[OUTDATED] MEGA THREAD: Gem Locations (After March 2017 Resource Distribution)

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I’d like to start a thread here where we can all discuss where to find the different gems Boundless has to offer after the recent update changing their rarity. We should get as much concrete evidence as we can and leave it here so people in the future can search and find as much information as they can about gems.

A link to a helpful post detailing where gems can be found:

In general, gems are much more difficult to find than they used to be, and Gold / Silver is plentiful. I spent a few hours on Munteen VII last night, and I searched every way I could to find Amethysts. I found almost a stack of Medium Fossils, 30 Large Fossils, almost two stacks of Hard Coal, and no Amethysts. That’s about the extent of my research thus far, but I was hoping that we could collaborate and figure out depth / altitude where the different gems have been found. If you have any information to add to this, do so in the replies and I will edit this post as we go. If you have any screenshots of gems from the different planets, leave them here. (Especially if the coordinates are in the screenshot.)

Alturnik: Emerald
(Depth:) (Altitude: 90-110)
Inside mountain caves.

Andooweem: Diamond
(Depth: 5-30) (Altitude:)

Epsilo: Topaz
(Depth:) (Altitude: 110-120)
Brown mountains.

Munteen VII: Amethyst
(Depth:) (Altitude: 120-180)
In floating mountains.

Nasharil: Sapphire
(Depth:) (Altitude: 120-175)
Above (120?) in high mountains surrounded by lava.

Vulpto: Ruby
(Depth: 10-40) (Altitude:)
In caves under mountain biome. Incredibly plentiful.

@Stretchious was gracious enough to post this chart he created from information he gathered as a code ninja. It helps tremendously. :slight_smile:

And some more information about resource distrubution straight from the devs. :slight_smile:

“The RAW data for the number of each resource type in the current Live worlds is here: PDF version81, CSV version21.”.


@Daniel_Flame explored emeralds in iced mountains with altitude 80, 100-110 and diamond somewhere with altitude 2-10.


Found a sweet spot at Alturnik.
Got 50 emeralds, 50 tech component, lots of small and medium fossils, before my hammers was gone.

Altitude around 100 in mountains.


Thank you! This is wonderful. I actually found a sweet spot of Ruby myself on Vulpto. I’ll be posting screenshots soon hopefully.


I ran through caves under Vulpto’s majestic mountains for about three hours tonight. I got another stack and a half of Hard Coal, and a stack and almost a half of Large Fossils. I also found 420 Rubies before blazing off for the night. It was a bit of a sexy haul.

When I first began finding Rubies, I took a few screenshots before realizing how plentiful they are here. I need more data for this, but any time I have found Rubies, they were under mountains / around the area under mountains in cave systems. I don’t know if they spawn more frequently under this biome or not, but evidence points to it. If anyone else wants to confirm this, I would love you forever.

Here are the first few screenshots, although I found the Rubies anywhere between 1-70-ish at least. I didn’t dig through any mountains.


Such luscious screens! :gem: Congrats! …and thanks for the data. I looked for nearly two hours again last night on Vulpto, no luck. I was originally looking near lava for ruby around where I found them before 159 and had no luck, so I was starting to search at higher altitudes. Now I know they do spawn near lava. :smiley:


There seem to be AREAS where they spawn, and that’s one of the reasons that leads me to believe they spawn under the mountain biomes. I tried searching through caves away from mountains, and I couldn’t find any at all. Most of the Rubies that I found were fairly close to each other in the scheme of things, and any time I found Rubies, I started by digging down into a mountain until I hit the caves.

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I can backup your theory of under mountains, so far as to say my pre-159 mine was not under mountains, and post-159 I have not found ruby there yet.

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Diamonds at Andooweem.
Altitude under 25, around lavalakes.


Congrats! So, with what little data we have thus far, it seems gems prefer to live near lava and at low altitudes. However, the few emeralds I found were not near lava, I’d estimate at least 40+. (I know, I know…I’m going to pay attention from now on, lol) Would make sense as in the real world gems typically require high pressure and heat to form, although I don’t think the devs aim to mirror real life in this regard.

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I just realized I had made a warp location when I found emeralds on Alturnik a few days ago. The altitude is 95 and the emeralds were about where the crosshair is in the screen and another seam in the bottom left of the screen, behind my hammer.


I can confirm emeralds on alturnik. Found lots of gems between 78 and 108 y level.


Just found 108 more emeralds on Alturnik at altitudes between 80-100. There was typically a lot of tech components and copper around with it, as well as a few tech devices. I looked for a while first near lava only encountered hard coal, gold, silver and titanium.


Thank you all. We’re getting some good information here. :slight_smile: Anyone have information on the other planets and gems?


Can confirm that Rubies are around lava level in Vulpto (roughly 17-25 altitude)


I can back this up. Xan and I found a ton of emeralds around 80 on alturnik. Roughly 70 on our trip tonight. We searched a cave in a mountain.


we found around 71 emerald staying at around 86 elevation. (sorry for the clutter of the HUD)

i found and ancient tech device at elevation 97, around the general “under the mountain” area

in this single cave, i found literaelly 50 ancient tech components. but only around 30 fragments.


I found Topaz on the brown mountains at 134 altitude. I am guessing the range for topaz is anywhere from 120-140. I have not checked icy mountains nor caves yet.


Can confirm the emerald thing. It seems the values have been changed, and copper, iron, components, can be found in concentration at higher altitudes. And not scattered everywhere as before.

Managed to get 100+ emeralds, 98 small fossils, 20 med, 65 copper. I left a lot of copper and fossils, for the emeralds.


Confirmed. Found 56 diamonds on Andooweem between 10-30 near lava lakes, under a tall mountain.