What turns you off playing Boundless?


I will have to agree with the above two posts regarding the early game. Unless you manage to get up enough coin and locate the shops and malls in the worlds that other players have built up, the early game grind just drags on and on. Yeah players can quickly go from wooden tools to stone tools early on, … same for stone to copper. … that progression feels good. … But with the scarcity of iron on lower planets, using these lower tools on higher planets where block health is significantly higher, it feels like it takes forever to dig through blocks. … Especially trying to dig through blocks on a Tier 6 planet with unforged iron tools. … God that’s slow. I understand the need to prolong progression (What, with craft times escalating into several HOURS) to get folk to go out and do other tasks while their machine does the crafting, … multitasking isn’t all that bad, but with the hundreds if not thousands of resources needed to perform a craft, … its sad. Sure one can work around this by visiting shops and purchasing and/or trading with other players, and I’m grateful for how friendly and helpful the community is. … I’m 3 weeks in and have yet to make my own titanium tools that weren’t dumped on me and/or purchased from a shop.

That said, I’ve definitely been enjoying the game. … My only gripe I have with it is the energy system and how your player moans and grunts whenever trying to perform actions when energy is depleted. If only there was a way to skill up and/or tech up to the point where performing certain actions didn’t cause any energy drain so there isn’t a constant stop and go, stop and go, stop and go whenever performing actions.


Good posts :slight_smile: I can’t shake the feeling that Boundless would not be that bad if it had thousands of players. It seems to me that game is currently balanced to work nicely with economy where there is a lot more players. With current player base it just doesn’t work. Maybe I’m wrong and there’s definitely a lot of space for improvement, I just feel that game balance went too quick, to the point where it is now, for everyone except hardcore players to feel good progression. Maybe that’s just about the group I was playing with, but we agreed that game is too grindy for us. We don’t want another job, game should be fun.
I know devs mean well, but I couldn’t hold a straight face when it was announced that game got better balance with latest update, so you’ll need 30 seconds instead 40 for something to craft, though you’ll still need hours to gather materials, yep, greeeeat improvement in balance. I’d expect that kind of balance in thriving economy where something is getting devalued or overpriced because such small tweaks. In this stage I’d expect more aggressive rethinking of balance.


Well i made this comment on steam and was suggested i comment here … >.>

so i Was enjoying this game again until…

We had to start joining the GC to join a max cap guild!!! (and if we want tto multy guild) - Now before anyone jumps at me, let me expllain peacably

Ok, so the reason i feel this is wrong, is as follows

  • it encourages the dev’s to include more pay to play mechanics whent hey said they would not do this! (personal opinion)
  • its not fair on the younger players (not every parent will agree to having to pay to join a guild)
  • no other game that i have ever played charges you to join a guild!
  • it is just… WRONG! - especially since the member cap was lowered from 900 > 100 [This means that most guilds will be over cap already] -

i said most guilds (the smaller ones will be fine and new ones as well).

What you should have done is, charge the GUILDS to increase their cap (if you are going with this mentality) - it should not be down to the members/people wishing to join to pay to join a guild!!!

{pay to multy guild - although still a &*^&%$$ move - is somewhat more understandable}

my peace is said… and i am not happy end of

Rebalancing guild members limit

The guild membership limit was always 100 characters. It has not been reduced.

(There was a bug that allow characters to join a faction without correctly checking the main membership limit.)

Only 1% of guilds have over 100 members.

All characters can join 10 guilds. There is no other restriction.


ok someone in game said the previous limit was 900

but fair enough to your response and i appreciate it @james , but i still think paying to join a guild is not exactly a good preactice but thats just my personal opinion which i am entitled to

(guess i should not ebelive everythinge veryone says :wink: )


This isn’t in the game.

IF a guild member HAPPENS to have Gleam Club, their membership doesn’t count towards the cap, ALLOWING you to have MORE guild members.


He is referring to the 100 max for nonGC members. Anyone over that will have to have GC.
It has gone a little in the direction of money over fun. I dont mind GC, but not everyone can get it. There is quite a few young people playing this game.

Its almost a punishment of a game bug that allowed 900. (We wasnt aware that was a bug)


I used the Google translator, sorry …
I have thousands of hours accumulated in survival games like Minecraft, Ark, Conan Exiles, 7 days to day, etc.
I’ve been playing Boundless for about 3 weeks and I’ll leave soon and explain why.

