World Builder v2 Bugs & Suggestions

Post 'em as you see 'em!

Here’s my list, thus far:

(Unless otherwise noted, I’m using the OS X test build on 10.11.5 on a 15" MBP, mid '14)


  • Starting off with HiDPI mode being unsupported on OS X:
    • Windows HiDPI support fares better; everything works, it just isn’t scaled up.
  • Labels for exposed values sometimes truncate:
  • There’s no option to preview 3d noise
  • Cave noise assigned at the world node doesn’t appear to inherit through to sub-biomes


  • Visualizations in separate windows don’t update until you switch to the tap their node exists in.
    • For example, you’re working on a 2d noise function (in its own file), and have that noise function connected to a heightmap in a biome (separate file), and are previewing that heightmap in a separate window. If you make a change to the noise function, the preview won’t update until you switch to the biome’s tab. Ideally, I think, the visualization would update when you save the 2d noise’s file
  • Constant noise probably doesn’t need to show frequency or seed
  • Opening some of the built in configs (such as noise2d/HeightmapRollingHills) yields “World config was migrated from an older version, please test incase of failure”


  • Consider committing values when clicking outside of a dialog, and only discarding values when pressing escape (instead of committing only when pressing return). That’s the behavior my fingers seem to expect, at least
  • Support ⌘- shortcuts in addition to ctrl- for us OS X plebs.
  • Double tap to toggle a node’s contents makes sense, but it was definitely a bit confusing at first. A single tap on the disclosure arrow would be preferable, though, I think. (Unless you want to get into disambiguating drags and taps on the same touch target; bleh)
  • ctrl- or ⌘- click on a connection to clear it (it was a super handy shortcut in the old WB!)
  • Allow other nodes to be chained into a part’s reference node (for example, being able to remap a heightmap to have a smaller range). Could make previewing a part in isolation a bit easier
  • Ability to toggle the toolbar/menu (so we can have full-window visualizations)
  • Horizontal/vertical split views (would be nice, but I can only assume that it would be a fair bit of work)

2D Image-filter do not load image (same images that worked in old one).
I have copied them to Boundless imagemap in steam.

The image-name stand in red, and preview is empty.

you can already expose dangling node connectors by right-clicking the connector’s name and exposing it like a slider/checkbox/blocktype selector

agreed, but equally special casing things for the sake of a single noise node doesn’t seem particularly worth it :wink:

I’m undecided on this one… I agree it’s perhaps not ideal (and I hadn’t considered this use-case before, so it’s not that it was designed this way), but it does at least fit with the ‘tabs in the background are not updated’ behavior :wink:

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that the packaged configs are not already fully migrated being a ‘not ideal’ case rather than a bug, the fact that it says ‘world config’ is a bug, since this wasn’t a world config you were opening :wink:

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Sorry, I mean this guy:

But let me back up to what I was trying to accomplish, because it also is why I ran into the visualizations for other files not updating thing.

For my dunes function, for instance, I want to be able to visualize it with different height ranges (e.g. in a biome part), and with different block types.

The best approach I was able to find was to make a biome part that uses the dunes function (in its own window), and visualize its chunks (in another window).

I think it’d be pretty handy to be able to expand upon the test node:

  • There’d be less window juggling (one less window, or tab to switch to)
  • The test node can also act as a useful reference when sharing these functions

Heh, yeah :stuck_out_tongue: Anything under the "bug" (not bug) category is me in idiot-PM mode and not dev mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Also good catch on ‘world config’ - totally missed that, hah

I’m not able to load or save worlds… seems to be a path issue. I’m currently on my desktop (Windows 10). Does the World Builder need to be installed on the C: drive?

I’ve checked the path I am saving to /loading from and it is correct (the same path as the error message).

Not a big one but a little annoying in wb.
The 3d-node input symbol is same as close node.

More then once i have linked a node backwards to another node and clicked the link on the remove-node circle instead of node input, and have to undo.

Maybe another color, or let the cross be visible on close-circle

Another thing that would be really handy is an option to have sharp biome edges for sub-biome selection (rather than relying on the global biome size). Handy for rocks jutting out of some terrain, rivers, etc.

