What turns you off playing Boundless?


I assume the snow is seasonal.


Snow is here to stay. It existed before the winter event (though during the event also replaced rain making for frequent snowfall). However since the event ended rain was brought back and snow returned to normal.

EDIT: Edited for Lucadeltodecso’s corrections to my original post.


It literally never stops, I get 5-10 mins inbetween 20-30 mins of snow, I have seen it stop, and start again in less then a minute lol.

And i am building on lava! wouldnt that stuff melt?


We already had snow, and the set of weather available and criteria for them being picked etc has not changed whatsoever, the amount of snow we have now is exactly what it was before christmas, only now it causes the ground covering effect to occur.


How do I craft a snowblower?

Probably uses super enriched bonding agent.


Can we dial that back a lil. I cant see my bricks to change, and its super bright!


The forge update is a bit of a turn off. I can understand wanting to make things a bit more difficult, but the ignoring of gums and the constant rolling of the same unwanted boons while using a removal solvent gets annoying.


This is what I was referring to. I edited my post about snow existing before then event though; apologies there.


It depends on where you live i think.
In minorengle, snow stop near middle Jan i think.
Until now, we get no snow at all.

For Planet like Till, it still snow a lot.


Some machine that consumes say, a little bit of spark per hour and allows the beacon owner to select weather effects for that beacon would be a pretty neat (and convenient) addition.

Like “always snowing”, “always clear weather”, “only clear weather and rain allowed”, and so forth.


I am not sure is this easy to do in multi player’s server or not.
I know its easy for single player mode to modify weather by that kind of machines.
(I have been seem the same one in one of minecraft’s mode)
Will it be easier just add turn on / off weather effect at the setting menu ?


Yeah, that sounds like a technical nightmare.


The biggest turn off for me is the forge being ruined. I can understand making it harder, but grinding for days just to forge a few tools can be daunting. I don’t want to suggest an easier grind, although after putting such a large amount of time in just to be able to forge, I believe it should work better than it does now. We have 1800 vigour and stability to work with, which is absolutely enough. The problems follow. 1. Gums almost always miss, especially when building three booms. To combat this I have tried using 2-5, no difference made. 2. I have noticed out of the hundreds of forge sessions I have ran, that when you are targeting effect on a hammer, Critical is about an 80% guarantee whereas devastating is 20%. The kicker here is when you forge a bow, the boons even out as they are equally effective??? 3. When pushing with compounds, you almost always land low on the slider. Interestingly enough, when you solvent to remove the given incorrect boon, the slider always misses forcing you to recompound! Very interesting how from every aspect of the forge experience appears to work against you. I keep a forge log with my results so I can be sure it’s not just my bad luck or my frustration fogging what really happened. There’s a few other things I haven’t confirmed but am suspicious of, but these are the big ones. It’s truely a shame too, considering the community has dwindled off to a couple hundred at best. The forge really needs a buff, the nerf fest seems to have ended for now. End game players shouldn’t be punished for succeeding, rather reap the benefits of months work.


Hey Cody!

You can always purchase your Forge Materials from shops to save yourself the time! And I’m not just saying that because I run the best Forge Material shop around! I’d also suggest trying out Fate Paste 2, with a stack of those bad boys you can kiss poor rolls goodbye! With a decently powered Centraforge you can make 300-320 levels items with ease, just with Boon Compound 3 (and Fate Paste 2).

Hope these things help!


I dont find forging to be the problem, I find the tools break soooo fast being a problem personally. takes awhile and some good techniques, and a ton of RNG to craft, to break in 15 mins if you use a fast brew lol


I have 7200 on my forge, hundreds of potions and a max forger. It’s getting endgame forges, if your forging for mid-tools then sure, you can burn up hundreds of vigor missing and wiping. Getting a competent high level tool though should not. Especially if you were to invest the few hundred thousand your shop would charge for all 10 potions just to lose them in a subpar. This stuffs very expensive, which generally follows a nice incentive. Losing potions, losing time, and losing your patience or setting for less is not incentive.


This is why snow is almost a game breaker.
This is a sandbox game with huge focus on building.
I cant even see what the block is, much less pattern. This is supposed to be bricks. some i need to change. cant tell which. and this lasts sometimes 30+ mins.


I’m sorry, but I checked out your shop at New Leyden Market but I can’t afford those prices! 99,999,999,999c for a boon compound? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New Leyden seemed like the premier place for premier prices. :wink:


Huge thread so I didn’t want to read through it to see if this was mentioned but the way you respawn when you die is a huge turn off. Why can’t you re-spawn where you died?? My alt died in a level 6 world at a portal hub trying to get to my Flan base via portals. When I came back I spawned at some random spot, I couldn’t see ■■■■. I was there and died a good 20+ times before caving and deleting my stats for protection. I find I’m at the bottom of a giant cliff and what a nightmare getting back up for a low level nothing with no gear or stats. What a nightmare. Please fix that!! And why does the bump to safe location feature never put me anywhere safe? A side of a mountain over lava is not safe. Next to mobs is not safe. and 2 inches over after I hit bump is not better. If I hit it again then giver me real results… Please fix the bump to safe location feature. pleeeease. It sucks as is.