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Gems are the conduits of elements of Boundless:

Where are gems can be found?

Diamonds on Andooweem :crescent_moon: Thanks to @Yawaly
Rubies on Vulpto :dizzy:
Sapphires on Nasharil :dizzy:
Topazes on Epsilo :crescent_moon:
Emeralds on Alturnik :dizzy: Thanks to @Xandon
Amethysts on Munteen VII :dizzy:

How I can travel to?

Please, look on Wiki: Worlds. There is a map of :boundless: universe.


I just get a feeling that this won’t be that usefull with 1.0 anymore, i mean these worlds are taken offline and we are getting new ones, so the new ones probaly look different and have other names right :D?

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Not necessarily. They might keep the same worlds and names, just do like a re-origination of the entire planets to wipe all traces of players so the planets are fresh. Which given how the wiki is super flooded with where things are found and which planets have which colors for materials, that would be the smarter and easier thing to have done.

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And would totally destroy the early days of discovering and exploring the worlds because everyone could just read everything in the wiki.

The wiki will still be good for recipes and such which are the things that can be frustrating to not know about. But when it comes to exploring i guess it’s most interesting when you can be one of the first ones and in my opinion the new players coming with the release should be allowed to have a chance to do so and since the devs said they are going to take the worlds offline and keep them and they might show up again i don’t think they will just use copies from these worlds.

I mean the starter planets of course, they are supposed to be earth-like but the other planets at least, i hope will be different.

And just imagine someone playing this game on the day of release, he just found out about it, is really excited to get involved with this, exploring the worlds and biomes. Imagine him playing day in day out to get gold to get the warp location picker and there he goes off to his first new planet. Now think about ti, until release their is probaly way more content in each world. He might just find one item he can’t figure out what to do with and than he wants to look up at some wiki. “This item is probaly known from the alpha”, he figures. And than he sees it. All the worlds that are in the game and a map along with it. He might even stumble on where to find the precious gems.

Why would he need to explore things now?Why would he try to look in different hard to reach spots for valuables. He just looks up in the wiki where he can find what he wants and goes ahead. Sure he could just not use the wiki … but always keeping in mind that he is actually just handicapping himself compared to others who will.

Of course, lets say after a few months all this information will be there anyway, when people explored the new worlds. Whats with players who start later? I’d say they can expect that they won’t be the first to find anything or will they?No, because they aren’t starting on somewhat empty planets just spreading with little huts. Than you can probaly notice that big shiny city you can already see from the sanctum and are you are starting in the middle of a lively environment. Shops here and there, the first day of your game and you might even see shops with gem tools or maybe even more valuable stuff. You see huge fantastic buildings or whatever people have come up to and the first thing someone asks you is if you want to join their guild. The experience then is totally different. You are kinda forced to take part into something bigger and than of course you want to know about everything as fast as possible to become usefull and be able to compete with the others. This is when the wiki is a good thing.

Or you decide to leave the city immediatly and search for a quiet place all by yourself and don’t even think of looking something up online. But than you have very likely realized that probaly most of what this game has to offer is already discovered by someone. And if you really don’t know what to do next you rather find someone and ask him in game, and make some friends :D.

So my little essay is over but i hope i could convince you, and who ever is reading this, that it would be way better to have different planets at release. Wouldn’t it be more interessting for us alpha players too?

@stretchious , if it really happens to be that the worlds at the 1.0 release will be exactly the same, than you have to shut down your page for at least 1 month, you have to, so people can really start fresh :D, i can already sense someone making a total no-lifer, rushing as much gold he can he might set up his perfect plan, than he builds a huge as lighthouse and is selling warp location pickers to all the fresh players who just mined up a few coins :smiley:

I understand all your points. I just disagree, nothing is going to be destroyed at all. You are making it seem like the aspect of exploration goes away just because you know that planet x has y gem. That wont change anything, you still have to look for it, you still have to explore the planet to find rich veins, or veins in general. Also you can pretty much tell what tint blocks a planet is going to have by looking at it from another. Not to mention that they have already admitted that gems are going to be based on planet types(this post pretty much talks about it, and there is an official post that says each gem will have it’s own element). So for example emeralds will be found on toxic planets, sapphires on frost planets. So really once the gem elements are released, anyone that is informed will know what gem is in what planet based on the planets element.

