What turns you off playing Boundless?


I can respect this and I understand why it’s fun for you. I should clarify, with the psychical nature of stands, often times the issue isn’t finding the best deal, it’s finding the item at all. This isn’t an easy problem to fix, neither of us are “wrong” we just like different stuff.


There are numerous reason the population is where it is. The game was clearly made to leave alpha early due to the publishing deal, its one of many in a sea of voxel games, it has never truly been advertised, people have already been playing it for years, and yes it lacks some variety in ways to play the game if you are not creative enough to start something new. But I do not see the logic in limiting gameplay as a way of expanding population or making the game healthier.


They should add a “shop stand atlas”.

The atlas show the location of nearby shop stands.

Put an item into the altas and it ONLY shows shop stands with that item.


Although I do struggle lately to find a reason to log in with all the nerfs going on

I would like to comment on another player though.

There’s a youtuber called Yellis who has decided to start a boundless series. He is brand new to the game and found the game purely by accident [no shock there as we have mentioned time and time again that the game needs prmoting]


As a new player he has reached episode 6 after being confused with just about everything but in episode 6 he decides to visit the capital city - the lure of the bright lights.

Off he goes, running for 30 minutes. He sees a house halfway through the journey and decides to go looking. No shock here but the owner has clearly either left the game or is playing elsewhere as the building is empty, storage shelves all empty so the new player moves onward to the capital.

He gets there and his first comment is ’ oh, I expected so much more from a capital city ’ - Shops empty, stands empty, baskets empty, it was really missing tumbleweed to finish the scene to be honest.

The declining player base is /will have an effect on the new players the game might attract as everywhere you go it’s empty. I am unsure how the starter planets are picked… When the game first launched I landed on Finata, a recent alt character created got Gellis and this youtuber got phemin … something or other.

Might be best if the system steared new players to planets that actually have some life or at least limited the landing so they arrive near habitation.

My gripes personally though

Footfall coin has been nerfed. Since the patch I have earned 301c in total form 5 beacons. Previously I would get about 200 - 300 per day from each beacon so a drop from about 1000/1500 per day to 100 !!
The economy evolves naturally, this is great but the lack of coin means the economy is in the gutter at the moment so mining for gems yields little reward, hunting for higher level drops also yields little reward as it’s an endless job unto itself finding baskets that have coin and / or not offering 1c or other such daft prices [30c for roadrunner feather for example!]

Baskets should visibly show they have no coin in them to try to save some time

An easy fix would be the owner of an empty basket or shop stand gets fined in some way every 12 or 24 hours it’s empty to force shop keepers to maintain the store. Might reduce the amount of junk stores out there.

Some games have NPC vendors that buy and also sell mundane items. This would be a good addition to the game as it would allow a source of income for junk type items. As an example, if the vendor would offer you 1c for every 10 rocks you have, you could at least make some sort of income from mining in addition to the pennies you get form ores and gems etc. Same for the mob drops. If the same vendor also sold the mundane items it would help remove coin from the game.

I do not see it as a shop killer as I do not think I have seen a store buying flint for months, same for rocks and other junk items we amass tens of thousands of.

The snow is another niggle for me. I get that it’s atmospheric but seriously - if you are a builder is just so annoying to have to keep stopping while you wait for it to clear, such a PITA when building with multiple colours and/or chisel changing as well.

While we are on the subject of building

Who on earth decided on the material requirements and time required to craft the new ’ ultra luxury ’ blocks. I think they must have ben giggling to themselves when the figures were decided. - I get that it’s an inentive to grind but the blocks are not that nice anyway to be honest. I am bitterly dissapointed with the black marble - crafted and now stored as they look rubbish - not much of a reward for the effort really and it seems they are worth 50 prestige only /sigh

I am beginning to think the developers actually hate the player base.

