What turns you off playing Boundless?


I would really love to see more stuff to decorate our houses like more furniture and other decorations also please add in clothes I’m very tired of just wearing a cloth diaper lol also please let us chisel glass


James already stated in a reply to you that all characters can join 10 guilds. Wherever you are getting your information from in regards to not being able to join multiple guilds unless you have GC is plain wrong. Continuing to say it after being corrected by one of the lead devs is fairly odd behavior.


Be nicer, dude!


The fact remains, that there can be a case when a new player wanting to join an existing guild and being told (truthfully) they have to buy gc to be able to do it.

Now should that be something to be concerned about I don’t know, seems to me the general opinion seems to be that no, it’s ok?


There’s no problem with gleam club not taking up a spot in guild. If it’s full and you dont have gleam club you can join another guild or make your own. The alternative is the cap remains 100 and gleam club cant join a max cap guild. Then people will still have to find a new guild or create their own guild. I don’t see what the problem is :confused:

You can also look at it like gleam club members are now freeing up spots in guilds for non gleam club members


This is exactly how I was looking at it. I have gc for the next 50w+ so any guild I’m in I no longer count towards the 100 player cap. Think people would be happy about that since someone was able to get a spot in Ultima because of that.


This is further complicated by the fact that there was a bug that allowed in what was it, 900? players in a single guild with factions. So I’m presuming that there were guilds that this current state is worse.

But looking at it from the point if that bug didn’t exist it’d look a lot better.

edit: ok this is getting way off topic for this thread, apologies, won’t continue this


Unplayable connections diing while rubber banding while trying to do time sensitive stuff


Me and my friends stopped playing because of connection issues and no real goals to be achieved. Also, the lack of support for our platform. (PS4) I’m still waiting on a patch that allows me to dum down the visuals for better performance on PS4. I have a PS4 Pro that runs games that are much more demanding than this game, at better frame rates. I’ll even take an uncapped framerate at this point lol. And i guess the lack of “things to do” other than building an empire. I guess i’m still waiting on titans and hunters.


Being chased by a CuttleTrunk that just somehow will never go away


They lose aggro really fast now.

They used to literally chase you forever until around Oct. or so.

Control 8/8 & shadow step. And nothing bothers you unless youre right on them.


I think after hundreds of hours of gameplay I might be burnt out. I have a base on Circarp. that I can’t bring myself to finish, hunting the same creatures over and over has gotten tedious.

Hell of game though! I put 16 week fuel in my beacons and might take some time off.


Burnout is real! I’ve done it 4 times so far over the past year and a half or so. Never give your stuff away though, because it has a tendency to pull you back. :stuck_out_tongue: I


Definitely happens. Took a short break myself to play another game but came back recently . So yea fuel your beacons and come back later


The colours on lamblis for me are pleasing to my eyes.More vibrant the better.The grass is so pretty.Cant you make it dimmer on your TV? Guess you must of tried that already.Just wear shades while ya in lamblis,it should help.


another option is also
move to a new place new adventure
you will have new ideas better location and all the room you always wanted :wink:
ow and dont forget the plots you collected all this time
combined into a truly epic build
i experienced that moving(restarting) in boundless is sometimes alot off fun
especially with the stock you will arrive with on the new terrain


That’s a good idea…problem is, I didn’t even finish my current base.

And my current base (on a t4) was a made because I moved from a T1 due to burnout.

I better just take a few weeks off.


T6 on my lumberjack he has stealth,8/8 control and dies about every 20 minutes.Usually after a persistent pie has been eaten too. Dont even eatem on t6 anymore. Works good under t6 though.


I run shadowstep & 8/8 control and literally have to lick them for them to aggro me. And usually 2-3 Fist hits and its dead. :expressionless:


On t6? I have shadowstep and 8/8 control so you must have a diffrent set up somehow. Msg me your t6 lumberjack stats maybe I missed something