My ultimate point is, knowing what is where doesn’t negate the exploration factor in any way shape or form. You still need to explore to find the gem, if anything all knowing what gem is where will do is make exploration more targeted instead of random. Which could actually lead to sales due to people wanting the coordinates to the specific planets. I feel confident that once we know what gems will fit to what planetary elements, your point about exploration for the gem is moot. It would actually make the wiki being filled with location for gems moot as well. With that information present, the only difference between a populated wiki and a non-populated wiki is the player will have to do more work individually to know which planet has what he wants. And asking stretchious to shutdown the wiki for a month is just ludicrous. All the data in it and more will probably be found out in less than a week. Heck, in a day actually. If I am not mistaken most of the recipies from the wiki were actually taken from the game files, not actually explored in game.

Well shutting down the website was just a joke after all im not stupid i know that this doesn’t change anything xD. But i still stand to my point because im not only talking about gems. There are probaly way more things to be considered till release that aren’t so obvious like having blue saphires on a blue frost planet which even if you obviously know that you still don’t know where on this planet it could be and the wiki might give this information away. Actually i don’t even think that its that obvious because why would new players instantly know about the elements and redeem it obvious? Well i guess thats still to see in the future.

What i wanna try to say is that when all this information is at place right from the start things will turn out to be much more of a race as it already will be probaly.

But no matter if this is a problem to you or not, i still think it would be way more interesting if we actually got somewhat different planets/worlds at the release. Maybe Vulpto gets another color xD

It never would have happened anyway. If it’s not on my site, someone else would have posted all the same details somewhere else (and I’d like to keep my status as the “go to” resource site for Boundless :stuck_out_tongue: haha!)

I think that we’ll get new earth-like worlds for 1.0 … probably similar to what we have now, but will be procedurally generated from a different seed, just to give us a fresh start. I also think that the further you get from the starter planet, the more alien and varied the terrain colours - which is something else that can be used to show player/guild prowess and status.

Things like discovery of gem mining tips and locations etc, I think, will be more closely guarded among players come release, as y’know… who wants competition when you’re trying to corner the market :wink:

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I actually always had a liberative mind about it. Well not posting it online but people i meat in game and grow a liking to? i gladly give them all usefull information i have

I hope we get new worlds for 1.0, even if they are similar in feel to the ones now. I’m hoping for a lot of easter eggs and hidden ruins for explorers. I’m pretty much agreeing with all Stretch’s points here.

I don’t think putting a planet where a gem can be found is a spoiler really, they still have to explore the entire planet to find it - but if people have brains in 1.0 they will keep quiet about things they find so they can take the resources and sell them.

As for “easter eggs” such as the cave full of diamond torches - to be honest if they are not on a site somewhere already - someone else will create one (and get a lot of views on it), easter egg hunting is hugely popular in games and some of the top videos for any game contain good lists of them.

I agree with the Fallout wiki philosophy, it’s meant to be be there as a hugely comprehensive dump of info on EVERYTHING - if people don’t want things spoiled they shouldn’t look on wiki sites.

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What :D? Have i become an easter egg now xD? or have i touched something i didn’t know about :D?

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Oh, did you place the torches in there yourself or were they already there like a secret treasure trove?

I assumed they were there already since you asked if anyone wanted to come and help collect them. If you placed them yourself then clearly it’s not an easter egg/secret.

(players can’t be easter eggs by the way, it’s stuff left by the devs hidden so people can find it)

xD… first of all, yes i need to disappoint you, i placed the torches, the offering to collect them was just because i was too lazy to and to attract players xD, sry Annie, i mean i just said i found this huge cave not i found this huge cave with diamond torches in it :smiley:

And that player can’t be easter eggs … well we might be able to in this case when our old creations find its way back to the 1.0 worlds :smiley:

@james you see that? Annie wan’ts some developers easter eggs in the game :smiley: ( i just linked you because out of all developers i see you the most in the forum x3)

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I just wanted to add in that Septerfon and Elopor don’t seem to hold any gems which makes sense i guess.

But they are strong on silver gold and titanium and other materials as well and hard coal can be found too.
Elopor got confirmed by @Jeffrotheswell and i can also confirm septerfon.

Yes Jeffrotheswell i saw you got a beacon on septferfon on top of those for septerfon very typical large mountainlike sediment rocks. And yes even so it might seem to good to be true you can just dig them down i would say at least 50 blocks deep and start stripping trough it in all directions. As long as you stay inside ur under those rocks you can find a lot of gold and titanium and other stuff relatively fast. I highly recommend using silver hammers since you will find a lot of iron and silver anyway and you are just way faster this way and you need them for titanium and hard coal anyway.


If you want some easter eggs in the game try making some prefabs. And we’ll include them in the worldgen.