For example, I’ve set my biome size to 1 (by editing the file), which works great to approximate it (but means I can’t have smooth transitions for any of my other biomes):


So, I’d really like to make a world where there is a harsh surface (lava, lots of rock, etc), but underneath that is a series of huge caverns and tunnels containing a lush environment. Lots of gleam, gleam trees, bioluminescence, etc to light the place up. Underground lakes. All that jazz.

Further, I think it’d be pretty interesting if you can only enter the underground in certain places in the world, such as a lava lake that has broken through and is slowly draining into the underground. Elsewhere, you’d encounter bedrock between the overworld and underworld. Finding the underworld might even be considered a surprise. This would be a late game world :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been messing around with a world like this, but there are some WB features that I think would really help make it real:

  • A 3d node that lets you specify a gradient along the y axis (Bézier?). For example, a smooth transition between values of -1 at y=20, 1 at y=110, back to -1 at y=200
    • A node like this could be used to restrict caves, and probably many other things at various altitude bands
    • It could probably be used as an alternative to cave shrink, too!
  • An extrusion node: Give it a 2d node (heightmap), and it extrudes that into 3d space.
    • Probably also another 2d node for a lower heightmap, so you can create bands of 3d terrain
    • This node would be insanely useful in pretty much every world I’ve played with, thus far
  • Cave shrink:
    • A broader range (I’d like to be able to guarantee that no caves break the surface)
    • Or possibly even a minimum y below the surface that caves can begin?
    • A version of cave shrink that works from the bottom of the world (to avoid hitting bedrock too often)
    • Maybe just a way of specifying a 3d function that controls cave shrink? (such as the y-axis gradient node above)
  • The ability to create a strata layer out of bedrock (maybe with a warning?)

“bugs” that make this a bit tough, too:

  • There’s no way to preview a 3d noise node in isolation, currently :frowning:
  • Cave noise assigned at the world node doesn’t appear to inherit through to sub-biomes

Just ran into a consistent crash when opening a world file. Here’s the state of my wb configs dir - it crashes when opening worlds/kovah.json.

It’s something to do with noise2d/Rivers.json - merely adding that node to the world crashes the world builder.


Downloaded the new version, connected a whole bunch of things together, can’t find the “now generate the world, dammit” button. I’m sure these “connect a bunch of dialog panels with Bezier curves” UIs are intuitive to somebody, and I realize this isn’t the finished product–but could the next release lower the usage frustration index a bit?

(When I complained last year and someone responded with a video, I really tried to watch it. The problem is I read faster than I watch videos, so training me with a video isn’t the best choice. My attention starts to wander about 47 seconds in.)

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You can view a world via the “world visualisation” on the “generator” node.

The blue dot is to view in the World Builder, the green dot is to view in the game.

Thank you, James…I’ll check that out in 8h as I’m about to be Otherwise Occupied © ™ (patent pending) whilst keeping the makers of Diet Mountain Dew provided with their daily crust.

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Like this, with a 3-point bezier you could raise the sea floor, without the mountain skyrock to the moon, and use it with bias to get some interesting thing.

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It looks like the world builder config directory got moved under ~/Library/Application Support/` on OS X (makes sense). Though it got moved to a weird path on my machine:

~/Application Support/(null)/boundless/worldbuilder/config/

Silly \0, go home!


Also, something that’s been nagging at me for a while: it seems like the Simplex noise implementation is skewed along the x axis (ish; really, skewed at something like 30° above that axis).

I much prefer the look of Simplex noise, but this one oddity makes me constantly go back to Perlin since it looks more “regular”.

I get that Simplex generates along a triangular grid (lattice?), but I would expect that to not look skewed like the WB seems to generate Simplex noise. For example, we currently see noise like:

But it seems like it should be generating more like:

(or at least, it’d be really nice if it did!)

Here’s a slightly better example, with one of the simplex grid triangles highlighted (I think):

Not equilateral!

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That’s to do with making the simplex noise wrap, because a lattice of equilateral triangles doesn’t ‘fit’ into a square effectively. Same for 3d simplex

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