☄ 9/12/20 Solo T6 Gleambow Meteors for everyone! Come Join!

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We are set up on Circa Platform 8, With most afking when they leave to continue helping the community even when they are gone

All are welcome to join. When you warp to the platform, go upstairs, and there are portals N S E W, NE NW SE SW for easy travel. A line and spawning order for the group so everyone can keep track easy of whos meteor belong to whom.

All you need is gleam augments, and if you need one to start and learn, someone on the platform will usually donate to help anyone get started.

The group respects each other spawned meteor, but randoms may still attack the meteors unknowingly. There are also a few people who are camping the platform and area intentionally and taking every meteor, but that is allowed in the rules, so be respectful, and move on. Do not harass anyone.

To get to the platform, you can go thru TNT, at the top lvl NE in the 2x2 is the portal that goes directly to the platform.

Happy Gleambow Hunting everyone. We have done everything we could to help everyone win Gleambow and come out on top. :blue_heart:



If they want to tag along for the run to get oort hey you are more then welcome to run along one of us for it… :slight_smile:


I think I accidentally sniped one while I was running around circa earlier but it was almost over and I didn’t know what you guys were doing, lol. Sounds like a good plan and I may tag along for oort later : )


Its all good, accidents happen. And its still allowed so don’t feel bad. We have been trying to teach everyone as they stumble upon us what is going on and get them started too. Hope to see you there :blue_heart:


With so many people on the platform, how come the region doesnt spawn a whole load of them naturally at the same time? Just curious

It is still a cooldown timer like regular meteors, so we will have ocassional t5 and t6 natural meteors. For the ones we are unsure of we just kill the gleamtrunks and if they drop Sacs then we know it is natural and for everyone/anyone


From what I have seen, the area where you are creating that meteorite farm, there are many completed meteorites full of Oort. Can you go there and take advantage of that? in return I can hunt the creatures so they can clean the rainbow meteorites without pressure. Do you see that well?


YES!! tons of people have been going around and just collecting the completed meteors or helping with the mobs on active meteors to get the full oort loot, that is no problem at all, there is tons and tons of boxes on the ground everywhere freely to take, dont waste it and let it go away :stuck_out_tongue:

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Myself and few other mainly follow people spawning the gleambows and help defend that person then collect oort as we go. It has been a few beneficial arrangement. I’ve gathered alot of oort since this started. Come join in!


Where is this?

To get to the platform, you can go thru TNT, at the top lvl in the 1x2 is the portal to meteor meet, goes directly to the platform. Also accessible via the Tardis hub on Sorissi at the Gleambow Farm Portal in the Center. Also a portal at the Guardian hub on Lambis, and at the La Familia portal hub on Circa.

or message a friend with the location token

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Ok, so I’ll go back to the area and try to avoid the temptation of the brilliant gleam.

It will be hard to see the gleam and not loot it, but I will make it! :mechanical_arm:

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If you need some augments to spawn your own, im at the platform now and can give you some.


Well that’s nice.

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Thanks but it’s not necessary. I prefer the Oort now. I will have time after participating in these meteorite farms.

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Devastation lol. These don’t really do it justice. There’s tons of stuff to pick up here.


Who sells augments?

I believe there are some for sale on platform

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How do I get to platform 8?

Oh nvm, found the token


Dont see any augments though.

I didn’t know we could do this before. Might try to spawn some big meteors for my gleam hunting.

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