Warp Guide (Release 144+)

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Two weeks ago I wrote a detailed beginner guide for new and returning players to help them finding their way into the game (find the guide here).

Hint: If you are new to the game, start with my beginner guide and return here if you finished it.

Because of the good response to the guide and multiple questions in the forum according to “how to open / use a portal” I decided to write another guide for this.

As in my first guide, I try to make this as “example driven” as possible to give players a “step by step” guide how to set up a portal.

The journey begins

Once you build up your base you can start to plan your first trip to another world. You might remember that you’ve been asked by the game where your homeworld should be (the location) and now you want to team up with others from other locations or you just want to trade on other planets. Too change your planet, you need two things:

First of all, you need four warp conduits (2 for every warp - there and back again). The second but more important item is the “Warp location picker upgrade” (recepie). This is really expensive and it will take you some time to gather the resources, especially the gold.

Hint: You can find a lot of recipes at “boundlesscrafting.com”. Use this page if you are unsure what steps you need to do next.

Let’s assume that you just finished my first beginner guide and that you don’t have any advanced machines. First of all, you need to collect or buy the below ingredients for the machines and the items.

For the beginning, we can ignore “Spark” because this is a fuel that will be generated in the “Power Core”. But we need to keep in mind that we need a “burning fuel” to generate spark. You can use anything that can “burn” to generate spark like:

  • Coal
  • Wood
  • Peat

They have different Spark outputs if you burn them and therefore I suggest that you collect at least 200 soft coal or more.

When you collected everything you can start your work,

  • Step 1:
    We need to smelt every metal in a fire pit and craft the stones in the crafting table. This will take some time.

  • Step 2:
    We start to craft a first batch of new machines from the list below. The machines we need first are the “Extractor” and the “Compactor”. We place them into our base.

  • Step 3:
    We need to craft the required compact metals in the “Compactor”. We need, as you can see below, 4 compact iron and 2 compact copper.

  • Step 4:
    After we’ve compacted the iron and the copper we can craft a new machine the “Refinery”. We place it again in our base.

  • Step 5:
    The most important machine needs to be crafted. The “Power Core” generates a new fuel called “Spark” from other burning fuels as described above (You need to place the burning fuel into the power core). You need to connect the Power Core to your machines with “Pipes”.

Be aware: I did not plan the metals for the pipes in my material list because the amount is dependent on you base set-up.

  • Step 6:
    This is the last machine we need. It’s the “Mixer”. Build it and place it as the other machines before.

Gratualation: You now own all currently possible machines.

  • Step 7:
    Now we are able to craft the Gold Alloy in the Mixer and the “Bone Extract” in the Extractor. We now should have all required base ingredients for the “Warp Location Picker Upgrade”.

  • Step 8:
    We can now craft the “Warp Location Picker Upgrade” and use it on your Totem (One of the first items you had in your inventory when you started the game). This should look now like below:

  • Step 9:
    Craft the 4 Warp conduits and place two of them above each other like shown below:

  • Step 10:
    Use your upgraded Totem on one of the planets at the sky. You will see a “Flare” leaving the totem and a log message in your chat that a new warp location has been recorded.

  • Step 11:
    You can now prepare your journey to the new planet. You might want to take a beacon control, arrows, a sling bow and the two remaining warp conduits with you (you like to come back I assume).

  • Step 12:
    Now interact with the warp conduits and select the new warp location on the new planet. The portal will open and you can go walk through it to the new planet.

Be aware: The Warp only opens for 60 seconds. No time now for long preparations. The portal is unidirectional and you can’t just walk back if you once walked through it.

Welcome on the other side

  • Step 13:
    Walk into the portal. You are now on another planet.

Be aware: You might “stuck” in something if you cross the warp (there is currently no detection where your new location is placed on the new planet). If the happens, restart your game. This will solve the problem.

Once you reached the new planet you can set up your new home beacon on the planet. You can also save new locations and warp there directly the next time you open a portal. If you like to return to your home world you just need to set the remaining two warp conduits and go back. Don’t forget to save a new location on the planet. Otherwise, you need to build a new warp location picker upgrade.

Hint: You can find a detailed map of the current systems and the galaxy here.


You mastered the current crafting aspects of the game. You build all machines currently possible and you took a step on a new planet. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.:slight_smile:

I hope my guide helped you with this task.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :wink:


Thanks for the excellent guide! You know where I can find out “how to save new locations”?

Spelling error, totel should be totem.

In your inventory, open location-tab and save current location.
Or if you get, or buy a location-marker, put it in your hand and use it.

It will add the location to your location list.

Then you can use warp-conduits to go to any location in the list.

Thanks. Can I input any coordinate or world I want? Am I limited to my current character’s “position”?

You can only mark locations you are currently standing on.

@Heureka: Thanks, corrected it.

@MajorWitty: as the others already said, you can only save locations you are standing at. The Warp Location Picker is the only exception to this rule because it can “create” a new location on another planet.

@Heurazio , I have a question! Are the warp conduits consumed when you use them to create a warp, or will they reform once the gate has closed?

They will be consumed once you open the warp. But they are very cheap and can be build in your inventory.

Do you happen to know if there’s plans to change this in the future? I understand the warps can’t be permanent due to engine limitations, but I would prefer there to be some level of permanence to the game’s core mechanism.

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Warps are the “first” teleport possibility in game. In later releases, there will be other possibilities like “portals” (They will be permanent - it’s IIRC unclear how they work exactly [e.g. consumes fuel or something else to stay open])

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Ah, that is good to know! Thank you for your quick responses!