Where was the shop that sells all the rock?

You know, the one that buys for 4 and sells for three. I can’t remember where it’s at.

The stone shop I am most familiar with is nevirs 🌍 Worlds Warehouse—Raw Block Shop & Color Reference shop. I don’t know if that is the one you were thinking of, however.


That’s the one, thank you

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Some prices are a bit higher and lower than that too :+1:. It’s been hard to find the right price structure for some of these resources :frowning:

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It’s also a great resource.

I needed that bright green sedimentary stone…but the supply I have I got from a store.

So I go to your shop and find out the stone is from Lambolis. I went there to mine this morning and after I’m done using what I need, I sell the rest to you.

To quote Goodfellas, “It’s a very good system.”

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Perfect :slight_smile: That’s exactly how we hoped it might work!

It is interesting, though - people end up using it far more as a resource than a place to actually obtain the rocks (which is fine). We end up subsidizing the request baskets via footfall and atlas sales, heh. And I’m uncomfortable lowering prices too much more, as it’s not worth it for people gathering

Here’s a really big one. Got all kinds of stones afaik.

Your prices are fine.

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How much do you buy stones at ? And how much h coin do you put in the basket?

Stones are usually 3c. Most baskets have enough to buy 300+. There are also baskets that buy any rock for 1c if you have any leftovers.

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Yeah, general strategy is:

  • Sell @ 4c, request @ 3c by default
  • If there is ~2000+ stone up for sale, lower price to sell 3c / request 2c. basket coined with 1000c
  • If there is 500+ stone up for sale, basket coined with 1000c.
  • If there is less than 500 stone up for sale, basket coined with 2500c.
  • If it’s hard to collect, and no one’s sold us any in a while, raise sell & request prices

Similar for all the other block types, but different base prices

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You can also checkout the New Oortleans School of Design, they sell the brick and deco variants as well, and take orders!

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I don’t want to detract from anyone else, but there is also a well stocked 2c rock (actual rock) store out there ; )

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I think there is a rock shop ran by shifty and Jim. Although I think they are more a buy rock sell stone and refined stone shop

Competition is good!