What turns you off playing Boundless?


They also need to assign a name to represent entire characters in one account.
Otherwise, the troll can still switch to alt and join to your guild. lol


If they ban/block M.A.C. addresses, all of their accounts/alts will be toast.


Yep, either that or a way to inspect with a # that grouped an acct together.


Yeah, but usually it took them 1- 3 months to ban a player…
And when troll start trolling others they come everyday.


MAC addresses are extremely easy to change. This is no where close to a good solution at all


By buying a new NIC? I mean, getting a diff IP address takes 2 seconds though.



Some drivers let you do it right from the GUI. you can also do this at the command line, and there are some tools you can download to try to do this as well.


That’s exactly what I’m saying…it’s harder…not impossible.


How is that hard?


10 chars


Then what? its really quite simple.

It is far more effective just to ban the account and any payment Informations with that account.

The problem here is not recursive threats. the problem is the devs dont have the man power to go thur all the reports in a timely mannor and punish people, and/or its a matter that most people disagree with the rules of the game and think people should be punished for something that the devs themselfs dont agree should be punished


At least one identifier has to be used to ban a user. Yes, it is very simple.
And no, I would not select payment info…too easy to get around that.


The payment Information is just a bonus not an requirement. You don’t need anything else other then just banning the account.


Banning an account won’t stop someone from creating a new one.


In the CoC:


Banning a Mac address/ IP address, Hardware IDs or what have you, won’t stop people from getting new ones of them either.


It will make it more difficult for some. There is nothing that will stop everyone.
Everyone knows how to quickly get a new IP address or make a new account.


There isn’t but you don’t waste effort into banning something that is extremely easy to change like layer 2 or layer 3 addresses.



this topic is for people to post what turns them off - no matter how subjective

it’s not here to convince people they are wrong, especially if it turns into lengthy exchange of replays (you might take it to private messaging if you wish to show someone something you think they might be missing; or create a new topic relative to your current discussion, or even find an existing topic where your current exchange is more relevant)

it is going OT now, so let’s leave this topic to others, who want to post whatever they feel is a big turn off in the game for them


That’s like saying…there is no door that will stop all crooks so let’s just take the door off the hinges.
Anyways, have fun. I’m going to go play NewWorld for a bit. Ciao