Where is the thread discussing changes to char skill page point system?

I could have sworn this conversation thread really happened, but I can’t find the thread and the new system, if I understood it (it took some doing before I could make sense of it) correctly, was exciting because it would take a lot of pain and pouring cubits into skill cleansing points out of things, let us grow a little more super-feeling. I can barely remember it now or how it was supposed to work, if I’m making no sense nm I do occasionally have dreams about Boundless… ::blush::



I’m currently playing on the test servers, trying out the new system, as well as melee and shields. Looks good.

I have a deug menu but apparently Mac doesn’t have some of the options, like whatever would let me do that too. Imagine the most obnoxious sigh of frustruation being shunted into resignation with the help of the breath modification those sorts of sighs can accomplish, and it’s fine, everything’s fine, I don’t mind, even when you leave me out here in freezing rain with a food bowl you haven’t washed in years and you can thank me for pretty much eating all the mosquitos in the stading water in the yard coz the water bowl tipped and got picked up like a kite by an afternoon of sustained gusts months ago, and did you know your neighbor has me over a couple of times a year for a bath coz she feels bad for me? No you don’t coz bark bark bark language rarfk bark whinneeee, scratches back door… I ate a raw potato earlier I think it’s making me very silly.


Yeah the Mac version is missing some graphics stuff still : / still can’t tell what planet I’m on or what settlement I’m in. Also doesn’t show debuffs half the time. I really wish they’d give the Mac version a bit of love soon. It’s been this way for years.

Yeah, that happened some time back, but it used to work but one of the updates broke it—I wish I could remember which one it was, I was probably too busy swooning in post-duskmoor ontological breakdown to report it or I might not have known there was this forum yet…

My compass label text (oh boy do I wish the HUD icons didn’t block the compass directions, I keep looking up to see it and the subjective brain combining the associated action (wonky sunglasses?) in real life with the avatar’s looking up to pull the icons off the compass line is completely smooth absurd action with no complete analogue in either world)) is visible for me, if I’m not tracking anything I can see the city/planet up there (nothing except damage and brewpies on the right side fills in the actual numbers, I’m always nowhere and have found 0 of 0 regions and used up 0 of my total complicated objects allowed for that particular chunk or whatever (I don’t think I’ve ever managed to hit that limit, though I am tryin to figure out if I tried to put too many coils on my centraforge or just forgot how many the max number is because everything else only gets 17 coils… oh boy I can’t hold a line of thought to save my life today… I hope I’m doing better in time to learn to mod, somehow… it’s not like we’re on the hideous Unreal engine… but I could probably get into modding (once brain back online) within Boundless because (I hope!) mods don’t seem to be utterly impossible to contribute to without the unreal-style ginormous disk-killing devkit that takes a zillion years to load and a zillion to pop out the bundle at the end etc etc…

Point being, the code used to exist and worked just fine; I bet if I ruffle through the old update descriptions the memory might click… but would it really take just some minor fixes like that for us Macs to. be able to use the test server?

I can access the test servers but yeah, like you said, it’d be cool if the other stuff worked again. We Mac gamers aren’t a proud group but we deserve love too!

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Well, we’re supposedly in love with ourselves, so we can share.

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