World builder suggestions

I love playing around with the world builder but there are some things I think the builder is missing:

  • more tree types
  • I would like to change the radius of tree trunks
  • A description what every noise does
  • more colours
  • different grass/stone/whatever colours in every biome
  • an “undo” button !! I need this !!
  • the possibility to test your world without the devs having to upload it.

here is some videos from squid in case you havent watched them already :smiley:

I have :slight_smile: I already made two worlds for Oort. Still waiting for the email :smiley:

I think you can create your own tree types by default in the world builder, right @lucadeltadecso?

I meant more wood/leave types :smiley:

how about making and pinning a post called ‘‘player created worlds’’ where people could upload a video of how the world look and then upload the file unto the forum. and you can look them through and see if you like some of them?


Oooh i was jsut about to make this topic with the old suggestions from the former forum.

  • Make it possible to define a maximum amount of biomes and trees, rocks, ores and such (This way you should be able to makes super rare areas, plants and ores. you would also be able to one single forest in a world or making a giant mountain that maybe could be what defines the world)

  • Add subbiomes as a thing, This should make it possible to make special terrain that only spawns in a specific biome (This should make it easier to make things that differs from the noise)

  • A minimum y that can be set on substrata

  • (If subbiomes are added) a minimum an maximum y on subbiomes which should make it possible to have underground subbiomes.

  • A maximum y on caves

  • Cave specific height map

  • RGB color scale to choose colours of blocks in the world builder

  • The ability to add notes to different part of noise/biome

  • World setting for strata/substrata


Ah, well there’s only going to be two wood types to start off with, but they will be more different than the ones we have now. They’re Twisted Wood and Ancient Wood (each makes sub variants makes timber, trunk, leaves). They’ll have different textures, but unique tints (like the trees we have now) so potentially endless variations.

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As we are heading to a tiered world system, we need, as world creators, to have rankings for ores etc. so we dont “overdo” the rare finds and try to make acceptable worlds.

World Builder off topic…
If we wish to submit a world, do we just email ya’ll with our .js file?
Anyone or address we should specifically send our creations?

You have to email the world to the devs :smiley: tbeir email can be found on the Oort online webpage.
I’m sill waiting for a response from the devs though :slight_smile:

Yeah - that’s on me. Sorry we’ve not responded. But I’ve been trying to find a more scalable solution than only us putting them online. Was hoping to find a solution so that everyone could explore their worlds locally. Watch this space!!


Being able to locally view your created worlds would be awesome.

So when will I be able to play on them?

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It would be cool if you could design custom building that can spawn in the world.

And of course classify them in groups and make variations of them.


Hopefully a mechanic like this is how they/ we add Oort temples in World Builder

Probably something a bit more advanced than that. :smiley:


The tree creation is a bit two dimensional. Especially when you can’t do anything else to the trunk than make it longer and shorter.

It would be nice if you could add distortion to the trunk and if you could change the thickness.

Also i have a hard time making lakes more common would it be possible to do something about that?

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Agreed on the thicker trees!

As much as i like these really high trees it look a bit strange when they are alone. I am waiting for them to snap all the time.