What was it like when the game was known as Oort Online (HISTORY ATTEMPT)

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I was thinking about various things when, I thought what was it like when the game was known as Oort Online.

I would love to hear peoples stories, see peoples Screenshots, and any videos that might have been made, so I, and many people who have joined in the past year, and a bit, who have only played the game as it is known as today, can get a feel of what the game was before the change of name to Boundless

EDIT: If you are able to write more then one sentence please do LOL

I would also love to hear the stories of the different towns, bases, planets, at that time, and even notable players at the time as well.

EDIT: I would also love to see links to posts, from back then as well.
EDIT: I would also like to see rough dates for screenshots and events if you can remember them.


You were a block.


You might like to have a look at these textures. Gives you a sense of what it was like.

One thing I loved was the pink blob we used to be. Two blocks highs. No animations. Not to mention the grapples that would have no cooldowns whatsoever. We had no world regeneration. I dug out an entire floating island leaving only the outer shell functioning. Beacons had to be requested. I didn’t do them, but most people did.

Here are the screenshots I made back then:


Cool thanks, I have actually already read part of that first link but the second one, I haven’t seen before.

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Have you got a screenshot of the blob? I kind of like the idea of that as a avatar to choose…

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I actually believe there are some posts with screenshots of the player avatar at that time, however to make it easier for everyone I wanted to create this post to act as an easier way to learn about the game from its earlier stages.

and to maybe make it a bit easier for me to possibly put together a “History of Oort” series of posts, explaining the history of the game and its evolution of the community and the development of the game.

My first base ever, on Civini.
I do not remember if it was before or after the name-change, but it was still a java game.


Sorry @Samski I can’t find it anywhere so I guess I didn’t do them often at the time… :frowning:

Theres a YouTuber called Squidgy who made a couple videos from that era.


Yeah amazing, thanks for sharing that!
Here’s the blob. It seems we were orange? I remember it as pink for some strange reason:


I still miss how the game looked from back then. That texture post pretty much sums it up, as well as that vista screenshot by @Heureka.


My starter house at Nasag (16 Jully 2015)


good old times


Those times I only built a simple square house -ish.
I didn’t join forums.
I didn’t even know the names of first worlds and the size of it.
I vaguely remember some city-like location that was a starting character spawn point.

No screenshots either.
I played a dozen hours maybe and then took a break and waited until the beginning of last year - almost constant presence since.

I’m very curious to see more of them old screenshots to help my fading memory of those early times of Boundless.


Experimental ideas…


oh oh - I just remembered the old totem thanks to your screenshots :sunglasses:

@james Suggestion to add to the bucket (pit?), can we have the chance to just play as blocks, in my dreams i see the ability to choose what the blocks are, so i can blend in to my environment, become part of a tree, feel what its like to truly BE that metamorphic rock…

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:slight_smile: Thats the old grapple hook.

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Some of my early shots from March 2015

then the newer textures were uploaded in April 2015

Lapas was my favorite world :purple_heart:

My first mandala in progress

world tree I made in Lapas Capital in progress

Finished mandala with Dark Crystal style hanging crystal :smile:

self portrait LOL

Part of Lapas Capital city

Some of these really awesome world glitches that went to the bedrock it made really cool grappling

First day as a kitty! Sept. 2015

Small house contest - my entry

Make some food contest - my entry is the cake!

Hanging out with James in block form :smiley:

Lapas Capital tree done!

Some friends!

a little town

first day of C++ build

first day on Vulpto Sept. 2016

then I moved to Dragon Watch on Solum April 2017

and Pixelgate Nov. 2017

I have lots more pics, so if you want more history, let me know! :smiley:


pls do post them.

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