WIP: Index of 🍇 Food & 🍷 Brew Buffs


awhhhh what changed? more than just that?


They made them stronger. Not a bug.


Thanks for letting me know ^^ I’ll jump on this when I get some time… which might be a bit


Have the specific shielding recipes been removed?
they’re not showing up as craftable.


the element shielding foods? they are craftable in a furnace still…


I’ll double check in a bit


My mistake, I thought I remember seeing them as recipes in the mixer. So do you put raw shielding bread in a furnace with the relevant element?



Yep, I think so


there are 2 levels of food in furnace and 3 levels in mixer (levels as in strength of food buffs)
so, a specific type of food starts with soups/broths and casseroles in furnace and continues with risottos/loafs etc. in mixer


I think @Elsiekelsie means the shielding recipes aren’t “made from scratch” like the others, you can’t mix a raw burn shielding loaf in the mixer like a teaching loaf. You first have to mix a shielding risotto/loaf/pie then add the elemental quality at the cooking step


Yes correct, thanks Prome3us
So is it a case of loading into a furnace, 50 raw shielding loafs (for example) and 50 blast shards?


Should be, just double check the recipe line before hitting burn!


amalgams, not shards :wink:


Thanks for doing the hard work collating!

Do you know if the buffs are in addition to the skills of the same bonus type? If it differs per buff then it’s the jump one I’m particularly interested in. (I would be more interested in the speed one if the costs to craft weren’t so insane.)


Pretty sure they all add on to what you have already. Jump and speed definitely do :grinning:


This is very welcome news, thank you!

(The run speed is about the third best thing about this game.)


The luminous brews don’t have any effect if you already have the equivalent skill


Ah good to know - thank you!


Only learnt this after wasting mats on mass craft :frowning:


:smiley: I feel your pain (25 portal conduits then realising my playstyle doesn’t support keeping one open for more than a few days!).