Would love to share coin and cubits between alts

Would love to be able to share cubits and coin with my alts also would love to give my beacon away to someone without having to unplot. And one more thing a piggy bank machine or a deposit machine were u could store coin that way you could just take it out when ever u want with whatever character you want as long as they had permissions they could deposit or withdraw kinda like a atm


Use a basket.


I use the guild system as a piggy bank, you can send and withdraw from any characters and send money even when not around your beacon. :smiley:

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Probably means something more official than a basket. Also share a home beacon with your alts. I mean, why not?


Yeah a proper coin purse would be noice

Couldn’t do cubits because you’d be able to crank out alts and get tons of cubits too fast.

Request basket for alts to drop coin in. You just set the budget to max with your alts then 0 with your main. I actually call it “breaking the alts piggy banks”


Agreed, Qtips should stay toon specific.

True both of those would be improvements, and why not…

I currently use the basket method but would love a official bank chest that earns interest? Lol. Would a universal dev office be against the point of a mmo? To set a low and high threshold for sale prices too?

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As for the beacon, you can ‘delete’ your beacon (at the settings inside the beacon) which removes all plots connected to that beacon and unfuels it :slight_smile:

Yea I want something more official then a request basket or guild book just to help make the emergin more real and that is the thing I don’t wanna delete the beacon I just wanna be able to transfer to someone else like here u go

The banking guild is a great way to manage funds and it’s an official way of pooling resources.

You can deposit from anywhere. You can either have 1 or more controllers, or allow any of your characters to withdraw. They can also send money to one another and you can have books in more than one place to access the same pool of funds.

This needs to happen.


I agree, I’d love to be able to share cubits with alts, my main has spent up but my alt has a few thousand and I want the gleambow glasses for my main. I also think we should be able to use purchased items on any character.

Sharing cubits will NEVER happen.
Too easy to take advantage. You could start a new character. Power level. Give the cubits. Delete character start a new character. Do the same. And so on. In a day you could get thousands and thousands of cubits.
Making a third way to share coin between alts is a waste of the devs time. Use a basket. I know it doesn’t look like a piggy bank. But build a piggy bank. And put a basket in it. Problem solved.

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I know many stated the request basket. I don’t think this is the safest because if you forget to fuel your beacon where the request is in you will lose all your money. I think the best bet for this is a “Guild Bank”.

Would need to do the math to see if making an alt from 0 to 50 gives more cubits than the same amount of exp over lvl 50. If i remember you gain less cubits per level at lvl 49 and less. If its the same then there is no issue transferring cubits. The advantage is the quick amount of skill point you get at low level where you can set a quick alt that would focus crafting and so on.

I think the real problem here is the limitation of skill set per character. if we could get lets say “infinite” skill page, you would be able to play on your main character all the time then get the cubits at the right place/characters.


I want this soooooooooo bad :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3: Maybe one day? Maybe Gleam Club Gold? :grin:

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0 to 50 awards 9k cubits and requires 3.3M xp.
So player gets more cubits on this journey to level 50.
This chart shows 9k60 cubits, but one leveling video out come was 9k, maybe I was missing there something.

Leveling chart:

Opening all cubits crates at once:

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I’m not talking about getting an alt to level 50. That takes way too long. And time is cubits. You’d level to 30 max and start over. You can get to level 30 pretty quick. And it’s a decent amount of cubits(that chart says 3810 cubits). To get to level 30 might take 2 hours probably less I really don’t know how quickly I got to level 30 on my last alt but I don’t think it was even 2 hours.
Maybe I’ll test on a new alt and see how quickly I can level it to 30.

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I would just set up a brick farm and have it set up to cook with a certain number of furnaces to min/max the xp to cubit ratio. Create a new alt, start the furnaces, log out. Fairly easy to math out and bricks are super quick to mass produce now. Then I just sell the bricks.

Edit: To clarify, its just an easily broken system due to the time/cubit ratio on new characters.


I tried to get alts having the ability to share the home beacon. Unfortunately this was the response back and the Devs view at this point:

I think the issue is minimal but respect the view. Personally I am still trying to push for it and sway @James view but he is a hard cookie to influence. I even bribed him with 100,000 tallow… no dice.

This is not allowed because it can be exploited by playing a character then deleting it and repeating the process. This results in easy cubit acquisition and is a cheat.

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