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I mean this is the ancient future right? Its what Boundless is I think, but lets assume it is. Should armors be leather and protect from weapons? Should they be elegant or tribe-like clothes/armor? should they be both? both seems nice. but what are you guys thinking about doing with armor? there wont be, lets say, 10 sets which we will be like “which one do I choose to go to this dungeon?”? It would be cool to have armors to benefit from the environment, vs certain enemies and combined with a certain weapon…

will you guys do a level progression for us to be able to use certain armor or can we just use the highest armors if someone gave it to us? that wouldnt be fair…

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damn… can i delete this post? or any dev?

I can remove it, or we can open dialog about your ideas and what you hope to see from wearables. Up to you.

Edit: I see now that you did in another topic. I will clean up here.

FYI guys, it’s not always helpful to close threads like this. A new discussion around armour wants/needs from new community members could be helpful to us.

Re-opened at OP’s request. Let’s talk wearables!


Still as baffled as ever at the idea of horizontal progression. The idea that using rarer materials won’t necessarily make a piece better, just different. But I don’t think I have any other thoughts or feedback on this until I can see it in action.

im sorry i forgot what i said before i edited this… that did i say about the rare things?

Oh, you didn’t. But as long as we’re talking about wearables and getting feedback for them again, I’m going to speak up about what Ben talked about again:

Basically I’m just really interested to see their solution to this well-known trope.


well, what do you think about the Morphisis? I think its exactly what ben told he didnt want… but they are not better abilities they are just different. You can make the coice to be a creature and battle as them by wearing the set or as your character with armor. It would make the game more simple for players but harder to play since you can’t use items. More like a fashion thing but for the actual gameplay.

I’m wondering if something like socketable slots would work for this … it would allow for a certain amount of ability enhancing differences, whilst still maintaining the unique and customised armour creation they’re aiming for.

I guess it would need to follow the old tried-and-tested route of “better gems = better abilities”, but there would need to be some way to limit low-level players from just adding high-level gems to their armour.

An alternative idea would be to have some sort of powered ability for armour, which would need to be recharged using ‘Spark’, or a combination of the two. If the ability to create machines is linked to player (or profession) progression, you could limit how much charge an armour could take - or make it cost prohibitive for a low level player to charge their armour up fully.

Anyone played the Division yet? It’s system is not massively different to what we’ve talked about. Stat affecting items with little visual effect + non-stat effecting visual customisation, big visual effect.

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I’m gonna need a PC upgrade before I can play that unfortunately! My system is so old it’s scary! :sob:

oh so you mean armor will be more for style and stats will not be shown by the armor? just like a cloth will be 100 armor? exageratoin but an example

That is not quite… That is pretty much just a fashion system saying you have one slot for stats and one for fashion. I personally like systems like that but you can look however you want with any set of stats, which somewhat seems to go against what you guys said. But i might be wrong


I agree with Zouls here. The impression of having stats while wearing any fashion wasn’t what I got out of the previous conversation but it’s something I’m a fan of.


Also, yes I have been playing the Division. Really enjoying the clothing vs. armor system in that game and excited if that’s similar to what you guys are thinking about doing.

@Clexarews no but guys, i like that idea. but how would they do that? a gem for stas and clothes just for clothes?

Yea wasn’t the plan to be able to see what an armor can do by looking at it? Or in other words knowing some stats of others by looking at them?


Not sure what the Boundless devs are thinking but in the Division the gear that gives you stats are like under-shirt vests, knee pads, gloves, backpack, holster. Then you can wear non-stat shirts/jackets, hats, pants, etc. So the stat items are visible, but not nearly as much as the more visual non-stat gear. As you upgrade your gear the visual change is kept fairly minimal if you’re wearing the same clothing.