GUI: HUD and in-game GUI

Here’s some of the HUD GUI I’ve been working on. This mockup is missing the 3D angled + depth effect used in the rest of the GUI, but it will be included eventually.

I’ve also made sure to include an appropriate amount of leaks as is expect from my posts.

There’s a large amount of information there to stress it visually and see if it’s all readable, here’s what you’ll see more typically when playing:

Additionally, the intention is to tint the GUI using the player’s chosen ‘hero colour’ during character creation. In the above example I used B< pink, here I’m using cyan:

Not all GUI colours will change, I’ve tried that and it becomes quite hard to read, so there’s a universal colour for health and general blue focus colour (which could vary based off the chosen hero colour).

Opinions, thoughts, feelings welcome as always :bow:

[UPDATE] Here’s an in-game example, and how the perspective planes work:


Generally it looks really good.
But I’m not sure about the hero color thing. Not sure means here I’m neither for nor against it^^
A nice idea but I’d have to see how it behaves ingame to say more about it.
Will we be able to change the hero color afterwards or is it fixed forever?

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looking good! the more free customization the better.

Really? the “pencil” symbol should stay for capital? xD
damn i failed hard in interpreting it. Always thought the “pencil” is for kind of formulas.
Maybe my intuition is not working right…

So you gonna have kind of stamina?

But I really don’t understand are all these “bonusses” on the right? displaying it there like this, looks strange if those are bonus on your hammer or skills or whatever it stands for o.o even if you can hide / display it, it seems not right in this order. Can you maybe make it circular around the hammer (if it belongs to the hammer) and i would maybe just display the symbols with a number next to it. what those symbols mean would be maybe better displayed when you open your inventory or character equipment and point over with your mouse.
At least this is my subjective feeling, that it’s too much information on the right side + I kind of like non-symmetric things. so if the displaying of the bonusses would not be like the chat on the left side, I’d better like it.

Last thing to mention: I really wonder how it looks like when many people on a “crowded” place talk. will this kind of “speak bubbles (squares)” overlap?

The rest I need to see like @KuroKuma ingame.


I think the things on the right are pop-ups when certain things happen. For example you pick up an item then it’s displayed there for a short amount of time. Or as it seems when you get experience. Although I hope this stacks so you don’t get thousands of popups just because you mine a lot of blocks really fast^^ (assuming you get XP for every block mined for example)

The right-hand log is for ‘gains’, so pickups, items finished crafting, XP rewarded. It’ll popup there for a few seconds and then fade out. The left side will do the same.

Busy areas will be noisy, but there’s heuristics for whether you see speech bubbles or not (depends on distance, where you’re looking etc)


okay, that sounds better. But then it looks like the fading time is too long yet or not implemented :smiley:

what about the stamina you leaked? :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean it’s not ingame yet and those are pictures. How do you even see how long it takes?^^

Well let me interprete it, as I understood it:

He first mined and got those mining points.
Then he created 3 tables.
Afterwards he create a mannequin.
last he explored something.

I don’t think that is possible to happen in 5 seconds.

And even if, I’d prefer to see it popping up for 1-2 seconds and then disappear again.
Maybe it would be even nicer in the center of the screen.

Know what i mean?

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He could be superman.

Ah yea^^ I mean if this were a real game state then I’d be worried too.
But I’d say it’s as always with james’/Bens mockups. He just throws things, which could occur, in there to see how it looks without worrying about if it makes sense.


Well, at least @Ben has an opinion that he’d like to have :slight_smile:

One more thing: does +3 tables mean, that you will be able to create soon items not one by one but an certain amount at one time?
If not I’d expected 3x +1 table

It’s a +3 table! It’s far far more tabley than your typical table.

Edit: or we have a table skill. @ben must be really good at sitting at tables

(I think it makes sense, as is, though)


As for suggestions:

  • I’d propose that the numerical value and SP with the icon would swap places
  • If hand slot has tool equipped don’t display item count(infinite mark) and if hand slot has placeable/consumable item don’t display durability bar
  • Scalable text/icon size for left side chat/system display

Otherwise the GUI looks good and clean.

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As always, ignore the content of the data – I always just throw lots of stuff in there (sometimes it doesn’t make sense you’d be able to see all those things at once, I realise)


I think some sort of "Group-UI like in WoW is missing:

Would be a good opportunity for a cashshop-service ( at least a better one than the shabby mystery box)

The system probably sums tasks up to one line if you perform the same task a few times in a row to keep the log readable.


We’re not going to be supporting groups in the near-term, but you will see those health bars /status effects above friends when they’re taking damage so all the info will be present

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look really good, is getting better every time

+1 for this^^

I get the idea, but I’m not sure selling colours to tint the GUI is going to make enough money to cover the cost of our servers.