About HUD and GUI

On this issue, I think @ben might have a say

Okay, seems Ben was left the Boundless Team.

I’ve read his 3 threads about GUI/HUD design.


Art: New HUD / in-game GUI visuals
GUI: Closer look at styled GUI Elements (updating post)
GUI: HUD and in-game GUI

And I want to talk about my opinion now.

Although the current GUI/HUD is okay, it is still not good enough.
It even can be said that some side are still make player very uncomfortable.

  • Meaningless long long long long list
  • Due to GUI zooming, unavoidable but meaningless scrolling
  • “Flat Design” leads to a boring GUI
    • Although you allege that Boundless is an “unexplainable technology universe”, but the game art style doesn’t make player to sence any “technology”.
    • Instead, the GUI design is too frosty to match the game art style.
    • Is this Jess’ fault?

I think you should open a thread to count the players’ opinion about current GUI/HUD/Art style.

Take a look at some of the early stage designs by Ben.
There are still many advisable side.

This is when Boundless is called Oort
Display distances from nearby entities?
Nice idea, it even can add to biometric scanning skills and displayed on the compass.
Trading request mark display on other player?
Nice, the current trading request prompt information and the planet and territories information style is too consistent, I’ve ignored it many times.
Do not show the holding props in corner?
It’s not bad, because you are holding it on hand. Icon isn’t necessary.

These icons are still used in the game now, but some icons may need to be redesigned - they cannot represent accurate meaning.

This version HUD is my most satisfying.
Concise, but full information, reasonable elements layout.
Nice precise number and tool durability bar.

I know that modifying the GUI/HUD can be a very large and tedious project, and it’s very bothersome for designers and programmers (need requires frequent communication).
But I still hope to see a more beautiful GUI/HUD

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ouch :roll_eyes:

Easy fix, have it change the camera from looking at you from in front to instead looking at you from the back so you can still see forward. Or have a hot swap setting on items so you can just press 1-8 and boom another set pops into your 8 rotation without opening the UI.

Have no idea if this is the right place to ask, but is there an index to what the icons in the HUD and GUI are? Thanks.

This is not the whole answer your looking for…but it’s a small quick answer.

If you are referring to the compass in-game at the top of your screen:
Orange squares are Random people on planet.
Green are on your friends list
Blue are in your guild.
Purple is an active portal
Yellow is the planet capitol city, and various grey symbols are settlements and beacons of various sizes.

Does that help?

This may warrant a new topic thread if you wanted to make one…With some elaboration to what HUD and GUI icons you are referring to.

Like, um, I run around mainly in fp and I know what is my house icon and purple thingy is a portal but like I’m clueless as to what the other icon represent. Like I finally find the “Capital” where supposedly there’s a PS terminal thing and it like Mall of … Airport style.

I apologize if this incorrect forum etiquette. Thanks

Yes, thank you! Off topic. Is the hunt for a portal hub. All I can find in the Capitol is a Giant Mall. Thank you. I’m onTrior.

Specific portals may be hard to find period. Many planets have a capital city that IS a mall because the collection of all the different beacons combine for the highest amount of prestige on the planet. Sometimes you just have to keep chasing the purple portal icons until you find what your looking for…

Don’t be afraid to enter random portals, I am confident the majority of places that have an open portal have more than one, and often lead to a collection of portals that can lead to the entire game network. If not, go back through and try the next purple icon…lol

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Thank you. So like one “tactic” to travel less expensively is to go to a planet via a mall shop.

Let’s take this to private messaging…

Don’t know how and feel like I’m taking up your time. Thanks.

This is an older video, but it shows the icons and other info: (time stamp linked)

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Who disturbed my peacefully sleep?

lost our chat thread

where r u located? im on the east coast

Click your own icon in the top right of the screen, there should be a little envelope there for “Mesages”

PC already got the fix for keeping cardinal compass labels NSEW from being covered up by other hud icons - when will this fix be ported or added to PS4?

Hate having to to stop and look at feet to see these labels

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When did pc get this fix ? Mine are constant covered and it is quite annoying .