What turns you off playing Boundless?


L’impossibilité de platiné le jeux sur ps4! Étant donné que les joueurs pc on eu accès au serveur pc/ps4 avant les joueurs ps4 et on envahient les planètes! Il est impossible pour un joueur ps4 de devenir viceroi sans devoir dépensé des milliers d’argent réel…


You should get a cookie for making that post. Sadly I can’t cook, I can only mine slowly x.x


i dont really care for who u made ur point for, because it was kinda public and faulty and i may react to that whenever it pleases me. Im swimming in wax with no effort spent and if u have a problem getting there u just went the stony mountain path instead of the straight line.
Also this forum is by far not only ur line to the devs but everything u say is of course open to any discussion resulting from it


Je comprends. Vous avez un point valide. Vous devez être très frustré. <-- google translate


This game is fundamentally built on using the community to do what you don’t want to. This does naturally force you gently in certain directions to get coin in a lot of cases, but you do always have the option of changing what you want to do.

One of the hardest things to learn in any game is how to do what you want effectively, and Boundless probably has a high wall with the player economy right now. I’ve seen lots of posts where people say “I’m taking a crafter with zero defenses to a T3+ to get stuff I need, and I die all day”. I want to carefully say that that should tell you it’s not working. Going anywhere mobs will aggro on you without at least some armor upgrades will always be a hassle. There are numerous ways to build a character with the skill system to deal with this stuff. If you have questions, post/research them on the forums and you’ll probably find an answer that works for you.

The grind for this game really is not that bad compared to a lot of MMOs that I’ve played, but it’s fair enough to say my experiences are not necessarily someone else’s. I will say that recipe changes have been a little weird, but there’s always a reason for the cost change. Also, since there’s no creative mode yet, it’s going to be tough to do everything all at once.


I would agree. Even if you try to buy from others that go to the high tier worlds you cannot easily make the coin to always purchase items. So there are many walls and things people need to overcome to even use the economy.


Having played other traditional MMOs, I think the big disconnect is just the fact that in (most) other MMOs, unless you are taking a very specific skill set (I’m thinking like The Merchant Class from Ragnarok online) that you opt into, you are going to be able to fight off most things in level appropriate areas while that isn’t the case in boundless. That makes for a hard time determining if the content you are working on is really the correct content for you, and the game gives you a ton of mixed messages. A pure crafter is going to get killed a ton on a T3 plus, but that isn’t an option in any other game with these types of skill trees (usually), as in those games your crafter is a Paladin (or w/e) first.


Absolutely. There has been an ongoing issue with the clarity of information in the game, but the devs are working on it. Things are rocky now, but this game will be so awesome when it smoothes out


If it smoothes out.

Communication is simple. You just do it. Whether you speak, write, or carve into stone your message, you just do it.

Missing one or two changes if you have 100+ is understandable. Someone missed a line when typing the patch notes.

Missing 10 or so out of less than 50, because some devs made changes and didn’t document them? It’s time to stop, re-evaluate the process, and make sure it NEVER happens again. I’m talking top priority here. You want examples of how communication should be, look at DE or GGG. Two very different styles of communication, but tons of communication to their players.

Also, posting that there’s going to be an hour or more of downtime, an hour before you are planning the downtime? Not okay either.

Keeping changes like adding the Spitter Eyes to Pure Boon I and II from the community before the patch goes live? This is actually okay, and makes sense to prevent people from stocking up on the stuff.

What turns me off from this game right now is the poor communication from the devs.


Being better than one of the worst examples of dev/community interaction in my lifetime isn’t a real high bar.


Yeah I’ve always aimed low in life … less disappointment that way :wink:


No Man’s Sky’s problem wasn’t a lack of communication. It was lies, deceit, and broken promises. They honestly would have been better off if they just shut their mouths instead of lying constantly.

Also, that’s not a name you should want to be compared to, even if it’s to show how much better your are than them. You’d have to try, and try really hard, to be worse than that, or even approach that level.

I mention DE and GGG, because that holds a positive light to me. Yes, the communication here is an issue. I could just say do better and leave it at that. But I’d rather give examples on what’s better. I’ll go into extreme detail if that’s what you guys want. Because I feel that strong communication from the developers is one of the most important things for a living game.


Adding a offline mode would help… even if it’s just 1 planet where you could build on.


Yet another ridiculous fall death and resultant ridiculous XP penalty.


there is falling armour… people just dont spend skill points on this. or was lava on the ground?


I know, I just don’t think I should need to spend skill points to protect against a 2-3 block height “fall”.


The one thing that really drives me away over and over is the still missing different races.


What turns me off Boundless recently? The toxicity people have when hassling for information and being told no.


Constantly getting disconnected, can never reconnect because character is stuck on the world. Laggy servers. Other than that, love the game!!


yea i have this bug too. when i reconnect it says that my character is still stuck. Just never try to reconnect, only restart the game, this worked better for me