WIP: Index of 🍇 Food & 🍷 Brew Buffs



I get it now, had to do more reading and not skimming.


All foods recover you current maximum energy. So you might say they are energising, but in general sense.
Energising foods (including energising pie) also add bonus to your maximum energy (for 30 minutes) and that’s a specific name of type of foods that do that.
You might take a look at my energising food video and maybe that will make it easier to understand?


This is all covered in the post already, all the non buff-giving foods are listed at the top of the food section, and the energising foods are lower down.
And as @boundmore explained, the difference is between giving energy, and increasing max energy too.


Cleaned up the table for the falling foods and indicated that falling reduction is not fully understood (my guess, it is falling resistance)

To-Do List…
Verify Debuff names and add Debuff info (Thanks @willcrutchley)
Finish crafting and testing foods (accuracy verification)


m = b/(1 - d/100)
Prome3us Equation.
It’s official science. :sunglasses::nerd_face::grin::wink:
m - modified tool durability (available actions)
b - basic tool durability (actions) as seen in tool stat screen
d - durability drain modifier as seen in character stats

I have tested that equation (consuming persisting foods and using wood axes).
Is it correct?
Check out the video:

An OP food can save you a lot of tools

Gotta check out the video first, expect a response soon :wink:


It’s a bit boring I find after final check. A lot of talking and theory haha.


Yay! Science wins :wink: Glad I could help out even a little bit after that unfortunate grapple incident :hear_no_evil:
And thanks a ton for all your work to verify the theory. Loved watching the pole star as the day/night cycles went by while you were swinging, some extreme dedication right there.


Lol the final 500 swings took all Therkian Night! Imagine testing a gem tool!


yeah… i did that for all the gem hammers… and then they released the patch that added all the tool info to the item descriptions shortly after :scream:


oh no!! That must have been upsetting :joy:


mmm not too bad… live and learn i guess =P


Anyone making the stronger illumination food or drink?

I found the lesser one on the giant pirate ship. Also in duneshop. But its only good for what level one light . It doesn’t add to our light we already had, which I was hoping for.


By the way @Jiivita , pretty sure your shielding icon is wrong, that one is for the rage shield skill. The correct one is this:


awesome swapped it out =)


Hey all!
update 192 has brought some changes, specifically to the cooking / food section. Thought I’d drop a short note on what I’ve confirmed so far.

  1. “SPARK”
    Yes. We are now zap-cooking everything! the spark value noted in the knowledge tab for cooked foods (“made in furnace”) is the new heat requirement. It scales with food tier to make cooking higher foods more expensive. To keep it less confusing I’m going to call it “HEAT” as per furnace convention:

Raw foods -
All berries: 50 heat, 20s
All yams: 50 heat, 1min
All meats: 100 heat, 2min

Soups / Stews / Porridge: 100 heat
Loaves: 200 heat
Pies: 300 heat

  1. Fuels
    The harder the coal, the more heat it provides per unit. So far it seems similar to before, but the values have now been multiplied by 100.
    Compacted coal heat has been upgraded significantly to reflect the difficulty level of producing it, but it does not offer any speed bonuses above that of single coal pieces.

Soft coal - 100 heat
Soft compact - 1500 heat
Med coal - 250 heat
Med compact - 4500 heat
Hard coal - 800 heat
Hard compact - 15000
Peaty soil - 20 heat (0.2 speed)
Peat compact - 500 heat (0.5 speed)

  1. Furnaces
    They were serious when they said speed doubles for each furnace tier… All recipe times in the knowledge tab (and above) are base times, at 1x speed in a stone furnace.
    Iron furnaces double the speed (halve cooking time)
    Titanium furnaces double speed again, cutting the original recipe time down to 25%.

What could be better than cooking anything at 4x the speed?!
Cooking at 25% of the heat requirement… Yep. The spark (heat) costs noted are also for stone furnaces. Iron furnaces cut heat cost in half, and Titanium cuts it down to 25% as well.

  1. Buckets
    “Back when I was your age, we wouldn’t get dessert if we didn’t finish our soup. AND we had to eat the water bucket too!”

This is also a thing of the past. Soups, butter mixing, potions… Every bucket now drops as an empty bucket in the output bar after being used in a recipe.

Buckets don’t live forever though - So far I’ve managed to get 10 uses out of a water bucket before it is destroyed*. On the last craft (#10) the bucket simply isn’t returned as a product in the output slot.

It is important to note that you cant put a single bucket in a furnace and expect it to craft 10 times and destroy the bucket - each bucket can only do 1 craft and is then returned as a damaged empty bucket. To cook consecutively you still need a bucket for each cook.

*Haven’t determined whether durability reduction skill makes a difference in lifespan yet.

  1. Energy restoration
    The values for energy restoration have also been altered with the newest update. I have only tested the raw and cooked basic foods, but this shows that these have had their effect reduced. The 191 Testing notes mentioned that higher quality foods will receive n increase to make them worth the effort - not confirmed / tested yet.

As before, I present the modified Tower of Power. *Raw meats not included

(It’s gotten much shorter - planning to move it indoors and horizontal to accommodate the entire food spectrum)

As always please feel free to add and/or correct as more info becomes available


Hard compacted coal gave me 15 000 heat


Yep, can confirm that one.


healing brews are incorrect,

before last patch they were 10k

now they are 20k

I suggest you retest your brews