World / Resource Regeneration... forced regen... with potential lore

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I can see a possibility to introduce a bit of lore here, for worlds that have become too destroyed and world regeneration currently cannot keep up. After chatting about this idea on our guild discord, @Peyago and I fleshed it out a little further…

How about a mechanic where forced regeneration can take place over a much shorter amount of time for any unprotected areas… namely from something we’ve all seen in one of the older trailers and are mostly all excited about… Titans.

Now I know titans are a very BIG feature… but they could be introduced gradually as follows:-

Once a world reaches an unsustainable amount of damage, a smal scale repair titan is dispatched which carries out sustained, forced regeneration of the world, regardless of any player being in the way (this would obviously not affect beaconed areas). These small titans would initially be invulnerable, so they just carry out their intended work of fixing world regeneration.

Once further development time allows for fighting titans, it again could be introduced gradually with the smaller titans injecting a new type of resource into the ground during it’s repair process. This resource can then be mined, and once enough is found (I would say this needs to be great amount), it would allow players to craft a device which would attune them to that particular titan allowing them past it’s protective shielding. They would then need to plant the device on the titan in a specific location, which would deactivate it’s shielding entirely, making in vulnerable so others players could attack as well.

In starting with small repair titans, you could scale them up (different sizes and styles of titans) either for harder worlds or as part of a progression system - so if a small titan is taken down and there is still work to be done on repairing a world, a larger titan could be dispatched - again seeding the ground with it’s own unique resource fragments to later be able to get past it’s shielding.

I think it would be a fun mechanic, as players would need to make a choice whether to let a titan finish it’s work of repairing the world more quickly, or to attack it and plunder it’s resources.

Whilst addressing the world regen issue, I feel this also has the added benefit of injecting some lore surrounding Titans and their associated protectors, who could be looking after the worlds and repairing any extensive damage caused to them (for an as yet unknown reason), whilst still allowing for further progression/development of them when the time comes.


Yes. Take all my yes.

Hey great brain storming - I like it actually good.idea. I’ll go with the previous comment. Thumbs up from me!

I just want my airship… lol

Yes please

Rather than just dispatching larger titans, maybe a fleat of smaller titans first? This would allow more people to acquire the titan attunement ore (let’s call it TAO for now) and experience their own boss encounter before the colossal titans arrive.


Yeah! Bring back that EA drawing board style. More ideas people!

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As an alternative to titans;

Many of the creatures that were thought up in the concept art were supposed to be guardians of a sort. Perhaps those creatures (worms, rock throwers, bashers, or the ghostly hunters) spawn in the area to guard the damaged environs (spawning on surface likely). This would bring in hunters but likely keep out miners and gatherers. This could also begin a rapid regen in the area or region while those creatures are spawned. A halo or some other effect could show on the atlas to both warn and highlight the event area.


The only issue I have with this, is that it only benifits Hunters/Combat. Especially in the higher level worlds. But what about the players that don’t want to do combat?

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Sounds like its more collaborative and brings miners, crafters, and hunters together. Great idea. I like it

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