Writing a book?!

If I were to write a book about Boundless history until now (which I’m not), I’d think of a kind of a good spot to end it first, a certain change in the state of the universe, and work backwards from there to find multiple starting points that ultimately converge.

Find a bunch of guilds’ origin stories then fill in the gaps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats actually a great idea, i like it a lot, thanks :smiley:

How about somewhere in the story a brother and sister fall down into a mineshaft. After hours of being lost they stumble onto something in the distance. It appears to be surrounded by wildstock. They make their way cautiously to this object. Moving slowly not to aggravate the wondering beast. They are growing tired and hungry fast. Finally! “It’s a chest”! The sister says. Indeed, it is a dusty old chest. They find a old bone and use it to pry the chest open. To their surprise there lies a old titanium hammer and a bag of bombs. With excitement the sister harnesses up her bomb skill while her brother raises the hammer high above his head. “Let’s do this”! He shouts. She grabs the bombs and they form a line to the north. With excitement she ignites the first bomb… “STAND BACK!” She says. She lays waste to any adjacent area while her brother moves in to bash any remains that block their path the the surface.

Lol just a thought. They need names and I’m so sick today.

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Oh yeah this ^ is storytelling lol. Not really history unless it counts for bomb mining. Lol.

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Ye, that could be cool, i could also a do “small” history story, and made up stories that follow it, which can be a rly great thing

Ye sry kinda overlooked your post. Jist thought it was one of those.
Theres plenty of us that were here at launch still playing :slight_smile:

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Im glad to hear that :smiley:
Also ill maybe need some info on some things like:

First warps/portals
first meteor encounters
first group hunts
first feelings and pics of builds (small big any)
some experiences rly stuck in your memory
etc. :smiley:

Maybe check out aquatopian embassys “historic boundless” section? Its near that gleambow grapple thingy at hub… theres interviews from players that have played the game long… might find some stuff there.

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Awesome, thanks :smiley:

You know, the funny is, ever since I noticed the existence of the Oort Planetary History: Raxxa, I have been wanting to write a short story about my build…
But hey, thanks for the interest! :stuck_out_tongue:

U wanna talk about hunts… P.U.R.E was probably most popular followed by @JaceyLive’s hunts. I know at least once Circ was capped cuz everyone was on the hunt.

Speaking of capping worlds, the time when the cap was 100 and Biitula was the bottleneck for all connections. There was a que just to jump between some worlds.


Awesome, but also i would like to tell about the furthest beginings of this “culture” of hunting :smiley:

Then that is before my time lol. I’d be interested to hear about EA hunts myself

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Ye, cant wait to get to speak a bit with some of them who did :smiley:

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cap was 60 at launch and yea it was like waiting for a train to arrive, if only one person got off at your station and 20 are racing to get on

I was legit just thinking on my drive to work :roll_eyes: about the evolution of hunts and how they now use the platforms, which is in a new league of efficiency from back in the day. Def a story in that.

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I think it started at 100 but servers couldn’t handle it. So they temporarily dropped it to 60 and eventually went up to 80, which it is now

It would be neat if someone put together a coffee table book that we could get printed on Shutterfly etc

maybe we finally get books and notepads in the game… this could be one of the entries.

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Chapter 12: How I got in-game books added from a post about this book you’re reading. So meta.

JK I know how you meant that.

In-game books would be amazing though, I’ll add that to my list of unique things we should be able to craft and name. My first book will be terrible puns with Boundless lingo. “Boundless Boundless Puns”.


Hey guys ill need few side characters if anyone wants to be in, reply to this post, and ill need some info on you :smiley: