I’m having trouble getting the work bench to work. It ask for spark and i haven’t a clue what that is? Any one able to help me understand.

Sparks coming from a core, witch you connect to other machines with pipes.
It uses same fuel as the furnace, and is used for some higher tier recipe.

thank you very much. But dont you need a workbench to make the pipes and the power core, that is a redundant circle.

How to I get to the market place to buy what I need?

What? You don’t need spark for everything, just certain high end items. Spark is not requipped for most recipies. Is your workbench just not working any more? If so, craft a stone spanner and hit it with it to repair the work bench.

It hasn’t work since I made it yesterday

you should add this to the bug list and give more info

But you’re able to make other items not requiring spark though yes? Or not able to create any items at all from the workbench?

The spark requirement is only for some higher end items, as @Havok40k mentioned. You’ll need to create one of these and some of these to connect the power core to the various machines. Put fuel (coal etc.) in the power core to create spark. Any machine that is connected to the power core can then use the generated spark to create higher end items.

I figured out what I was doing wrong, I thought the work bench was like the furnace and needed a type of fuel to work(I.e. Spark). Now that Havok told me I don’t need the spark unless a recipe called for it, I just put in the items like the craft table. My bad. It works fine now, thank u for all the help.


I did the same thingy first time using the work bench.

for future reference, you will use the work bench to craft other machines: compactor, extractor, refinery, mixer, and power core.

the power core which is what produces spark, is similar to the furnace (crucible/firepit). it consumes a fuel for a reason. Only, where the furnace uses a fuel to melt metals, the Power Core uses fuel to create spark.

You can build a power core, then run ‘pipe’ from the furnace to the other machines. that will enable the machines (including workbench) to use ‘spark’ created by the power core. place the power cores alongside each other to link them, along with pipe, which will enable you to burn more things simultaneously to generate spark.

other notes:
you will melt ore in furnace, and either use it in your workbench such as iron and copper, or you will put metals (gold+iron for example) in mixer and make an alloy, then load ten alloy into a compactor to make compact metal, then place that in the refinery, then use that combined with spark and fossil extract (which you get by putting fossil in the extractor) to make higher end metal tools (silver gold titanium).

we dont have the stuff to make gem based tools yet i believe…

copper and iron are good enough and much much better than wood or stone. they all last about the same amount of blocks but one breaks them faster than the other. if you die you will take durability loss to your tools so be careful.

youll need higher quality metal tools to break higher quality blocks. i.e. you need silver to mine titanium and gold to mine gems.

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oh, and you can put an ingredient in and see what you can make with it in the recipe list…

this is helpful for say, putting in the ancient tech fragment to see the various machinery you can make.

last tip, though it may seem boring at first to do it, id recommend making a few wooden hammers and an axe, then mine up as much stone as possible, use your crafting table to turn them from rock to stone, then use the stone to make a few 10 packs of hammers

from there go explore in the dessert or where the mountains are weird shaped and mine as much copper and iron as you can with the ten packs of hammers.

then take that back and make as many copper / iron hammers as possible.

i delayed and used wood and stone for a long time starting out and i really feel it held me back

dont forget, you need fossil fragments to make fossil extract so youll need the workbench, extractor, fossil extract, and stick to make copper tools.

also the copper slingbow dmg was a huge jump up from stone so id make one or two of those too to help you stay alive out there

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We can do that, it’s just expensive.

I cried seeing how much it is lol.

That was super helpful @T4LCOMX, thanks. My 1st day all I did was mine because I kept falling in caves. I haven’t seen silver or anything higher. Do you have to leave starter planets to find them? If so how do you travel?

All metals have been find at starter worlds.
You have to travel to find gems.

Here some guides, good luck.

Beginning guide

Warp guide.