Who is farming Cubits before the update?

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Are you also farming Cubits and hoping that the update comes as late as possible? That’s my hope… :slight_smile:
I am farming Cubits by crafting and mining!

  • I am farming Cubits
  • I am not farming Cubits

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Im just playing the game now. All I did was power level to the equivalent of the upcoming max level. Was not for the cubits. Was to make sure I had full amount of skill points I could use. I had to gain about 150 levels. But now that I did that just from playing normally I’ve already gone over it by 30 and that’s just doing my normal stuff. So I don’t think I needed to power level with how slow the update is coming :sweat_smile:


I brought my original character (that I had deleted) back to life and am now leveling him up to 150. Does that count?

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trying bro , trying hard

nah just from farming now and then


I’m not hoping, I feel that is almost a guarantee at this rate. as it seems they are having a problem trying to fix the following

That was posted about 23 days ago, so I am going to guess that getting the local thing to run within the two hour refund time frame on a old toaster oven is harder then they thought.

However what I am hoping for, is that they change their mind about nerfing the Cubit gains, I already managed to farm up most of the Cubits I would need for the short term, so the new nerfed rate will no longer affect me much. but it is still unfair for many players who still need more plots.

I still can not understand why they would adjust it as far as they did, because Sov worlds provide so much extra space for most people to build on. I could understand the reasoning for it if Sov worlds didn’t exist and the game was over populated, but neither is the case.


Could it be that they will advertise it preperly and unleash it in the wild after this update? That would bring possibly thousands of players.
The game is great - but nobody knows about it due to lack of advertisement!


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I hope not.

I honestly feel that this game needs to have the rest of its main content added, like T8 worlds and all of that before any large Adverts go out, I say this because if they Advert it now then they are showcasing what is effectively a game that is missing its endgame content.

I think while that might open the flood gates of new players for a little while. The player retention will be quite low, and most of the players will go somewhere else once they notice what the game is lacking. And in my opinion player retention is very importent for the lifespan of the game.

If all they care about is the short term sales spike they would get from doing such, then I suppose they could advert the game any old time they want to.

I have had a very very hard time keeping most of my friends playing the game, they almost all complained about lack of content and quit.

But maybe my view on this is quite wrong. I am not a business person, and I do not fully understand what is best for a company.


Then I would like to ask @james: do you have a rough roadmap for this game? Are you waiting to implement more features before going wild on advertising?
Or even better, what is your vision and where are we compared to that vision?

This is a great game, @james - I am really looking forward on seeing it as number #1 on Steam!


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i actually know a few new ppl in the game that straight out stopped playing as soon as they heard about the new exp rates since they were planning a nice city together but the new grind would be just too much for them since they also work.

and thats this games problem , they emphasize more and more grinding making the game harder that the devs dont realize that working folks cant play this game anymore , it takes up too much time ,m which is why its unpopular .


Honestly looking forward to the update. I do wish the cubit 2 exp ratio was the same, but it will be nice to not gain so many levels every day.

Eventually 300 cubits is not worth turning in…so just opening like 30 chests looses the thrill.

Less regular levels but more cubits makes sense.


Lol good luck with that. I take it you haven’t been here long


I am sure they have one internally but i don’t think they are willing to share it any longer after what happened the last time they did so.

The New hunter creature was on it

Something happened, and it got delayed indefinitely and now nearly no one talks about the Hunter creature any longer, which is long over due based on that roadmap.

So I do not really blame them for not wanting to share any more roadmaps, as roadmaps only serve to create expectations for the players and if the devs fail to meet the expectations, then the players get upset.


Lol the name updated since then too :sweat_smile: known as the warp wraith

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Guys, roadmaps change and we have to go along. That is why I am inquiring now for a roadmap as the vision from 2018 might have changed here and there…
And change is good an it is okay! Now the game is way more mature and the technical quirks are known in better detail…


We’ve been asking for one since the one in November 2018.

Edit: oh it’s been asked so much our very own @georgegroeg made up a roadmap for us

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They do, but that dosen’t change the amount of extra stress it can put on to the devs by putting one out there, and failing to meet it or having to change it to the disapointment of the players. And some people just don’t understand that things change and expect a roadmap to be written in stone.

I am not sure what the real reason for no more roadmaps is, I am just guessing, But based on the fact its been requested many times since the ones from 2018, and one has not been given, I am going to assume they have some reason why they no longer want to share them.

It is unfortunate, but that is just how the cookie crumbled it seems. You are free to inquire about it as much as you want, But I don’t think we are going to get one.

And with the not-fully-understood split between boundless and that other game that some of the devs might be working on, it seems even less likely to happen now.


The developers working on other games is also okay. People need to pay the bills and chase careers. It is not bad at all - it is a natural thing.
We are however interested only in Boundless and hence would like to know more on what future the developers are imagining for this games. I can accept any outcome. It might be that silence is better as well since someone will always lash out on something.


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They are nerfing cubit gains? Aw man, now it’ll be even harder for me to get plots for my project…

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If what this one says is still correct, then yes they are.

That was posted a few months ago, so I am not 100% sure if that is still how it is, I do not use the test server. But I have not seen anyone else saying that it is no longer the case or give updated numbers on it.

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That’s just less motivation to play again, if that’s the case… :pensive:

I hope that’s changed, because I’ve been building a big project by myself on/off for a year or so, and that’ll be all but impossible to complete if that change happens… Unless I spend a fortune on cubits, that is…which I’d rather not do with my fairly limited income