What turns you off playing Boundless?


Plenty of us soloed our way to top tier, it just takes a bit of extra time. Earning the upgrades solo made them sweeter imo. Keep swinging that iron hammer. 🖒


Honestly thank you for saying this I feel real hopeless haha


I’m still swinging that unforged iron hammer too, I just try and focus on the things I enjoy doing and the levelling gradually happens anyway, for me there’s no rush. There’s plenty of us predominantly independent players :slightly_smiling_face:


I sort of agree with what you say. I sometimes play for days all on my own; building exploring, hunting, etc. I don’t mind playing with others and I do. I have a place in town and a store in a mall, but my main house is nowhere near anyone.

But I hear what you are saying about being punished/penalized. You don’t have a place in a city and no real FF, you want to hunt or do meteors you have to do the smaller less dangerous ones which has less loot.

I guess in the end, the game is what you make it…You can play the game however you like…that’s the whole thing…Boundless.

Edit: That last line sounds so cheesy.


There are a lot of hurdles, but everytime you break one you notice a large difference in efficiency and capability. And there isn’t much of a reason to compare yourself to groups. Eventually we all hit the top tier. Taking a little extra time isn’t a big deal as long as you are having fun.

I now play with a couple of good guilds filled with other self motivated people. I still do most of my farming, building and hunting solo, but guild projects just give me more options during my day to day gameplay. The people are awesome and help keep me looking forward to playing.


Reading a lot into me asking for further clarification (“how”) on your first post.

I’m a solo player within an mmo community and have built a large independent base with a relatively successful shop, and rely on the wider community to fund me, through my shop, for my ongoing build.
I could still achieve my goals without the shop but this would take longer. Takes effort either way.

See, you can write that and the community will still give you some love.
nice, right?


The first part was in reference to what am I trying to achieve by posting this not how

Thank you all for your responses and wording it better than I possibly could have. I think I’ve said and seen enough here. Goodbye


I still use Iron tools most of the time and I am level 50 with a couple past that. They work just fine for me.

I use them in my forge disappointments.


yeah at first i was thinking people trade there planets resources much more but its accessible for everyone a cool idea would be to have resource that needs a guild crew and a buff to be able to mine
so towns have something else to offer then a other town hm doesnt need be a crew
just like you need to install machines and stuff to mine the good area’s
we need something to make us have to trade between villages for some reason
hm we def need something just not sure what lol


The grind for anything is pretty rough when your running solo and I didn’t want to move into any big cities because the gleam towers are pretty dang tacky. Gathering your own materials is a process on top of crafting and hunting, so I would like to buy stuff, but I can only seem to find high end gear which is obviously too expensive. Any progress towards my homes growth, my profits, my leveling are generally really slow. There aren’t enough side activities to take up when I don’t fell like progressing. You guys should throw in some kind of sports system so I can goof off, otherwise all I have is the grind. Fortunately I’ve managed to recruit a few people I know into the game (and my guild), so they can do the stuff I’m not putting points into. You guys should come up with a cool sport to play, similar to how Pyre created fantasy magical basketball. Actually, I’m going to take this idea and create an arena for Grapple Jousting (temporary name). Your soon to be pillar update combined with trampolines and slides should do the trick.


I like the idea of a few planets you can’t build on, or something. Heavy in caves and resources.


I’ve seen grapple courses, think copper grapple over lava…


Nah trust me man, I did that and now I sort of wish i hadn’t.

Specifically learn how to forage and survive at level 3 planets and you will start to get oort.

You can literally find enough oort on the ground in dormant and abandoned meteors to run a personal portal to a hub If you’re able to forage for ground resources at level 3 for a couple hours each week.

You can get equipped for roughly 1000 coins. Gold fist and Titanium slingbow are plenty to do well there and even solo level 2 meteors if you have the skills for it and make some shielding broth from your prime meat.

By level 3 (meteor level not planet level) you need to be looking at more of a fighter build to solo the meteors but seriously, on a planet like gyosha ophin or cephonex merika you never, even need to fight a meteor and roadrunners are optional.

You literally just find oort laying around. And 18 rough oortstones lets you run a portal for 10 days.

Then you’re connected enough that you don’t waste a ton of your play time just getting to where you want to do things, and the whole game feels a lot less frustrating.

Speaking from recent (ongoing) experience just moving to a city isn’t going to help your game a lot. you’re going to have to change it up a little either way IMO.


This^^ Build a home on Lamblis, maybe. Solo out there has its rewards and some challenges. And every now and then a passing stranger might be welcome tackling a L3 Meteorite.


Can we please make this an option though, some people like it and want to keep it, builders don’t so give everybody the option to choose whether to see the atmospheric effects.


Have to say I do really love the look of places covered in snow… Has been implemented really well.
just really impractical when building :slight_smile: so yes, a toggle option or heater :grin: would be just the ticket


At the same time a fast button to toggle vegetation to a minimum would be nice :smiley: Always do it manually when going to gather or hunt since it helps so much to actually see what’s on the ground and where the mobs are when there isn’t grass all over your face.


the footfall . the footfall really messes with me , 1/3 of my friends quit due to it and i quit everyday. sometimes i come back after 1 day , sometimes i dont.
i been through the worst rubberbanding but that still didnt keep me from playing.
but a game which strong point is a free market that gets limited by its own
developers is just sad and almost not worth playing anymore , who knows?
as random as the devs are the footfall will be gone tomorrow ? Hah
you add stuff like guildbuffs massive cost to take money off those rich moneybags that hit well off during the first release month . but guess what?
those people already long quit , atm you only take money out of the system of the active players which isnt much anymore. economy will stagnate in 1-2 months and we go back to stone age simple trading.


pc has an option to reduce the grass height but unfortunately console does not have that option.


The endless grind. more automation is desperately needed in game, for example, making bricks. i am on my own at the moment but to make bricks , you have to process so many ingredients that take hours with my limited machines, i do not have enough hours free in a week to at least feel like i am getting somewhere. frustrating really.
alternatively i heard mention of being able to rent a server , that allows creative mode. is this likely to be a thing in the near future.
aimed at players that love the game but do not have the time needed to produce anything of note.