  1. The progression of the character is very slow and feels unsatisfactory. From level 20 it is too much to level up.
  2. You need several characters to be able to get everything that the game offers you and this brings us to point 1.
  3. The recipes are excessively complicated, up to 6 or more processes that take hours to get to manufacture some items.
  4. The most valuable minerals are excessively scarce, hours and hours to get them.
  5. Too much tedious work in general, you sit down to have fun 1 or 2 hours and you spend working on tasks that are not fun.

I’ll be waiting for new updates because with certain changes the game would be great and I think it will come some day. Balancing in games is complicated.


Yeah - you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion. And I hope you will correct any incorrect statements on the Steam forums.

There are a many business models to support a game:

  1. Premium games: pay upfront.
  2. F2P games: pay incrementally.
  3. Subscription games: (pay upfront), pay a subscription.

Boundless is a subscription free MMO. There are significant costs for running the live universe. It would be irresponsible for us to not implement a payment model that doesn’t cover these costs. We can’t run an online service under a pay upfront only model. So Boundless is currently:

  1. Boundless - pay upfront, (pay incrementally).

I know there are many players in the gaming community who dislike any IAP - but we must have something to cover the running costs. It’s worth adding that the IAP in Boundless are only designed to cover the running costs. They’re balanced to be very gentle, hence why players earn 9000 cubits levelling up to level 50, and then constantly beyond this.

When I think about IAP personally I always come to the conclusion that I just want to get value for my money. Do I feel like I’m getting something worthwhile for my payment, or do I just feel squeezed. If I feel squeezed I just think screw-it and look elsewhere. But if I feel like I’m getting good value and I want the service to continue then I’m happy to support it.

With Boundless we implemented an optional subscription as Gleam Club - you can think of it as a Patreon style support of the game. We always look for opportunities to add benefits so that more players consider if worthwhile.

If players can’t bring themselves to support the game via IAP then I simply don’t know a business model that works in the longer term. Premium-only isn’t viable long term, subscription-only isn’t viable IMO, premium+IAP is considered greedy, so this basically leaves F2P.


I don’t know where this number has come from. But no guild has ever had 900 members.

(Potentially it’s 100 for the main guild + 8 x 100 for the factions = 900. But still this number was never the limit.)

But anyway - we need to be able to correct mistakes in the game.


This is what i was referring to. I wasnt aware that was even a bug, But how it was intended.

Until we seen a new post/update about having to have GC for over a 100 members.

I have GC, so it doesnt effect me. But, for the ones that cant afford it, it seems like a huge let down. Especially since a lot were there for the buffs since they cant afford them in smaller guilds.


But the mistake made the game better :thinking: At least give us a reason for the cap so we can try to understand why it is like it is.


I can help explain ways to make this faster for yourself if you would like me to. Just msg me on here.

Once you get a lvl 40-50 miner. They come in pretty large quantities.


this ^ up till i just read the above posts i was thinking the guild cap got nerfed in favor of upping GC sales so i could see someone telling you the cap used to be 900


Pretty much everyone in the conversations about this, was not aware this was bugged, and have all had the same conclusion about favoring GC sales.


Forging has been my #1 irritation in this game:
Thread describing problem #1: Boon removal bug?
and to a lesser extent, concern #2: Boon Removal guard

I like the fact that it’s not guaranteed to get you a max item every time, I’m not crying RNG fail, etc. But I would like in the case of #1 the item work properly as stated and in #2 maybe some stats on how gums work.

Oh, and for heaven’s sake remove the Boon Affect Adjacent: Random (level 5 AOE). It’s 100% horrible.

I also want to echo that the prestige system is frustrating. I don’t like that guilds compete on the world prestige list, I don’t like that I see two identical names in the list, either.
Wishlist item: I’d like some way to prioritize away from gaudy blocks with a lot of refinement steps as opposed to actual cool builds.


it IS in the game if you have to join GC ** WHICH IS paying** to join a guild at max cap + multy guild… get a clue dude?

and once again forum go do one!


You seem upset that no-one agrees with you.

The cap on guilds is 100.

Like I pointed out, Gleam Club just means you don’t take up one of those spaces.

It’s not a requirement to join a guild, as you seem to be insisting.


Didn’t you say in a post before this update was in testing that the guild cap work around was a bug or am I just imagining things


Multi Guild does not need GC at all. You can join 10 guilds per character. Even if you have GC you still can only join 10 guilds per character. Like multiple people have said you just don’t count towards the 100 guild cap if you have GC which again is just a perk of having GC it is not required.