Very few games punish a character while trying to level as badly as this one does with it’s insane death penalty that doesn;t scale with level - bizarre

We have a guild system now though for the ever dwindling population. I get that if / when the game gets busy a guild system would be nice. Is now that time though ?

I am actually dreading the Farming patch details as I think I now have too much hope pinned to it. I also feel that knowing recent decisions, the grind to farm will be very real.
The grind just keeps on getting added with little to no rewards, the grind is needed to try to keep folk playing as there’s no content to aim for at the moment, no end game to need to get ready for so it’s an endless ctcle of grinding for no real reason.


Footfall nerfs turn me off of playing Boundless!

Let’s hope it does get fixed…


Recent nerf to coin income in this game, turns me off on wanting to create anything for people. There is nothing to gain. You really just lose. Spend your time, your oort, you resources to help build a game for people to enjoy. But the only thing that helped ease it was taken away. The current footfall setup will hit hubs hard.


kind of a part 2 for me

after takeing a mini brake and coming back i forgot how painful the crafting times are boundless is the game you play while playing other games lets say you want to make a lot of decorative wood you spend a few hours farming the wood and the waxy yams for it then put the yams to refine and the wood to refine log out for a few hours play someting else log back in move the refined wood and wax into the workbench log out for a few hours play something else then log back in to spend 20 min placeing the blocks only to repeat it over again i always find im spending more time waiting on things to craft rather then playing and it kind of lowers my drive to do anything

New Blocks Crafting time are too crazy?

I play a lot but only thing that really annoys me is a big portal at the aquatopian embassy that im fueling together with red with donated oort coming from the community since it is big we need to fuel so often its getting extreme annoying i really dont see who we would harm if we could fuel it same amount off time as the small one’s
its like letting a dog die next to 20bags off dog food

our community puts time and effort into getting this oort and they cant even put it in the portal
please dont tell me i need to use guild to get this sorted just expand the freaking fuel slot and be done with it i dont think im the only one who wants this

second: the low guild member list
third:there’s no third i love this game and the dev’s


I hear you…

@james… be the sweet dev I’ve come to know you as… :blush:


snow. while building.
probably been mentioned already but blimey, really, really annoying trying to build in the snow.

And no, do not want to build a huge canopy to keep it off.


We need spark powered heaters in the game to melt the snow :smiley:


In game weather forecasts would work. Snow today? Guess I’ll go gather or hunt today…


The fact that you can actually do ecerything by yourself in this game.
I get many people like this feature, but i dont.
Would it be really cool when you actually had to trade or buy things that you cant get cause you picked something else than player x.

I feel like this game has lost this aspect.
Trailer shows trading and buying. Ye you can trade and buy but thats not mandatory.


Can you name 1 mmo that you can’t create multiple characters and do the things you couldn’t with the other


Mainly sleep and having to go to work.

I’ve got feeding sorted - the window is near and the pizza guy can hear me shout.

I now keep a bucket next to my desk.

Friends is sorted - I no longer have any. Relatives can be an issue.


You just made my day :sweat_smile:


Happy to be of service :wink:


I feel like I’m being punished for not socializing with others. The ride to level 50 was good and fun and hard but worth it. Now I’m just stagnant trying to fill out these skill pages so I can get an alt and start filling out those skill pages etc etc. I have ocd so don’t even try to get me to do it differently lol. I don’t hate people or anything in just not interested in pretending like I wanna hear about them or their lives. I’m actually kinda scared to post this because the community is so up its own ass it can’t even see the day change to night anymore but here goes.



What are you trying to achieve by writing that.


I’m achieving my opinion so if you disagree then that’s that but my opinion doesn’t change. I’m voicing my opinion like the topic asks. Because doing things on your own and working for it yourself yields less rewards then living in a town and having someone with gem everything do it for you. I mean that’s just the way it is. That’s the way it is in life. But now my only option is to hit everything with iron until the next level. That’s my choice and that’s fine, I’m gonna continue to play, but I still feel almost forced to join others.