Wipe? Maybe?

What would happen?

Especially, if it was paired with at least some marketing.

According to James, no wipe will happen.
According to Square Enix, no marketing.


Boundless isn’t going anywhere - I’ve heard this from a little :parrot:

According to so and so there no :cookie: s (O.O)

Replace those cookies with keyboard and that’s what me would do
The time lost would disheartening but not insurmountable

Unless you mean a wipe wipe

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it would have to be with significant changes, both in marketing and additional content to keep me interested.

if they introduced blueprint mechanics before the wipe, and after added more content (at least prefabs for worldgen), then it would be an exciting new start

if the universe is just re-rolled with no other changes, then no.


Would be heartbreaking to just lose all your work. Some of the builds have hundreds of hours. Can’t imagine where one would find motivation to start from scratch, if you had sunk literal months of your spare time into perfecting your build.

Blue prints are an excellent idea. But generally only for personal use. Would not like seeing clones everywhere.

Maybe some type of expensive sale mechanic that was non duplicable, could be cool though.
You could then make a living as a dedicated builder. whilst preserving variety in game.

if there were changes and the game felt ‘new enough’, it would be doable (at least for me)
it would be best if blueprints were only for personal use, but even with that, you could use them to build for someone else and loose control over it. or limited to only a few plots in size (modular building)


I mean, joke aside, if you’re telling me that all the time I just spent working with @HOST were thrown into the garbage (not even talking about the existing city I spent something along the lines of 2000 hours on, the ressources spent in Guild Helixes, or the forged tools broken while building, etc) WHILE he’s paying with real money for about 10 months of Gleam Club (essentially to have your builds preserved from world regen)… Do you actually think that people who are currently investing time in building or are proud of the work they did would all gladly be ok with this and wouldn’t rather uninstall the game in rage, potentially leaving flaming reviews on Steam and such? I know I would.
Let’s just say that to my eyes, when someone asks “how about a wipe?”, it’s about the same as if that person was saying “I feel like it’d be fun to be crucified and have salt poured on my wounds”.

And what sort of marketing do you actually have in mind?
“Come play Boundless, we don’t care about what you do in the game to the point that we’ll wipe it all if we feel like it, nothing you build is safe, no matter how much money you spend in Gleam Club”.

So I’ll ask you this :
WHY do we need YET ANOTHER thread about this?
Hasn’t this been discussed enough already? Do we have to repeat this AGAIN?


oh come on, the thread just started derailing toward blueprints :smiley:

Sorry, I get SUPER AGGRO when someone is arguing toward that 4 letter word which would mean “you know that build you spent more than 2000 hours on? Yeah, F that, it’s gone”.

Wanna talk about Blueprints, it’s been talked about already a while ago too :
I should know, I did two threads about it myself : CRAZY IDEA : Blueprint system REDUX

You would also hit the same roadblock as we did in the past : only Wonderstruck can figure out if it’s applicable to Boundless or not.


One thing Phil did say was that -

The “find a way that something could be saved for the players” makes me think they’re wanting to find a way to get builds moved to private universes… though that might be less a blueprint thing than having a way to copy existing worlds as a whole to them? (I haven’t played with testing so not sure what is possible there on them so far) James did say there were incomplete changes in the update that are causing the delay, that they were struggling to find time to work on… for it to be taking this long, perhaps could be a change of this nature - to play on the safe side for if the time comes SE stops funding, to have a way to migrate builds to private universes in place? So if they go offline or have no choice but to reduce the costs of the servers substantially and remove some of the universe, at least there is some way to keep what we have made?


Personally, I took this to mean more of a “Find a way to ensure users can still play boundless” (i.e. private universes as a fresh concept) than “Finding a way people can save & retain their online assets”.

But it would be cool if I’m wrong in that.


Yeah, I was thinking of that possibility too, but the update for private universes seems at least to be a definite go barring disaster, just a matter of the time to finish it up, where his wording seemed more of something they’d hope to develop still? But yep, could be wishful reading in on my part there!

There are no plans for wipes unless there was a technical gotcha that forced it…

During my calls I did discuss that if we ever had an emergency where they had to reset a planet or universe that we should allow a reclaim option where at least people get all the resources they have now, same with cubits paid for.

We discussed blueprints multiple times and many ways to implement it and the technical challenges. I do feel we had a few promising ideas but as always programming time for that versus other needs and which would give the most benefit to the game and adoption. Most of my focus was on how to make it easiest for people to move or recreate builds but it could certainly help in a wipe.

I don’t see much benefit in a wipe or that it will really solve anything unless they do like @Apt said and also made some of the lower planets more interesting in terrain. I miss planets like Elopor that were lower tier but had more terrain features.

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Even if anyone planned to return after a wipe, there would be virtually no players between the time of announcement and the wipe. Game would shut down before it happens.

there is no maybe, I always wipe and even wash my hands after.


I think a wipe would be perfect for the game IF it was paired with a big content patch + marketing. Basically like a re-release.

Also having less servers would help with money, we do not need anywhere near the amount of planets we have atm, for the current population. Then people would be more condensed and perhaps more communities would form because of it.

Along with a big content patch, perhaps they could look at certain mechanics/features that they might want to remove from the game also.

Yes it would suck for the people who have been building for the past 2000 hours, just to lose it. But I think those same people would also gain a lot more from having the game they love, thrive.

More players = more money = more content = more players


Wipe only if it benefits to do so like a major overhaul of things.

I imagine it’s tangled a bit seeing it isn’t a “live chat” when you aren’t in whisper/say/shout. (Which to be honest the universal channels [at the very least] need to be).

Plot/beacon system…
Changing it from “2D” to “3D” potentially vertical beaconing (players living on top of each other).
Possible plot zones within the same beacon.
Maybe adding rental/sale/blueprint beacons…

Wipe with benefits… like we get something in return like suggested before by others like @Apt and @Ovis but these benefits can’t be just promises (just saying).

Wipe just to wipe… No it is a “punishment” for a lot of Oortians that apparently waisted all that time for nothing… (will even lose more players and gain a lot of bad publicity)…

Just how i see it…