we need to mobilise ateam of players to help with the Wiki as they seem bare im going to be replacing all the images by tomorrow and then ill sart working on updating page information only one problem i have no clue how to create a page, so lets do this so the devs don’t have to!

I just made a update to the file which you can see here-

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I’d be down to help, if theres a few people interested I’d say organize a chat somewhere and split up the work (screenshots, general page setup, guides, etc)

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well atm im just doing the general screenshots but im going to have to delete some stuff that doesnt exist anymore

If you need help, I’ll do what I can :slight_smile:

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if you can find out out to delete pages that would eb great :slight_smile:

because we need to get rid of all the out of date block screenshots

Well I found where you can edit an existing page, but there is no mention of deleting it whatsoever :expressionless:

hmm don’t know then ive added a big bunch of screens

but im going off and im going to do the rest tomorrow

Just as Info.

And i can help at the Wiki.

If u make new picture pls use the *.png format like the example from me. and than we can use the info box for better overview.

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alrighty im going to go change all my current pics to png files

I would love to help, just tell me what to do xD

and we should use 1 wiki not 2 or 3 diffrent

Agreed, I think we’re all ok in using I’m going to try to bring any screens over there.

Is there any way to organize the main page itself though? The current articles still need working on, but organizing a few main categories and setting up some nicely displayed links on page 1 would make things much more user friendly.

**I’m planning to do a ton on this tomorrow, if anyone else is as well feel free to msg me

i searcgh atm how to change main page and some categories

A good writeup for basic crafting, color between worlds, and blending are needed. @DerpFish if you are any good at writing guides that would be a great place to start.

|editor name =
|class = Block / Prop / Item / Tool / Weapon / Equipmen
|image = 
|icon = 
|created from =
|found on = 
|version = 
|color =
|special =

now, new and better Infobox version ^^

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Was hoping to take another crack at some gamepedia pages in the next few days, but am not the best at starting write-ups from nothing.

@james, @ben, @randomdevs - is it alright to borrow some text from the website or is all original preferred?

Sure. No problem.

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Hey Guys,

I just started making changes to the wiki pages to boost some of the depth of details. Right now I was looking at the twisted timber page. Is there any way we can get sent a all-inclusive list of wood from the devs. This way you don’t have to take the time to edit the wiki. We would be able to make the changes accordingly.

For example: How many variation of twisted timber is there? From there we can identify not only the variations but where to find them. (Light Brown Twisted Timber, with picture, accompanied by different planets that might have this)

This would be ideal when we start getting into more rare items or world exclusive items. Looking for Iceshard? (fake name) Iceshards are found randomly underground on the Server Ice, including percentage of spawn rate vs. depth, required tool to mine, etc. etc.