get that some are not having this same issue and there is nothing wrong with that; however, I am and my post was clearly written for someone else, like the devs. Unless I am mistake but I think this forum was made for this.

We should all try to do less undermining and validating of others points, and maybe respond by making a, “How to win at Boundless, by ______” post? It is way more positive to teach.